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Badass Skull Motorcycle Helmets

Skull helmets are stylish yet authoritative helmets, popular amongst bikers for the respect and strength they command. They are the one kind of helmet that really comes to mind when you think about cool helmets, and they are somewhat of an acquired taste. Since they look like actual skulls, they are a tad bit reminiscent of the flaming demon-like fictional entity that the Marvel comic universe created a few decades back. They tend to be event-restricted accessories because of the powerful message they send across, and despite popular misconceptions, they are actually as safe as regular helmets. 

Skull Motorcycle Helmet: a brief history of the design or emblem

Skull helmets have been part of biker culture since the 1950s or even earlier. It emerged as a natural part of biker aesthetics when the customization of helmets became popular in the early 50s and evolved to become a natural part of modern biker culture.

The use of the human skull to indicate danger, power, or ruthlessness did not first emerge in the late 90s. It has been around for thousands of years, and evidence of role allocation can be found in the cultures and traditions of some of the world's most prominent tribes and oldest civilizations.

Writers like Shakespeare used the skull in his works to represent numerous things. In hamlet, it was used to represent mortality and danger. In England, Tombstones bore the skull to symbolize death and mortality. Pirates also sailed the seas with the iconic skull and bones flag. It was a clear sign of danger and an efficient deterrent to all those who were foolish enough to cross their path.  Skulls and skeletons also hold a lot of meaning and significance for the Mexican people. It represents the dead on their holiday Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Skulls also represent loyalty unto death amongst Nazis, danger, when it appears on a bottle, and immortality when tattooed on a biker. 

The human skull, throughout history, has been closely associated with a lot of exciting cultures, religions, and organizations. Although the interpretation of the sign or Emblem has differed throughout the course of history, certain things don't change. It has always been closely linked to death, immortality, power, respect, and danger-essential ideologies motorcyclists hold dear.

What does the skull mean to a biker?

Skulls have been around since the beginning of human history. Although the natural meaning ascribed to the bone is death and mortality, it could hold an alternative meaning to a unique class of people. Bikers are everyday people who prefer a more exciting mode of transportation. To the ordinary Joe, the skull design on his favorite helmet could mean;

  • A warning to everyone that isn’t him/her
  • A way to remember the dead
  • A deeper way to acknowledge the mortality we all must come to terms with
  • A lucky charm to ward off death
  • A fashion choice
  • A way to express artistry and beauty
  • A fashion choice
  • An insignia of change
  • A uniform of an organization
  • A symbol of strength and power
  • A reminder of the iconic "Ghost rider."

Are you limited to the choices above?

The real beauty of objects and words is the arbitrariness that comes as a natural part of owning and using them. Words and objects can literally mean anything you want them to mean. To you, green could mean plants. To another person, it could mean change. The skull could literally mean anything you want or need it to mean. It all just depends on the kind of person you are and the sort of signals and meaning you deem important. That's why you can wear a skull helmet and feel cool about yourself, knowing the value and symbolism of the skull. 

Are skull helmets fashionable?

You have to admit, there is something provocative and edgy about a motorcyclist wearing a skull helmet. Just like we said, skulls can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. When you wear a skull motorcycle helmet, you stand a risk of drawing a lot of unnecessary attention to yourself. If you like the attention, however, you are more than welcome to wear your cool skull cap helmet whenever you feel like.

Most motorcyclists don't make a habit of wearing a full face skull helmet every day. Skull helmets with a very aggressive design are almost always reserved for an event or occasion; the muted ones, however, can be worn basically anywhere. Before you settle on a type of helmet, you should figure out what kind of helmet you are alright wearing.

Are motorcycle skull helmets safe like regular helmets?

A skull helmetis essentially a regular helmet that has been pinstriped, airbrushed, or uniquely customized to look like a human skull. If they have been designed or custom-made by a professional or company, it is safe to wear them. They will come with the usual safety features. You can expect to find perks like a chin bar, padding, and visor, depending on the type of helmet you are shopping for.

Skull Helmet Types

Skull helmets are an essential part of biker culture, but they are not so important that they get their division or style. Most skull helmets are just regular helmets with an edgy, soothing, or stylish skull on their side. So, they technically fit into the classic division of regular helmets. If you are looking for a skull helmet, you can expect to find full-face helmets, modular motorcycle helmets, open face, half, off-road, custom motorcycle helmets, and dual-sport motorcycle helmets. You can also find custom helmets if the functional divisions and designs are not aesthetic or edgy enough. 

How much does a skull helmet cost on average?

A great looking skull helmet will cost you anywhere from 200 hundred dollars to 1000. Depending on the type of helmet you order, style, and the company you choose, it could end up being incredibly cheap or overly expensive.

Where to Buy

Most modern companies offer bikers and motorcycle helmet enthusiast the chance to custom-make their helmet if they are willing to bear the cost. This includes custom air brush helmets. With the right amount of money, you can either literally construct, pinstripe, airbrush, or even alter your favorite helmet. The process usually entails submitting your designs and measurements and meeting with a representative from the company you are buying from. There are rare cases where you could also order and submit or choose the design you’d like from their website. 


Skull helmets have been around a lot longer than you would ever expect. They have been around for decades, and they are so amazing because they mean exactly what the owner wants them to mean. Although they are often tied to immortality, death and even fear, they can often mean none of those things to a lot of people. A lot of bikers most times buy them because they look cool, or they sometimes share some connection to something they love. A skull helmet is scull unique, and regardless of what type you end up buying, you are guaranteed to be the coolest guy in the room.

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