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      Purchasing and wearing the right pair of skull boots can take a rider’s look from a mediocre “4” to an off-the-charts “10.” The key here is to find the right boots, for the right price.

      Skull boots are a classic trend for motorcycle wearers and one that is considered synonymous with this particular activity. However, due to all the options available today, it’s often difficult to know what boots are right.

      At American Legend Rider, shoppers can find a huge selection of skull boots and other motorcycle gear to choose from. All items are made from high-quality materials and offered at reasonable, competitive prices. Getting to know some of the options and what to look for when purchasing these boots is one of the best ways to feel confident the right buying decision is made.

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      The fact is, there are more than a few threats awaiting any rider’s ankles and feet when on a motorcycle. Mother Nature’s elements, lying or loose road debris, crushing blows due to a slide out or crash, hot exhaust pipes, cold weather, dragging toes on the pavement, and jumps at the MX track are just a few of the risk’s riders face each day.

      At the absolute least, a person’s feet are going to be in frequent contact with the ground. Not only do they have the job of supporting the rider’s body weight, but also supporting the several-hundred-pound motorcycle being ridden – every, single time it stops.

      Ankles and feet are much more fragile than many people think they are. As a result, it makes sense to add some type of protection and support to ensure serious injuries don’t occur.

      The issue arises when it is time to find the right type of boot for riding. This isn’t always an easy, cut and dry task. The good news is, there are a few things a rider can look for to ensure the right boots are purchased.

      Riding Style and Type

      One of the first things to consider is the type of riding a person plans to do. For example, if the individual grew up riding dirt bikes and using the MX style of boot, they may have recently discovered that they like riding adventure or dual sport motorcycles today. While the MX boots may work for this style of riding, there’s likely a better boot design to consider.

      Each type or style of riding requires a specialized boot that’s designed to provide superior protection for that particular activity. To ensure the right boot is purchased, it’s a good idea to consider these questions.

      • Where is the person going to spend most of their time riding?
      • What is their riding style (more cautious, aggressive, etc?)
      • What type of terrain will they be riding on?
      • How much protection is needed?
      • What design is going to work best with the motorcycle, and can the bike be operated properly while wearing them?
      • What type of look is desired?

      Protection Level

      After figuring out the style of riding boot that’s needed, it’s important to determine the level of protection required. There are some riding styles that are much more aggressive than others, and that requires a maximum protection boot. Boots that are designed for these styles will typically feature a built-in component that provides specialized protection in areas where it is needed the most.

      Don’t try to purchase a pair of shoes that make the claim to be motorcycle shoes, but then don’t even cover the ankles. It’s a pretty simple concept, the shorter the shoe or boot is, the less protection it’s going to provide. Some of the most common injuries in a motorcycle accident occur to the legs and feet.

      This means a person needs a boot that properly covers the shin, ankle and foot, and that provides plenty of support so that if necessary, the boots can help the ankles and feet withstand serious blows or a force without any twisting.

      Also, if unprotected, an ankle bone is one of the first things that tends to find the pavement if a person happens to slide out on their bike.

      Skull Boot Material

      The absolute best material for a motorcycle boot is leather. While there are other options out there, they don’t provide the high level of protection that leather does.

      With a leather boot, a rider will have the ultimate level of protection if they fall or skid and be able to avoid significant cases of road rash and other common injuries.

      However, the material of the boot itself isn’t the only consideration. It’s also important to think about the boot’s sole. This is going to be what is coming into contact with the pavement, dirt, or anywhere else a person is riding. They need to ensure the sole is thick enough to provide protection without being too heavy or “clunky.” Finding this happy medium can be somewhat challenging, but it’s worth the time and effort for the protection and durability it adds to the boot.

      The Closures

      From Velcro to laces, the way that a boot opens, and closes is usually something determined by personal preference. In recent years, laces have become a popular option because they make it easy to remove the boot and provide a more precise fit. The down side of this is that laces tend to come undone when a person is riding. The hoots at the top of the boot may also snag on a portion of the bike when the rider is getting on and off.

      Other types of closures that are commonly seen on motorcycle boots, such as buckles and Velcro, are also common. These closure options often allow the rider to have a fit that’s more secure than what is provided by laces. Also, these options are usually found on race boots to make sure the boot remains on if a high-speed crash happens.

      Construction of the Boot

      When shopping for motorcycle boots, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the way it is constructed. The highest quality boots are going to be put together using triple- or even double-stitching. This ensures they stay together, even if a bad accident occurs.

      The way the sole is connected to the motorcycle boot is also a factor to consider. If the sole is glued on, then it won’t be strong or long-lasting if a crash occurs. A boot that has the sole sewn on, instead of just glued, is going to last longer and provide a higher level of protection for the wearer’s feet.

      The Fit

      When purchasing boots at an online store, it’s imperative to look at the sizing guide provided by the manufacturer. This is because every manufacturer is going to make their boots a slightly different size. There are a large number of quality motorcycle boots that are actually made by European based manufacturers.

      As a result, it’s imperative for a buyer to convert their shoe size in the US to the EU size. There is a common trend that European boots have a narrower fit, too. Also, remember the socks that are being worn are going to impact how a boot fits.

      If a person likes to ride wearing extremely thick socks, then that may impact the comfort of the boot that’s ultimately selected. When the boots are shipped and they arrive, it’s a good idea to try them on with the type of socks typically worn while riding. If they don’t fit well like this, then returning them for a different size may be best.

      When putting on and taking off the motorcycle boots, they are probably going to be more difficult to put on and remove than traditional shoes. This is normal. While it may be a pain, if the boots are harder to get off, then it isn’t going to be as likely to fall or fly off if a crash were to occur, which could leave the foot and ankle exposed.

      Amount of Time Worn and Comfort of the Boot

      The comfort of the boots is going to ultimately determine how often a person wears them. So, it’s a good idea to find a boot that fits comfortably. Be sure that before a boot is purchased it is tried on. It’s also a good idea to wear the boot around the house and outside the house before going on a ride in them.

      Notice if there are any uncomfortable spots or pressure points that may impede the ride once on the bike. When a boot starts out comfortable, it’s a good sign that the rider is going to wear them more often and for longer periods of time, rather than avoiding safety to forego the discomfort or pain caused by the boots.

      In many cases, the more protection a boot is able to offer on a motorcycle, the less comfortable they are going to be when walking around in them. There are some boot styles that are better at pulling double duty, too, such as the cruiser, adventure, or touring style of boot.

      There are other styles, like the motocross boots, that are going to require a rider to take along a change of shoes if they plan to spend any time off of their bike. A rider needs to think about how long they plan to wear the boots and if they are going to wear them for more than just riding their bike.

      In some cases, it is going to come down to what a rider is willing to sacrifice – safety to get a boot that’s comfortable to walk around in or room in their bag for another pair of shoes. Take some time to research the options available for a person’s riding style. Believe it or not, there are boots out there that can do it all.

      The Price

      While the phrase “a person gets what they pay for” applies to motorcycle boots, not everyone has an extra $500 to drop on a pair – that’s just fine. If the individual isn’t planning on spending hours each day at a high MPH track or on the motocross tracks with their feet in the dirt, then there are many affordable boot options that offer superior levels of protection.

      For most boot styles, there are quality options in the price range of $200 to $400, and in some cases even less.

      While there are some riders who may not be excited about spending their money on specialty motorcycle boots, there may come a time when having that extra level of protection pays off and this won’t be a purchase they regret. In fact, a quality pair of well-made motorcycle boots can help to save a rider from the possibility of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

      Boot Style

      While the style of the boot may not be as important as the protection and support it offers, it is still something that has to be considered. Logically thinking, the way the boots look need to be the last consideration. After all, they aren’t going to be used in an upcoming fashion show.

      However, everyone wants to look good. This is especially true when they are on the back of their motorcycle. The good news is, most motorcycle boot manufacturers understand that style is a crucial factor and as a result, they offer riders a wide array of eye-catching styles and designs that help to boost the wearer’s confidence both while they are on their bike and off of it.

      It doesn’t matter if a person is searching for a classic, modern, or retro style in their motorcycle boot, there are options to accommodate these preferences. Most manufacturers offer a wide array of designs that seem to exceed the expectations when it comes to style of most riders.

      Finding the Best Skull Boots in 2019 and Beyond

      Remember, finding the right motorcycle boot is a process and not one that can be decided on in an instant. It’s important to consider all the factors here carefully to determine the type of boot that is needed and wanted. Failure to think about these factors may lead to the wrong type of boot being purchased, which may not provide the level of protection or support needed.