How can I track my order?
You can easily track your order here: https://americanlegendrider.com/pages/order-lookup

Where can I find my tracking number?
We send you an email once your order is processed together with your tracking number.

Will this fit? I have big hands or/and feet?
Absolutely yes! We cater different country that's why we make sure our sizes will fit all kinds of race and nationality. We have available size charts here: https://americanlegendrider.com/pages/size-chart

Note: We suggest for our Asian customers to please choose your regular sizes when ordering. While for American, Pacific Islander and other nationalities please order 1 size bigger from your sizes. (Example: If you're in Medium size please order Large size from us)

How long will my order arrive?
For the USA order, it normally takes 7-15 Business Days. While for the rest of the world: 7-25 Business Days

Do you offer expedited shipping?
Definitely! You just have to pay a little extra on top of your orders.

Where are the products made?
Our main warehouse is located in the USA but we also have warehouses located in different countries. Thus, it gives us the opportunity to produce the best products and materials to use.