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      In the past, the options for motorcycle gear designed specifically for women was sparse. However, at American Legend Rider we encourage women to shop with us by offering a huge selection of stylish motorcycle gear, including motorcycle vests.

      Any woman looking for well-designed, quality motorcycle vests can feel confident they are going to find a huge selection when shopping at our online store. Not only that, but we offer affordable prices for all types of gear we offer.

      Learn about the women’s motorcycle vest options we offer here. Chances are, everyone will be able to find a vest option that meets their style preferences and protection needs.

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      It’s important to understand that the motorcycle vest is an important part of motorcycle gear, and it goes far beyond just being a stylish way to make a fashion statement. Quality motorcycle vests also offer protection for the chest, abdomen, and back in case of a slide situation or accident.

      At American Legend Rider, or team is always looking for ways to improve the products we have available for customers, both men and women. The list of women’s motorcycle vests above represents our dedication to providing women riders with access to high quality, well-made vests that are offered at affordable prices and in multiple styles.

      However, beyond just offering quality vest options for our shoppers, we also want to make sure everyone finds the right vest for their needs. Some important considerations to keep in mind when looking at our motorcycle vests can be found here.

      The Fit

      When it comes to finding the right motorcycle vest, the fit is one of the most important factors to consider. If the vest doesn’t fit well, it could cause even more issues and injuries during a fall or accident. When ordering one of our vests, make sure to pay close attention to the sizing guide we have included. This is the best way to ensure the properly sized vest is found and purchased.

      Another consideration when it comes to the overall design of the vest is how practical it is. Are there enough pockets for impotent items? Are the zippers able to be operated while wearing gloves? Is it going to be comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis?

      Keep in mind, circulation is another impotent factor. If leather is the material selected, make sure there are zippable vents to make wearing it comfortable during the summer months. No one wants to drown in their own sweat.

      Visibility features are also important. While there’s no need to purchase a vest that is bright orange, green, or yellow, reflective panels or piping are beneficial. Make sure to look into this before choosing a motorcycle vest.

      Material Options

      When choosing a material, shoppers are going to find we offer three basic options. Leather, denim, and textile.

      Leather is the classic option for motorcycle gear. It offers protection, style, and durability. However, during the summer months, it can be slightly uncomfortable.

      Another popular option is denim. Denim is much more breathable than leather, but also able to stand up to accidents and falls. However, in colder weather, it doesn’t provide much protection from the freezing temperatures. The good news is, adding a fleece liner can easily remedy this issue.

      With textile, riders have a versatile material that can be used both in the summer and winter. It’s extremely durable and designed to provide protection from even the harshest environments.

      The Price

      While the cost of the motorcycle vest isn’t the most important consideration, it is one that many people have to think about. At American Legend Rider, we offer affordable prices on all of the motorcycle vests for women we sell. As a result, everyone can find a vest that best suits their needs, without having to spend too much.

      We have found that other sellers don’t offer the same affordable prices for quality vests as we do. Shopping with us gives riders the ability to find stylish, protective, and affordable vest options.

      Shopping with American Legend Rider is a Smart Option

      Regardless of if a woman is searching for a traditional leather motorcycle vest, or something more modern, we have an option that will meet their needs. Take some time to browse our selection of vests and find the one that best suits the style preferences and price needs a person has. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality motorcycle gear to men and women and all types of riders.