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Motorcycle Boots

How do you like your motorcycle boots?

If you are looking for the best biker boots, we have a large collection of high-quality boots in different sizes and colors. These rider boots offer the best protection to your feet.  It doesn't matter the surface, these badass biker boots will do the work and guarantee that you ride in style.

Our finest quality of boots are intended for your way of riding can be easy for riding and more importantly, they keep your feet and ankle guard when you drive. Make sure you check out the best motorcycle riding boots and client boot reviews on our every product page to view the subtleties of fitment and performance.If you prefer them Punk, Gothic or Skull Styled, our various collection of long-lasting and comfortable boots for motor riding will make you stand out in a crowd! Give a look at our unisex boot designs for all your motorcycle or fashion needs – choose American Legend Rider.

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As there are a variety of biking activities, there are also a variety of shoes made specifically for each activity.

Our riding boots were designed to provide high-level of styles but they also intertwined with quality comfort to provide you comfort while wearing them.

Typically, these boots have smooth firm soles. Boots made for mountain bikes also may feature a cleat and binding system similar to road bikes.

Choosing the perfect pair of biker boots will keep your feet comfortable even if you're riding in a steep environment.

Motorcycle riding shoes can be chosen depending on your style of cycling. These days, there are variants for riding off-road, on the road, or for casual riding. Therefore, there are different types of riding footwear’s to enable you to ride more efficiently and with less fatigue. 

Before you choose a pair of Boots let's first establish the three different types of motorcycle riding boots that you get:

Short Boots

Usually, these are between six to seven inches in height, ideal for short rides and offer ultimate movement but less protection. These are ideal for amateur motorcyclists.

Full-Length Boots

Sometimes it may be costly but definitely worth it. These boots are invented to provide you optimal protection with a focus on support to your heels and ankles. Companies like Icon have spent millions in research development to improve the functionality of their full-length boots.

Steel Toe Boots

These are the most badass biker boots available on the market. A very good investment if you're a seriously heavy-duty rider. If looked well after these will last you for many years to come.

Features of American Legend Rider boots:

We, at American Legend Rider, offer you the variety of boots to make your biking experience more efficient and comfortable.

Type of sole

These boots have nylon, composite or carbon fiber sole. Also, it never hurts to pay slightly more if you want boots that provide optimum performance and are durable.

Water Resistance

For enthusiastic bikers who are always on long rides, purchasing waterproof boots is a good investment. It is more long-lasting and can withstand heavy rain and wet conditions which are very common.


The upper side of boots is made of synthetic or leather to keep them comfortable and lightweight. Also, they have mesh panels to ensure proper ventilation and enhance the breathability of the boot.


Manufacturers understand the requirements of riders to have tough shoes and this is why most of the boots are made up of strong materials, for example, leather. For added protection on your feet, there are a lot of steel-toes that you can find online. Also, it helps to read reviews made by customers before purchasing a particular pair.


These boots are fitted with clips that make your feet more comfortable. These boots are made u of materials like mesh that enable breathability. Some of them also come with air vents that prevent excessive sweating of the feet and offer you a comfortable ride. These footwears are firm enough to provide sufficient support during bike riding and decrease the risk of cramps. Your feet stay cool for long and you get a more comfortable ride. Most of these shoes are designed to be worn without socks.

Ankle Support

This is very important to prevent common injuries while riding. Also, it is extremely helpful that your shoe does not fall off quickly.

So, if you prefer more protection to put your mind at ease during those long rides, you need to buy American Legend Rider boots. These boots are also perfect if you want something dependable and in a precarious environment. Reduce the risk your workplace poses to your feet and take every step in complete confidence.

Devil rider boots are an essential part of footwear which every rider should have. If you are an inexperienced or experienced rider you can appreciate the comfort and protection these boots provide. Further, these American Legend boots are the best choice for all other activities, whether for work or leisure. 

When it comes to purchasing a pair of motorcycle riding shoes, you must keep several things in mind. Your safety is of most importance. Further, these shoes will preserve your feet and provide easy support. The sole of your shoe should be stiff for good power transfer. Consider the activities that you perform on your bike to determine if you need clip-on cycling shoes or shoes with a knobby tread. Finding the right cycling shoes will really make a difference in your safety and enjoyment in the sport.

If you're just an occasional bike rider, any pair of sneakers with a good sole will do, but if you're a more serious rider than you need to get a pair of specially made bike riding boots. They're produced by a variety of manufacturers based all over the world.

Once you're ready to purchase a great pair of boots, we, at American Legend Riders, offers you the complete list of  American legend boots. We list all the necessary information about the boots you're interested in.

Don't afraid too much about paying heavy costs as the market is so competitive that you're sure to get the best deals on used motorcycle riding boots. Have a look at American Legend Rider and you'll find numerous shops and dealers that sell high-quality used boots for fair prices.