Motorcycle Cruise Control Collection


      Beat hand fatigue and cramping with the best motorcycle cruise controls. These motorcycle throttle controls will make the long rides more relaxing and effortless. Check out our latest collection of high-quality motorcycle throttle locks!

      The long-distance motorcycle rides can take a toll on you and cause hand fatigue. Your hand is actively involved in regulating the throttle and steering your motorbike along with performing other functions. As a result, you may experience hand fatigue which can greatly reduce your ability to ride properly and increase the risk of mistakes. To avoid these hand-fatigue related accidents, you need a motorcycle cruise control for effortless riding experience. A motorcycle throttle lock is an investment every motorcycle rider should make for both safety and comfort.

      How does a motorcycle cruise control work?

      A motorcycle throttle lock, or motorcycle cruise control doesn’t actually lock your throttle. Instead, it works by engaging the throttle into a certain desired position using friction and pressure. This ensures that the motorcycle throttle is locked in place, while still allowing you to adjust the throttle to the speed you need.

      What are the key features to look out for when buying a motorcycle throttle lock?

      There are certain functions and features you should consider when deciding to buy a motorcycle cruise control. Without some of these features, the effectiveness of this handy accessory is greatly reduced or might actually cause a faulty ride. Consider the following when buying a reliable motorcycle throttle control.

      • Cruise function

      The purpose of a motorcycle throttle control is to keep you at a certain desired speed without you needing to manually regulate it. A motorcycle cruise control lock is designed to eliminate the need for you to hold the throttle at all times in order to control the speed. This cruise control function is helpful in combating hand fatigue on the long rides, and allowing you to focus exclusively on the road. The cruise control function is a must-have feature for a reliable motorcycle throttle lock. However, not all motorcycle throttle locks come equipped with the cruise function. But it is nonetheless an important feature to look out for when buying a motorcycle throttle. You will find a motorcycle cruise control to be particularly helpful in certain situations, like riding uphill and downhill. The task of controlling the speed is taken care of by the motorcycle cruise control installed on your bike’s throttle.

      • Resistance

      A good motorcycle cruise control lock provides the right amount of resistance and allows you to freely adjust the throttle when you need to. The resistance comes from the friction between the throttle lock itself and the throttle of your bike. This resistance also prevents the lock from sliding back and instead maintaining the position that you want without swinging back. You will also be able to rest your hand as much as you need to control the throttle. This prevents you from developing hand fatigue and cramping your hand especially on the long rides.

      • Easy to use

      How easy is it to engage and disengage the throttle? You should quickly perform these two functions with just your thumb with the right motorcycle throttle lock. Also, the cruise control should not take up space for your hand to grip, or else you may end up feeling cramped and fatigued. For a smooth riding experience, the cruise control should mount securely on the throttle and offer you the comfort of seamlessly adjusting your speed. You should also be able to rest your hand on the lock without it swinging back. A throttle lock’s main job is to enhance your riding comfort and ensure you have full control at the same time.

      • Ease of installation

      No matter what type of motorcycle throttle assist you choose, it should be easy to install and not take more than five minutes. You don’t require any special equipment or tools to install the throttle lock. The motorcycle throttle assist should securely clamp on the plastic or sheet metal of the throttle grip. A reliable throttle lock will stay on securely and do the job it is built for.

      • Durability

      The durability of a good motorcycle cruise control depends on the materials it is made out of. A good motorcycle throttle lock is built to last and made of high quality materials that feel solid. These materials include stainless steel or any other metal sheet. This works to ensure that it does not get damaged when you’re on the road.


      The different types of motorcycle throttle locks

      There are different types of motorcycle cruise controls that allow you to regulate the speed of your motorcycle by engaging and disengaging with your thumb.

      • Throttle sleeve motorcycle lock

      A throttle sleeve motorcycle lock holds uses friction to hold the throttle in place. The resistance offered by this throttle lock is greater than bike’s throttle return spring. This ensures that the sleeve motorcycle lock stays in place. You use your thumb to engage and disengage the throttle, which is within reach. The good thing with this kind of motorcycle throttle locks is that they are built for almost all bike models and types.

      • Rubber grip cruise control

      A rubber grip motorcycle cruise control, just like the name suggests, is designed to grip on the rubber handle of the throttle. It is easy to adjust the speed of your motorcycle using the rubber grip throttle assist which by using just your thumb and forefinger. These locks are easy to install without requiring special tools. However, the grip feels a little bit cramped as this one takes a larger space.

      • Bar End motorcycle cruise control

      Bar end motorcycle cruise controls do not take up any space on the handlebars. These are usually simple, robust nuts that are integrated with a bar end weight. These motorcycle locks mount securely to the motorcycle and are less susceptible to theft.

      • Throttle assist

      Throttle assists are another type of motorcycle cruise control that allows you to engage and disengage even at speeds of 70 mph. They can be mounted securely on your bike and will clamp pretty well on the handlebar. The only disadvantage of throttle assists is that they are usually designed for specific motorcycle models.

      Why you should buy a motorcycle throttle lock

      There are many benefits to having a motorcycle cruise control which allow you to have a smooth riding experience. Here, we will explore some of the benefits of having a motorcycle cruise control and why you should consider having one.

      • Beats hand cramps and fatigue- we all hate the numbness and stiffness that comes with tired hands. It’s even worse when your wrist becomes painful because of riding for a very long time. For this reason, getting a motorcycle cruise control is a welcome relief that prevents the painful experience of cramped hands and aching muscles. You’ll find a motorcycle throttle lock to be a helpful accessory for the long hauls. You will not have to stop your bike to rest when your hands are still fresh and ready to go.
      • Ride easy over bumps-a motorcycle throttle locks makes riding on a rough ready incredibly easy. By adjusting the sensitivity of the device and reducing your grip, you can say goodbye to the bumpiness of the road. The cruise control lock helps maintain the engine speed while you rest your hands for a smooth ride. This reduces your effort in trying to keep the balance of the bike on the bumpy roads.
      • Available in different styles-perhaps you may be wondering if your motorcycle is suitable for a throttle lock. The answer is that there are different varieties of motorcycle cruise controls, some universal fits and others made for specific models. However, most throttle assists are universal and come in a myriad of configurations to suit your motorcycle. It doesn’t matter if your bike comes equipped with heated grips, bar end mirrors, barkbusters handguards or OEM handguards; there’s always a configuration that will work for you. Also, it is very easy to install a motorcycle cruise control without needing expert help.

      Enjoy a Smooth Ride

      Enhance your riding experience with high quality motorcycle cruise control locks. These throttle locks are what you need for the long rides. Keep hand fatigue at bay and focus on the road. If you care about safety and quality of your ride, then you might want to get one of our universal motorcycle throttle locks. All available at affordable prices!