Skull Bracelets Collection


      The evocative power of skull bracelets can only be felt rather than explained. These magnificent pieces carry with them the ferocious spirit of a skull symbol in an art form. Our high-quality silver skull bracelets are made for those who are not afraid of death, and who believe in the ideals of fearlessness. These unique pieces are a sight to behold and a treasure to own. Browse our extensive collection of skull bracelets and treat your wrist to something special.

      What to consider when choosing a skull bracelet

      It is not enough to wear a skull bracelet, you must understand the full meaning and symbolism it carries and lives by its true ideals. As a biker, the skull symbol is a staple emblem that carries the meaning of danger, fearlessness, and bravery. When you rock any of these silver skull bracelets, you will embody these ideals and live by them. However, not all skull bracelets are created equal and you need to look out for distinguishing features that make a piece stand out from the rest. Here, we will discuss the top tips to consider when choosing a skull bracelet.


      It goes without saying that the material of choice used to make a skull bracelet, and any skull jewelry for that matter, needs to meet the sturdiness and quality required for excellence. Skull jewelry can be made out of various metal and alloys but stainless steel, brass and sterling silver are the most popular options. These metals are durable and attractive which makes them the perfect metals for creating unique skull jewelry items like skull necklaces, skull bracelets and pendants. Consider the type of material used and go for quality and durability.


      The biggest mistake you can make is not considering the size of the jewelry item that you are going to buy. The skull bracelet may be tighter/smaller than you expect and other times bigger than the size of your wrist. Always check the available size and find the actual size of the item on the website size chart.  This will help you avoid making a size mistake which can be too costly at times.


      A skull bracelet is a fashion symbol that represents your personality. The good thing with skull bracelets is their simplicity and versatility which means they can pretty much blend with any outfit at any event. If you prefer the subtle and understated silver skull bracelet for men, you can find plenty of options including the beaded skull bracelets which feature tiny skulls that are not too overbearing or noticeable. Only a keen eye will notice this kind of a bracelet. On the other hand, a chain-link skull design is easy to notice and would be more fitting for parties and events. Regardless of the type of bracelet that you choose, there is no question that they can be empowering and a great way to express your personality.


      One of the best qualities to look out for is the quality of finish and level of details of the skull bracelet. This attention to details separates the good from the excellent. Some skull bracelets feature intricate details like beautiful stones and jewels on the eyes of the skull head which help bring it to life. This adds an extra dimension to the level of appeal, and consequently the impact it will have. Some skull designs are easy-going and casual which appeals to a wide range of personalities like the free-spirited people.

      What are the different skull bracelet styles?

      From intricately carved skulls to massive chain links, there are numerous different styles of skull bracelets you can adorn. For bikers, a traditional bracelet would do much good and fit right in to your kind of lifestyle. But there are numerous other styles depending on whether you like to keep it cool and simple or prefer to draw as much attention to your wrist as possible. For those who like to keep things under the radar, a simplistic design would be much preferred to a full blown full-skull piece. The style not only vary in the size of the skull but also the color finish. For example, a darker and toned-down finish is hard to notice but exudes the same exquisiteness as a brightly polished skull bracelet. In the end, it boils down to your personal preference.

      Leather skull bracelet

      A leather skull bracelet is an artistically designed piece that exudes masculine power and strength. It represents toughness and ferocity. Men’s leather skull bracelets do not only feel and look great, but also give a unique impression to the onlooker. A leather skull bracelet also embodies a vintage look that will not lose its charm for eons. Leather skull bracelets include some of the finest black skull bracelets that are the envy of anyone. By rocking this kind of a bracelet, you make a statement that is hard to ignore.

      Beaded skull bracelets

      Do you crave a diverse look? Then a beaded skull bracelet is the perfect choice for you. The beautifully embedded small beads add flair while giving you a mystic look that compliments the overall design of the skull bracelet. Smaller beads look better and are more organized than perhaps going for larger beads. Beaded skull bracelets can be worn with your favorite outfit and for any occasion. In addition to being unique, beaded skull bracelets are masculine and intriguing at the same time. Some of the coolest models are made out of onyx beads along with a lustrous black finish. Help yourself look classy by choosing a unique beaded skull bracelet from American Legend Rider.     

      Anchor bracelets

      Anchor bracelets made out of stainless steel combine small elements for a subtle look. They are usually made with a marine theme in mind by including elements such as an anchor. You can find them in a variety of colors including cobalt-blue, grass green and red and some with an outstanding silver finish. Pair this up with your favorite t-shirt and khaki pant for an absolute killer look.

      Buy the best silver skull bracelets

      A skeleton bracelet is more than just a fashion accessory, it is an affirmation of what you believe in and a representation of your true identity. At American Legend Rider, we bring you the most gorgeous and diverse silver skull bracelets that will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking for a men’s skull bracelet or women’s skull bracelet, we have the perfect masterpiece for your taste. Browse our collection for a new and unique skull bracelet. Make a powerful statement wherever you go!