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Biker Street Shoes Collection

Get your groove on with stylish biker shoes handpicked from top brands by our staff. We strive to ensure you get the best protective shoes for riders that have passed our rigorous quality test. Whether you are looking for biker boots for men or biker boots for women, these fashionable high top shoes will be the perfect footwear for your riding. They are made with a rider’s needs in mind. These shoes provide you with the perfect balance between function and style while ensuring your vital parts like toes, ankles, and heels are protected. At American Legend Rider we have a huge collection for you to browse and pick your preferred shoe. Read on to learn more.


What are good shoes for motorcycle riding?

Motorcycle riding shoes are absolutely important for protecting your feet and ankles. Unlike your average shoes designed for daily use, biker shoes are made with rider-specific features like ankle support and heel protection. Besides protection, they are also designed to make your ride more comfortable on the long hauls and also depending on the type of riding that you are involved in. The reason why biker shoes are different from normal shoes is that motorcycle riding is dangerous and this has to be factored in when choosing the right footwear. If you plan on getting into motorcycling, then spending on safety gear and protective shoes should be no second thought.

A good shoe will not only protect your feet from crashes and impact but also help you express your style through color and design. There are many shoe designs that you would absolutely fall for, including punk and gothic-style shoes. Skull shoes are also a popular style that continues to gain prominence among bikers. Regardless of what style you want, the key is to feel comfortable, fashionable and protected in your new pair of kickers. For people who love themed shoes for occasions like Halloween, there’s always the option for Halloween high top shoes for bikers.   

A good pair of riding shoes will act as a shield against motorcycle hazards and harsh elements. Not any shoe will cut it when it comes to the protection aspect. Most will wear and tear with the slightest of use, and drain down your shoe investment. In general, anything that does not cover your entire ankle and foot can be considered a bad investment.


Key Features to look for when buying biker shoes

The good thing about motorcycle riding shoes is that, they can be worn by just about anyone. So it is no wonder that they are very popular and a fashion icon among many people, including those who aspire to be riders. However, these shoes are not made just like other normal shoes out there.  They are made out of high-quality canvas material that is both strong and durable. When purchasing your biker shoes, consider the following key features.

Fit and size

The fit and size of the shoe will determine the level of comfort as well as the protection that it will provide in case of impact. If your feet feel a little bit constricted and tight you will have a hard time riding and this will ultimately contribute to more fatigues. This can significantly affect your riding experience. A good biker shoe should provide enough room for your toes and heel. If you feel quite loose in them, then it means they are not protective enough and could easily come off during high-speed impact. Always take enough time to find the right shoe size as this will greatly impact your overall comfort and level of protection.


Part of being a biker is expressing your style and fashion without overlooking safety and comfort. Nowadays, motorcycle shoe manufacturers are going over the top with interesting shoe designs that will surely attract eyeballs. Whether you like the original vintage look or the gothic style design, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Our very popular skull design shoes are not only for aesthetic purposes but carry a significant meaning within the biker community. It embodies the dangers and uncertainties that trail you on the road while showing bravery to overcome them. It is for this reason that many of our customers order for custom made shoes depicting their favorite designs. Currently, we have a wide selection of motorcycle shoes featuring many designs and themes suited for every taste. Simply browse our collection and select a pair that suits your style and preference.

Shoe Height

For any riding shoe to provide adequate protection, the height must at least be a few inches above the ankle. While this may not provide the best flexibility and versatility, it certainly gives you a good chance against flying debris such as rocks which tend to hit the ankle area. A good shoe height guarantees impact protection from a myriad of road hazards that can cause injuries. These impact injuries can be as common as rock and debris flying up and hitting a rider’s ankle and foot. Or even tree branches found on the side of the pavement can smack your foot and cause pain or significant injury. As a result, impact protection against such situations is paramount. Shoes with a good height should provide enough protection and support by protecting your feet against abrasion.


The material used to make the biker shoes has a significant role in determining the durability and protection capability of your riding shoes. While these shoes are designed to ooze style and fashion, they are also made to take on the hazards that riders suffer from on the road. Proper riding shoes have multiple layers of material, armor, and padding that provides cushioning against impacts. Most often, a combination of materials is used to create the perfect shoe suited for riding in all conditions. The materials can range from soft leather to canvas or even sturdy textiles. The overall construction of the shoes must be well put together, including the use of reinforced soles that can take on the asphalt without degrading easily. Luckily, biker shoes at American Legend Rider are made for the toughest rider profile, providing you with safety and comfort no matter where you choose to take your bike. The front side of the shoe is reinforced with round metal to protect your toes. You will find this to be particularly helpful when you meet rough roads where debris and small rocks promise to ruin your ride.

Ergonomics and comfort

Finally, the motorcycle shoes that you choose should make it easy for you to control your motorcycle. We are talking about shoes with soles that provide an enhanced grip to securely place your feet on the pegs. Ideally, you want a pair of biker shoes that do not slip easily. The sole should be made of non-slip material like rubber.

While comfort does not directly affect the safety of the shoes, it counts for a whole lot more in terms of ensuring you are not distracted on the road. Uncomfortable shoes will make for an uncomfortable ride, which can cause you to get fatigued faster. If you are fatigued, you are at a higher risk of getting involved in an accident. Therefore, the best motorcycle shoes should feel snug and comfortable to wear on and off the bike.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a motorcycle shoe include its waterproof capabilities and ventilation. Riding in the hot summers should be as easy as riding in cold weather conditions. So the shoes that you decide to buy should afford you the freedom to ride in whatever weather condition that may be.


Why are motorcycle boots/shoes so important?

Many hazards await you on the road and getting any form of safety gear like motorcycle pants, jackets and helmets will ensure you are safe. Out of all the safety gear that people think of, footwear can be the last thing that comes to mind. It is not at all surprising to see many riders forget footwear when buying motorcycle safety gear. Ironically, leg and foot motorcycle injuries are more common than most people would like to think of. In fact, your lower foot just below the knee cap is the most vulnerable part since it is easily the most exposed part of your body.

You can imagine a case where you are out riding on your bike on a gorgeous day, and you come to a stoplight. Then as you are just about to put your foot down to support the weight of the bike, you step on a little bit of an oil spill. You happen to slide, and the bike’s weight presses you hard on the street causing so much pain to you. At this moment, you would perhaps be wondering what the heck is going on. In the midst of confusion and trying to save yourself and the bike. But it is really easy to figure out how things went so wrong for you in the first place.

Regular shoes, like tennis shoes, do not have the traction and grip that a motorcycle shoe would provide in such a scenario. Leg and foot injuries are among the most common type of injuries, though less serious, that you can experience when riding out. It is therefore absolutely vital that you are well protected from such eventualities by wearing motorcycle shoes and boots. Remember that when you tip over or slide, your feet will be the first to bear the impact of the fall and come into contact with the pavement.

Besides protecting your feet in case of a slip or fall, riding shoes can make you a better rider, especially if you are a newbie. Fishtailing is a common way to bring steadiness and balance when you are coming to a stop or taking a bend. So you will need to drag your feet down for some distance before you achieve perfect balance. If you don’t have the right shoes for the job, things could turn out to be worse than expected. Imagine wearing shoes that cannot drag properly on the pavement? The next thing is you losing balance and hitting the asphalt floor.

Not to mention, motorcycle boots and shoes are carefully designed to help you ride with great ease. The hot exhaust pipes can make for horrible riding experience. Biker shoes provide proper insulation against the mechanical heat, while also giving you enough grip on the control pegs.

Generally speaking, wearing the right footwear will reduce your chances of getting injured by up to 50%. Even if you happen to suffer any ankle-related injuries, they will be less serious than if you had not worn rider-specific shoes.  

How to Choose Biker Shoes

There are many reasons why you would think about buying biker shoes, including protection on the long rides, or for multifunctional reasons. Regardless of what you want them for, it is important that they are comfortable enough for you to wear them anytime you are out to ride. If you happen to ride the whole day, will they cause any discomfort? Are they protective enough to suit different riding styles?

Today, there are many motorcycle boot manufacturers who are taking things a notch higher by making stylish boots. These boots are there to make a fashion statement in terms of design, color, type of material used and overall appearance. A big reason for this is because many people want an all-round sneaker that they can wear when riding and transition to the office without needing to wear another pair. While this is the case, nothing in terms of safety, comfort and protection has been sacrificed to achieve this level of versatility. Therefore, style and fashion have become very crucial elements of the modern biker shoe. If you are looking for some serious footwear for your next ride, consider the great selection at American Legend Rider. Choose from a wide variety of styles including the classic seamless high top shoes, skull shoes, and gothic-style biker shoes. Not to mention, there are numerous colors available that will surely attract your attention. We are sure you’ll instantly fall in love with these magnificent shoes made for the avid rider.

Motorcycle Riding Shoes Vs Boots?

It’s a dilemma that you are going to face most of the time between motorcycle boots and shoes. Gearing up for your next ride can be a tough task depending on many factors like the weather condition, terrain or even the type of bike that you will be riding. It will almost feel like you are going to battle, and you will need the right footwear to get the job done. Knowing the difference between riding shoes and boots can save you the hassle of having to guess which one to take depending on the riding conditions. So here, we do a comparative study between motorcycle boots and biker shoes. Which one should you choose and why?

  • Weight

Generally speaking, riding shoes are pretty similar to regular shoes in terms of construction style. However, they come with rider-specific features like reinforced heels and better ankle and foot support. Riding shoes are lighter and less bulky than motorcycle boots. To the untrained eye, riding shoes look just like regular street shoes. But the truth is that they pack more solid safety features not found in regular shoes. Motorcycle boots are heavier and bulkier compared to riding shoes. The reason being they have more safety features like shin protection, toe sliders, and ankle support. They are also taller and thicker. This makes them heavier than riding shoes.   

  • Protection and safety

Motorcycle boots provide better protection than riding shoes. First, they have more surface area and contain features like shin protection and ankle support which protect against impact. On the other hand, riding shoes are good enough for basic protection against the elements. But keep in mind that tennis shoes, running shoes or even dress shoes are nowhere near the minimum safety level that a riding shoe provides. They can be worn on a daily basis and still provide basic protection in case of a motorcycle crash.

  • Comfort

If you are planning to enjoy a long ride in the deserted trails, you may want to get yourself more comfortable footwear. In this case, riding shoes will give you enough protection while ensuring your feet are comfortable throughout the ordeal. The more aggressive styling of riding boots is geared towards function rather than comfort. This can make boots less comfortable even though providing optimum protection. There are different styles of boots for different riding conditions. For example, sports boots are better suited for hitting the track while touring boots can be worn when going on the long hauls.

  • Style

Nowadays, style and fashion are a vital considerations when deciding which footwear fits the bill. There are many stylish boots out there, including the remarkable skull motorcycle boots and a myriad of stylish designs. Nonetheless, biker shoes are more customizable to a person’s taste and preference. This can make them the preferred option by most riders who like to make a statement to their peers.

  • Durability

Boots are sturdier and made using very high-quality material such as leather, and textile. This means they can last longer even with daily use and abuse. Overall, the quality of construction material and combination of materials make them last longer compared to other riding footwear. In addition, the ability to replace certain parts like soles, buckles and other moving parts of the boot ensure they can last for a really long time. Typically, riding shoes will last longer than regular shoes but not longer than motorcycle boots. The reinforced soles and metal toe box add to the durability of these shoes.

Sizing your biker shoes

Now that you’ve made up your mind about the riding shoes that you want, it is time to get the right size for you. Whatever type of shoe that you go for, ensure that it is not too tight nor too loose. Both extremes will reduce effectiveness in terms of comfort, safety, and protection. It is always a good idea to try on new shoes before actually buying them. But that cannot be the case when you are purchasing your shoes online. For this, you have to get the correct size of the shoe by taking measurements and then comparing it with the manufacturer’s chart.

Generally, you want to start by measuring the size of your foot from the toe to the heel and then take the widest reading across. This will give you an idea of the size you should go for. For a start, the shoes will feel a bit tight but loosen up as they begin to break in. make sure that they are still comfortable even after wearing them for quite a while. If they are too loose, they could easily come off when you are riding at a high speed, leaving you unprotected and exposed to all kinds of hazards on the road.

Finally, you can confidently pick your preferred shoe from our extensive closeout sale catalog and ride away with bliss and happiness.