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Women's Motorcycle T-Shirts Collection

These head-turning and unique woman biker shirts are designed for women who know the meaning of sexy. Besides their breathtaking designs and unparalleled quality, they are bold statements that will leave an impression wherever you go. For all the wild hearts out there, our womens biker t shirts are a true fashion statement and vehicles of freedom. Choose the design and print that best describes your personality and style, and be ready to take over the world!

Why choose a woman biker shirt?

For all the biker girls out there, nothing complements your style than a biker t shirt printed with a witty slogan. Best believe that a biker t shirt makes you look sexy, pretty and confident. Never miss an opportunity to express yourself and your ideals to the world. And the perfect vehicle of freedom is a womans motorcycle shirt. Among other womens motorcycle clothing, a biker t shirt is perhaps the most audacious for expressing your true beliefs. At American Legend Rider, we join in the struggle and triumph of women when it comes to self-expression. Our high quality womens biker t shirts are made with this in mind. We strive for quality and designs that make you happy.

What to keep in mind when buying women motorcycle t shirts

A motorcycle shirt is more than just a piece of clothing that you wear. It is must have a story to go with it, and a strong message to deliver to those you meet. While you can wear a t shirt to almost any occasion, not all are designed to adapt themselves to any situation. For example, you wear a political t shirt to a political rally, and corporate t shirt for a corporate event. But a biker t shirt is almost adaptable to any life situation as you don’t cease to be a biker once you become a biker. When looking to buy a specially designed women motorcycle t shirt, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Not all t shirts are created equal and you need to be careful about the quality that you get. So let’s dive in and look at what to consider before buying a motorcycle t shirt.

Fabric type and Construction quality

Perhaps number one consideration when deciding to buy a motorcycle t shirt is the type and quality of fabric that’s been used to make it. In most cases, t shirt fabrics are usually 100% cotton, or a blend of cotton with synthetic fibers. There’s also the combination of polyester or a mix of polyester, cotton and rayon. The weaving quality determines the thickness of the t shirt. For example, interlock fabric is used to make thicker and drapey t shirts. These are usually more expensive than thinner ones. A double-knit fabric dense t-shirts that are durable and stronger.  

Quality of print

The quality of print can sometimes take precedence over material, fabric or anything else. This usually depends on the artworks, cool text, fonts, quotes and graphics on the t-shirt. In this case, our women’s motorcycle t-shirts come with extremely gorgeous prints that make you want to wear them all the time. The quality of print is exquisite and fade-proof, meaning the t-shirt will retain its original quality no matter how many times you wear it. It is the quality of print and graphics that will attract you in the first place and all other considerations will become second. The good thing about our biker t-shirts is that they are printed with the latest cutting edge technology to ensure durability.

Fit & Size

Everyone wants to look fitter and younger, and even sexier. To achieve your desired look, you need to pay attention to the fit and size of the motorcycle t-shirt that you buy. A better fitting t shirt makes you look cool and younger. It adds vibrancy to your style and compliments your overall appearance. When shopping for the right size, consider the shrink properties of the t-shirt and go for a smaller size. Alternatively, choose a size that is similar to what other t-shirts you like already. However, keep in mind that size varies between brands and companies. So it is important to check out the specific size chart for accurate measurements.


You should feel comfortable and confident in your biker t shirt at all times. This regards to the feel of t-shirt on your skin, fitment and quality of the fabric.

Type of t shirt

There are many different types of t-shirts with the most common style being a crew-neck and short sleeve. The type that you choose will largely depend on your individual style. At the moment, American Legend Rider provides crew-neck and short-sleeved t-shirt styles.

How to wash and maintain women’s motorcycle shirts

Now that you’ve finally landed on your preferred motorcycle t shirt, it is time to take good care of it and keep it in optimum condition. First off, you need to learn how to wash your motorcycle shirt by reading the care label. In most cases, the fabric maintenance of your t shirt is all you will need to keep in mind. The shrinkage and colorfastness of your t shirt will be indicated on the care label that comes with the t-shirt. It is much easier to maintain blended shirts than pure cotton shirts. This is because cotton is prone to wrinkles after a wash. It will save you a lot of time to choose a blended shirt if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time to take care of your t-shirt. Taking care of prints can be a sore point in the maintenance of the t-shirts. You need to be really careful and methodical with how you handle the most precious part of your shirt. You should always hand wash them to avoid color-fading and iron them from the backside. This should be especially observed with vinyl prints.

Look Sexy in Womens Motorcycle Shirts

We bet you’ll fall in love with the amazing designs and prints of our women biker t shirts. They are exclusively made for our valued women riders. They are well-made, durable and stylish. Order yours now and ride with confidence!