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Men's Motorcycle Gloves Collection

Motorcycle gloves come in a wide range of options including the fingerless motorcycle gloves and gauntlet gloves. No matter what type you decide to go for, the bottom line is that they should provide safety and protection to your hands.

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At American Legend Rider, our extensive collection of motorcycle gloves includes all types of gloves to suit your riding preference and style. Whether you want the short cuff gloves for added flexibility and control of your bike, or the gauntlet gloves for added protection we’ve got you covered. On the hot days, a perforated motorcycle glove will do well to keep your hands cool and ventilated. You may want a thick-lined glove for added insulation when it gets cold out there and all you can do is burn some rubber with your motorcycle.

Our amazing biker gloves catalog is sure to impress you even at first glance. Just make sure you know the exact qualities you are looking for in a pair of gloves. If you are unsure about the exact pair of biker gloves to choose, don’t worry. We will help you choose the best fit motorcycle gloves in this brief guide. One sure thing is that a great pair will have you enjoying your rides and enhance your riding experience.

Why Motorcycle Gloves?

When we talk about motorcycle gloves we are not just talking about a piece of clothing that you wear on your hands. Nowadays, gloves come with modifications and features that make them an essential safety tool for modern riders. Many states mandate wearing of personal protective equipment like gloves to improve safety.

Any true biker knows the importance of having a great pair of motorcycle gloves. In the event of a crash accident, your hands will be protected from the impact. You can imagine how it would feel to get your bare hands crashed on the asphalt floor and part of your skin abraded. Must be painful enough to scare anyone. But with the proper riding gloves on your hands, the chances of a serious injury are greatly reduced.

Your ideal pair of grips must not only be good looking but also durable, warm and waterproof. You already know the feeling of wearing soaked gloves on a wet day- all you can do is struggle with controls and nothing else. For this reason, a waterproof glove is all you will need to turn your fortune around.

The good thing with our motorcycle gloves is that they meet these threshold requirements and exceed your expectations. And what’s more these biker gloves are designed to allow the rider to retain the natural feeling of the bike while offering protection to the hands.


What to look for in riding gloves?

American Legend Rider gloves for men are made from the highest quality material like natural leather and synthetic leather to create a masterpiece. Besides protecting your hands and preventing injury during an accident, they are designed for ultimate comfort and style. It is vital to consider certain things when looking for the best mens motorcycle glove. These include:

·         Fitment

The importance of fitment when choosing motorcycle gloves cannot be overstated. It is the most important factor to consider. The comfort and protection that you get from your glove will depend on how well and snug it fits your hands. Riding gloves must be of the correct size for maximum protection and comfort. If your biker gloves happen to be saggy and roomy, they will not provide you with the protection you need in case of a spin or slide. They also make it hard for you to get the natural feel of the bike or even get a proper grip of the bike’s controls. This is because of the excess material that prevents you from getting a good grip. Consider also that with time, your new gloves will start to loosen and the initial grip will reduce. For this reason, choose gloves that feel tighter at the beginning because they are most probably the right size for you in the long term.

·         High quality material

Generally, motorcycle gloves are made using a wide variety of materials such as goatskin leather, cow leather, pig leather, synthetic leather, nitrile, and natural textile fiber. Nowadays, riding gloves feature other reinforcement material such as hard plastic knuckles, (PVC), and foam padding for extra protection. This allows for durability and the ability to withstand impact or accidents. Leather biker gloves are very popular among riders for their durability and ability to withstand rough use.

·         Construction

The finishing details of a glove could make or break it. Inspect your gloves to ensure that they have great closures, proper lining and the quality of the seams. Choose riding gloves that are made with the highest quality leather or material and that has a double-stitch finish for the seams. The glove should have additional padding as well. To ensure that the gloves are well constructed it is recommended that you try them on for a while and then take them off to see whether they hold up well.

·         Dexterity

A critical factor of your motorcycle gloves is flexibility.  They should allow you to move your hands freely for proper handling and controls. Whether you are wearing light summer gloves or rocking heated gloves for winter, they should allow for free movement of your fingers. You should be able to easily open and close your visor, reach the controls and operate zippers on your pocket and bags while wearing these gloves.

·         Ventilation

On the hot days, enough ventilation is truly a lifesaver. Ensure that your gloves are perforated or modified for ventilation. Some gloves have ventilation on the back, which means air flows directly to your upper hand when riding. Others have holes in them in the fingers which allow for airflow. No matter which type you choose, ensure that they are well ventilated to avoid the sweaty palms.

·         Adjustable wrist strap

No matter how well a glove is constructed, it will be of no use if it comes off during a spin or fall. That’s why your gloves should have an adjustable wrist strap that secures it in place tightly enough. The wrist wrap should be easy to operate, on and off.

·         Padding

Imagine cruising at high speeds and a minor tumble occurs that sends you sliding down the pavement. This can cause serious injuries to your hands especially since we use our hands instinctively to break a fall. For this reason, make sure that the biker gloves that you choose come with extra padding for abrasion resistance especially in the palm area.

·         Gauntlet

A gauntlet is absolutely invaluable for keeping cold air away when cruising down the road. For those who ride in cold weather, it is vital that the motorcycle glove has a gauntlet extending at least 2 inches above the wrist. This will provide enough cover while keeping your hands warm.

·         Comfortable to wear

Even a great-looking glove can have pressure points that make it uncomfortable to wear. For this reason, try the glove several times before you decide to purchase it. Ideally, you want the seams to be on the outside instead of the inside to reduce rubbing against your skin. Your fingers should comfortably reach the tip of your glove without being tight or pressured against. 

How to size and buy motorcycle gloves

The last thing you want is a motorcycle glove that feels restrictive and tightened in the knuckles or stopping proper airflow. It is not all uncommon to hear riders with a glove fit problem because they don’t know how to size their hands for the perfect fit gloves.

Your hands form the main connection between you and the controls of your bike. Missing out on the correctly sized gloves could hamper your riding ability. Never settle for a poorly fitting glove no matter how much you may like that particular pair of grips. 

For this reason, we show you what a perfect glove fit should look like and how you should size your hand.  

  • Choose the pair of riding gloves that you want to test and put them on.
  • Physically grab a real motorcycle grip just like you would while riding and notice if there are any pressure points, to begin with. Using a closed fist would not be accurate enough to test whether a particular glove fits perfectly since your hands would be closed much farther than in a real use scenario. That’s why you should use a real motorcycle grip.
  • The glove should fit snugly and allow for good movement of your fingers comfortably. The best way to know whether it fits well is when you don’t feel tight or restricted in the knuckles.
  • Fingers should leave extra small room at the ends and not touch the ends of the glove. However, the glove fingers should not be too long either.
  • When closing your fists, there should not be extra material bunching up from the edges of your palm area.

It is worth noting that leather biker gloves will stretch by about 5% after some time due to daily use after starting out a little too snug for your comfort. But this is perfectly fine because it will ensure a great fit once the glove breaks in. On the other hand, textile gloves become softer with constant use but will not stretch like leather gloves. If you decide to go for a textile glove and find yourself in between sizes, as a rule of thumb, go one size up.

Also, the fit of your motorcycle glove will vary depending on the feel and use. For example, a racing glove is designed with dexterity in mind to offer better control on the track. As a result, a racing glove will feature aggressive pre-curved fingers that offer more grip than a standard riding glove.

Cold weather gloves like heated gloves are bulkier due to layers of insulation and the waterproof membranes for keeping your hands dry. They are designed to be more comfortable than they are fitting while also providing room for you to wear a glove liner.

For every day and long-distance riding, a touring glove is best suited for the job. To provide maximum comfort and protection, touring gloves are designed to fit close and be flexible enough to allow you to control your bike. The good thing about this kind of gloves is their dexterity and ability to resist elements.  

Measuring your Glove Size

There are plenty of online size charts that you can use to measure your hands for the correct glove size. Some charts say that you should put your palm flat on a measuring tape and take the reading of the widest part of your hand. This is usually just below the knuckles.

Other charts require you to measure the circumference of your hand using a soft tape measure. In either case, the reading will not always be the same for both hands. For this reason, you are advised to measure both hands and take the widest measurement of the two. 

When shopping online for a glove, read reviews to understand the perspective of fellow riders. In most cases, you will know which your best fit glove is by just reading what others say about a particular type of glove. Several brands also come sized differently which can make it hard to find the correct size of your glove. Do your homework on each brand before settling on one brand.

Despite this, nothing replaces trying on an actual pair of gloves after reading the correct size.

It is worth noting that motorcycle gloves and charts vary with different regions. Some charts are geared for American or European sizing. Generally speaking, American cut gloves are much more pronounced and amply cut compared to their European counterparts. Therefore, European brands may have slightly smaller gloves compared to those made in America. Check your sizing chart to see if it corresponds to your region.

Finding the Perfect Biker Gloves

Our American Legend Rider moto gloves for men will most certainly fit perfectly on your hands. You simply have to know your appropriate size and choose from a wide variety of gloves including the fingerless motorcycle gloves and short cuff gloves.