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      Biker wallets are not only a convenient billfold but also a must-have piece of art. Wallets, made out of leather go back several decades. A true biker knows the value of a wallet. It is the essence of a man and a classic symbol of serenity and composure.

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      Besides being an essential accessory, men’s wallets represent style and fashion. There are different types of wallets today designed for different occasions. There are wallet styles for officegoers, party wallets, and anything in between to suit different occasions. So if you are looking for a specific wallet style, we’ve got you sorted out.

      Of all the wallet designs available, biker wallets take the prize for being the most popular type. You can find custom handmade biker wallets or chain wallet that oozes style and sophistication.

      There’s no better place to find wallets for men than American Legend Rider’s extensive collection of wallet classics. Our wide range of leather biker wallets, chain wallets, and classy wallets, provides you with limitless options to choose from.

      What to look for when buying biker wallets

      Not all wallets are created equal. Most modern wallets borrow their designs from the 60s and 70s, creating breathtaking replicas of these classic marvels. The old wallets were known to be tough and sturdy without skimping on practicality. While most wallets today come in different tastes, colors, and shapes, the core elements of durability and practicality have remained the same.

      As a biker, you need to stay in full control of your wallet at all times. Your wallet should be securely attached to avoid it bouncing while on the bike. It needs to be well secured on your belt or fit perfectly in your wallet pocket.


      There are many types of materials used to make biker wallets including leather, polyester, fabric, elastic material, and metal. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages as we will see below: We will look at two of the most common wallet materials.

      • Leather

      Leather is the most common type of material that you see in a wallet. There are different types of leather including cowhide, full-grain cow leather, horse leather, buffalo leather, lamb leather, and so on.

      The difference lies in how supple or smooth the leather is. Some type of leather is tough and rigid which can be an advantage for those looking for durability over design or style. Depending on your personal taste, you may decide to choose either one of them.

      Nevertheless, the leather looks great and brings an elegant look to any billfold. You can find many styles and designs of biker wallets made out of leather. The good thing about leather is that it is durable long-lasting and suitable for daily use.

      Despite leather being the most popular type of material used in the manufacture of wallets, most leather wallets are not waterproof. This can expose your vital documents to water damage if you plan on riding in wet conditions. Lastly, you will also need to take good care of your wallet through regular maintenance and leather conditioning for it to last long.

      All the same, leather wallets are the most preferred choice for biker wallets. They are available at affordable price points to suit any budget.  Leather wallets are a versatile accessory that can be matched with any casual or formal wear, and serve you for many years.

      • Polyester

      Polyester is a great alternative to leather when it comes to wallet materials. It can be used to make different wallet designs including a minimalist wallet or a traditional bi-fold or trifold wallet. Most wallets made out of polyester are pretty durable and scratch-resistant. These wallets can also be made in all possible colors to add a bit of vibrancy to your style.

      This is in stark contrast to leather wallets which are only found in basic colors like brown and black. Despite polyester being a possible alternative to leather, they are still not as popular. First, it is not an eco-friendly material and simply not as striking as a classic leather wallet. For this reason, many people would rather stick to leather wallets.  


      Biker wallets are available in limited colors, especially when you go for leather wallets. Usually, black and brown wallets are the most common colors available on the market. But this does not mean that there are no slight variations in colors. Most often, you will find different shades of the basic colors like dark red, blue brown, and black. What differentiates these wallets is the unique designs, quality of leather used, texture, and finish quality. The different shades and patterns make for an interesting catalog of leather biker wallets from which to choose despite there being only a brown and black majority.


      Style is everything when it comes to biker wallets. Unlike regular wallets, biker wallets have differentiating design elements that make them unique. For example, a chain wallet incorporates a piece of silver chain which enhances the look of the wallet.

      Wallets with chains can be attached to your jeans pants or you may decide to tie the chain around from the back to the front making it noticeable from a distance. There are also versatile designs and patterns that make for cool wallets for men.

      A good number of wallet manufacturers are using innovative techniques to enhance the style of their wallets. For example, the use of artwork, through sewing, embroidery, carving, pyrography, and embossing is becoming very popular nowadays. This has seen the usage of stainless steel elements and skull buckles that add to the overall style and elegance.   

      Skull wallets are quite common and popular among bikers.


      Besides having a wallet that is attractive to hold you want a wallet that is practical to use. Your leather wallet should be comfortable to carry in your pocket –whether it’s your suit pocket, backpack pocket, or pants’ pockets. It should also have plenty of room for your notes, debit cards, IDs, credit cards, pictures of loved ones, and a few extra slots. Since you will use your wallet many times throughout the day, the functionality should be a tip-top consideration. 

      How to take care of your leather wallet

      It is important to buy a wallet that will hold everything you carry and is designed to withstand all kinds of use you subject it to. Many people make the mistake of overstuffing their wallet which greatly reduces the longevity of the wallet. The level of care and maintenance will determine how well it’s going to serve you. Without proper care and maintenance of the leather wallet, it loses its vibrancy and becomes super dry and stiff.  Here are a few maintenance tips that will help keep your wallet in tip-top condition.

      • Keep your leather wallet away from long exposure to sunlight to avoid fading out. Also, prolonged exposure may ultimately damage the wallet.
      • Only use your hands to wash your wallet. You should never clean your leather wallet with the washing machine.
      • Use a damp cloth without any hard chemicals to clean the sensitive leather.
      • Only use cold or lukewarm water to clean the wallet
      • Do not expose your leather wallet to water as it is not waterproof. In case your wallet gets wet, place it in a safe place and let it dry naturally at room temperature. Never use a heater or hairdryer to make the process faster as this will only further damage the leather.
      • Don’t stretch or pressure your wallet into the original form in case it gets wet.
      • Use specialized leather products for cleaning your wallet like protectants, moisturizers, and cleaners to keep the leather in top condition. Try to do this at least every 6 months to prevent discoloration, stiffening, and staining.

      How Much Should You Spend on a Leather Wallet?

      Having your stuff handy and safely stashed away should be the top priority when comparing wallet prices. But most people simply need a timeless pouch that is beautifully crafted in high-quality leather and that will last for many years.

      Lucky for you, American Legend Rider leather wallets meet and exceed what you would expect from high-quality leather biker wallets. Our wide range includes custom handmade biker wallets with cool designs.

      How much you spend on a wallet will really depend on the type of wallet you decide to go for. However, we recommend that you spend between $40 and $60 for a start. These wallets are classy, stylish, and durable.  

      A nice wallet must not be expensive although pricier leather wallets tend to be of higher quality leather or made from a very rare type of leather. Keep in mind the practicality, style, and function of any wallet before you settle on a single choice.

      Also, faux leather wallets are less expensive than genuine leather wallets. The main difference lies in longevity where genuine leather is very durable but requires regular care and maintenance.


      In conclusion, biker wallets are more than just functional accessories; they encapsulate a blend of utility, style, and individuality that resonates with the spirit of bikers. Rooted in history and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these wallets serve as both practical billfolds and artistic expressions. The enduring appeal of biker wallets lies in their embodiment of classic serenity and composure. Today, they have evolved into a versatile range of designs, catering to various occasions and personal preferences. Among them, leather biker wallets stand out as a symbol of durability, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

      Whether adorned with chains, carved with intricate patterns, or embellished with innovative designs, these wallets capture the essence of the biker lifestyle. Remember that while style is paramount, practicality remains key – a well-crafted biker wallet should not only complement your attire but also provide convenience and functionality. With proper care and a reasonable investment, a leather biker wallet can become a lasting companion on your journey.

      FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

      What makes biker wallets unique compared to regular wallets?

      Biker wallets blend style and functionality, often featuring distinctive elements like chains, artwork, and durable materials. These wallets are designed to resonate with the biker spirit while offering ample space for essentials like cards, cash, and IDs.

      What factors should I consider when buying a biker wallet?

      When purchasing a biker wallet, prioritize durability, practicality, and style. Ensure it's securely attachable to your belt to prevent bouncing while riding, and opt for materials like leather or polyester known for their longevity.

      What materials are commonly used in crafting biker wallets?

      The two primary materials for biker wallets are leather and polyester. Leather, available in various types, offers elegance and durability, while polyester provides a more eco-friendly and vibrant alternative.

      How should I care for my leather biker wallet?

      To maintain your leather biker wallet's quality, avoid prolonged sunlight exposure and use only damp cloths for cleaning. Keep it away from water, use specialized leather products for maintenance, and refrain from overstuffing to ensure its longevity.

      How much should I budget for a leather biker wallet?

      The cost of a leather biker wallet can vary based on factors like brand, design, and material quality. As a starting point, consider investing between $40 and $60 for a stylish, durable wallet. Remember, while price can reflect quality, practicality, and personal preference should guide your choice.