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Bobster Goggles & Sunglasses Collection

Protect your eyes with stylish motorcycle goggles and biker sunglasses. Whether you prefer aviator style, moto, or a general-purpose outlook, find all that you need from classic style goggles, retro, and vintage riding motorcycle goggles. These new and ultra-sleek riding goggles and biker glasses from Bobster are built for style, function, and mayhem. Find the perfect pair at American Legend Rider and enjoy exclusive deals today!

No matter what conditions you are riding in, the new Bobster motorcycle goggles and sunglasses are better suited to keep the wind, dust, and critters at bay while providing you with crystal clear vision of the road ahead. They are compatible with ¾ open face helmet, half-helmet, and a vintage-styled full-face helmet. Choose from photochromic transition lenses or swipe lenses that you can easily change depending on the conditions.

What are the different types of motorcycle goggles?

Depending on the riding conditions and personal style, you can choose from a wide variety of different motorcycle goggles. The different designs and styles of motorcycle riding goggles should ensure maximum eye protection during your journey. Keeping your eyes safe should be a top priority no matter what. Besides ensuring your eyes are safe, they should also be comfortable, with a great ventilation system, and provide clear visibility even on foggy days. Finally, they should be built to last and take on the roughest use possible without denigrating in quality or performance.

Off-road goggles

If you are the kind of person who likes to get your hands dirty and are not afraid to get messy, then off-road goggles are the perfect biker goggles for you. These types of goggles are tough, bulkier, and built to offer protection in messy off-road conditions. They have a tight seal design to keep away the dirt, dust, and mud from reaching your eyes while taking on the roughest terrains. Off-road goggles are also heavier and less comfortable than street goggles.

Over the glasses goggles

Traditional street goggles are only good enough if you need basic eye protection but do not help those with poor eyesight. If you don’t wear contacts and need corrective lenses to see properly, you will need to wear OTG goggles (Over the glasses) as they are designed to fit on top of your prescription glasses. These types of riding goggles are designed to be larger and bulkier but at the same time comfortable. They are good at keeping away dust and debris while guaranteeing maximum protection.

Prescription motorcycle goggles

Prescription motorcycle glasses are perfect for when you don’t want to wear a pair of goggles on top of your prescription glasses. They come with tuned lenses to your prescription to allow you to see the road ahead clearly as well as the surroundings. While these biker goggles are great for enhanced visibility, you will have limited design options to choose from and can be quite expensive to acquire. Nevertheless, they reduce the hassle of carrying an extra pair of glasses when you are out on an adventure as it can ensure you see clearly and are well protected.

Street goggles

This is the most basic type of riding goggles. It can be worn when riding in almost all conditions and can go well with different types of motorcycles like sportbikes, scooters, cruisers, and touring bikes. They are designed to offer protection of paved roads, highways, and local roads. These types of motorcycle goggles come in different styles and designs to suit your taste. They are usually sleeker and slimmer compared to other types of motorcycle goggles such as off-road goggles.


What are the key features you should look out for when buying motorcycle goggles?

Not all motorcycle riding goggles are created equal and there are certain key features you need to look out for when buying a pair. Consider the following features that work to ensure you are well protected from wind debris and dust while still providing unrivaled comfort.


The quality of materials used in the manufacture of biker sunglasses goes a long way in making sure it lasts and provides value for a long time. For example, polycarbonate is very popular with most manufacturers as resistant to impact and very hard to break. This guarantees durability and longevity over the long term. Other materials such as trivex are also great alternatives. Trivex is shatterproof and also scratch-resistant just like polycarbonate. Compared to polycarbonate lenses, trivex provides superior lens clarity. The best thing about most of these material options is that they are inexpensive to obtain and last for a really long duration of time.

Anti-fog coating

A special coating is applied to the lenses to prevent fogging up during certain conditions. Every motorcyclist knows how dangerous it is to ride with limited visibility as this can quickly escalate to a crash. The anti-fog coating is essential as it helps to reduce the chances of a crash. If your pair of motorcycle glasses and goggles don’t come with anti-fog coating you can instead use an anti-fogging spray.

UV protection

Motorcycle sunglasses and biker goggles should provide 100% protection against harmful UV rays to keep your eyes healthy. If exposed for too long to UV rays, your eyes may develop serious problems like macular degeneration and eventual vision loss. Cataracts may also result which would impair your vision.   


For better riding comfort, the pair of riding sunglasses and motorcycle goggles that you choose should have good ventilation. If your riding goggles cover a large portion of your face, you may have difficulty with air circulation which can cause moisture build-up. To prevent this, the biker goggles should be well-ventilated to allow the moisture to dry out quickly and keep your eyes cool. In most cases, the design of ventilated biker goggles includes openings that allow airflow in and out of the lenses.

Polarized lenses

Polarized sunglasses and goggles are excellent for blocking glare on the bright sunny days, or even against reflecting surfaces like car hoods. If you recently had eye surgery or have eye cataracts, polarized lenses are great for reducing the blinding effects of glare. People who are sensitive to light should opt for polarized lenses.


Cool motorcycle goggles are always stylish and a great match to your favorite outfit. You can choose what works best for you by considering your personal style, favorite color, design, and overall fit. When considering your favorite design, don’t forget the quality of the lenses, type of goggles you want to wear, and overall comfort and suitability.  

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