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Motorcycle Helmet Luggage Elastic Strap With 2 Hooks

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The primary purpose of a biker helmet is head protection and, thus to save a biker’s life. That is a serious task for a helmet, which has been done well over the years, according to the statistics. But, helmets need protection too, especially when you lug one around just in case you want to pick someone up for a ride. 

Sometimes, some bikers decide to take off their helmet and ride without any head protection. In those cases, the helmet is either worn on the arm or wedged somewhere on the back seat. During that time, this life guardian deserves to be protected as well, especially while driving. 

For this purpose, you need appropriate helmet protection equipment that is simple but cleverly designed and professionally made to keep the helmet safe. It’s better to invest in a helmet restraint device than lose it or damage it as you ride around city streets or on the open road. 

This Helmet Luggage Elastic Strap is an affordable, efficient, and safe way to secure a helmet while you’re driving: 

  • Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality.
  • It is made of an elastic band, which is actually a multi-strand high-intensity elastic cord that provides higher toughness and better flexibility than other types of helmet straps.
  • It will stretch up to approximately 2X of its original length, which can accommodate all types of biker helmets, including a full-face helmet.
  • Length: 23.62 inches (60 cm), stretches up to 47 inches (120 cm).
  • It comes with a sliding buckle to give you better stability.
  • It is straightforward and simple to use while securing the helmet.

Made with the biker and the helmet in mind, the inseparable companions of the highways and roads. The humble helmet, your biker buddy, who follows you every step of the way, guarding your head, deserves to be secured itself when no one is wearing it.