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Daniel Smart Molon Labe, Spartan Helmet, The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be In

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Molon Labe 2nd Amendment Patch measures 4x4 inches and is Embroidered in Red / White / Blue / Black. The Small Patch can be sewn on or ironed on to clothing such as Denim or Leather Jackets, Vests, Hats, Back Packs, Shirts. Features plastic backing and embroidered die cut borders. The Patch is circular and has the following text embroidered in red around the outer circumference "The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Shall not Be Infringed". It features a Spartan helmet with American flag theme and a couple of machine guns on either side of it. Molon Labe is written in Latin above the helmet which stands for "Come and Take it". The patch is for our Pro Gun customers who understand why our founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment the way they did.

  • 4x4 inch
  • Embroidered Patch for Jackets and Vests
  • 100% Rayon Thread Synthetic Embroidery. Plastic Backing with Japanese Iron on Glue. Velvet Fabric.
  • Customize your Clothing with Patches
  • Sew on the Patch to Leather Jackets or Vests. Iron on the Patch to Denim Materials.
  • Features Plastic Iron on Backing. Heat Press at 270 Degrees Fahrenheit for 12-30 Seconds
  • Clean Cut Embroidered Borders for Easy Sewing