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      Just as the name implies, a tail bag is designed to attach to the tail of a motorcycle. While there are brand and model specific tail bags available for purchase, a better option is to find one with a universal fit, like the options provided by American Legend Rider.

      Tail bags allow riders to take along a wide array of items, keeping it secure and stowed on their bike, while riding from point A to point B. They are functional, convenient, and there are a wide array of stylish options to choose from today from modern manufacturers.

      Unfortunately, due to all the options that are currently available, choosing the one that best suits a rider’s needs can be a bit of a challenge. At American Legend Rider, individuals interested in this item can browse a huge selection of bags and learn what makes one stand out from the crowd here. The options available from American Legend Rider can be found here along with a few buying pointers.

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      It’s important to remember, the bags and luggage selected for use on a motorcycle is going to directly affect the rider’s safety, convenience, and comfort. This is true for riders who use their bike as a source of daily transportation, as well as those who go on regular adventures.

      To ensure the right types of bags and luggage are purchased, there are some factors that need to be considered. While there are no wrong answers, it’s important to get to know what each type of tail bag has to offer, and which one makes the most sense for a particular rider.

      Hard Motorcycle Tail Bags

      The hard motorcycle tail bags are a great option for any rider who is spending mile after mile on the road. They provide several advantages for long trips and daily use, including high capacity, fast access, water resistance, and security. There are a number of bags that are designed with a wide array of features and accessories, too.

      Due to the shape and weight of most hard motorcycle tail bags, it’s best suited for trips over packed-dirt or pavement. Single track trails and off-road riding don’t work well with this type of bag. This is because hard bags can add a significant amount of weight to the motorcycle when filled. Also, the items inside the bag my shift, throwing a rider off the bike on a bumpy or uneven road.

      Soft Motorcycle Tail Bag

      A soft motorcycle tail bag is lighter and much more compact than the contrasting hard cases. As a result, they don’t add very much bulk or weight to a motorcycle. This helps when maneuvering the bike off-road, and it is also beneficial when doing lane-splitting or sport touring. Most soft bags are easy to get into than the hard bags because they use a zipper, rather than a buckle closure method. There’s also a wider array of shapes with the soft tail bags, making it possible to get varied configurations based on a rider’s unique needs.

      The soft tail bags are best when riding in drier, non-dusty conditions. They won’t provide great results when it’s raining nonstop. While some of these bags come with a rain cover, it’s not exactly convenient to stop and cover the bag each time it begins to rain.

      Also, using these bags around heavy dust isn’t added. The dust can keep zippers as the dust particles make their way into the zipper teeth and mechanism.

      Material Considerations

      When trying to choose a motorcycle tail bag, be sure to consider what it’s made of. Leather is an extremely durable material, but if it isn’t treated to be waterproof, it’s not exactly a smart option. Take some time to consider all of the popular material options to determine which one best meets the needs of the rider.

      Also, with higher quality materials, comes a higher cost. While no one wants to overspend, it’s not a good idea to ever choose the cheapest material options.

      Shape and Size

      The shape and size of the tail bag is also an important consideration. If a person has no intention of taking long or extended trips on their bike, then choosing a smaller tail bag is a sufficient option. By doing so, they can have plenty of room on their bike for another rider, or anything else that may need to be stowed away.

      However, if a rider likes to take extended trips on their bike, a larger tail bag is recommended. It is going to offer more storage space inside and ensure everything the rider needs will be protected and nearby during the entirety of the journey.

      Style and Color

      For many, the style of a particular tail bag is the first thing that catches their eye. While this is an important factor, it is not the most important to keep in mind. There are several style options to choose from, and in most cases, this comes down to a rider’s personal preferences.

      Color options are vast, as most manufacturers of these tail bags understand their diverse consumer base and as a result, offer options that appealing to everyone. However, for riders who aren’t sure, they can’t go wrong with a black or brown tail bag. It will hold their items and look great on the rear of their bike.

      Keep in mind, while a rider is likely going to want to purchase a bag that meets their own style preferences, this isn’t the most important factor, so don’t put too much weight on it. There are a wide array of great looking motorcycle tail bags available in many styles and looks.

      The Price

      The cost of the motorcycle tail bag matters to most riders. While there are options available for purchase that cost $500 or more, most people don’t have that much to spend on a simple bag for their motorcycle. As a result, it’s a good idea for a rider to figure out how much they can spend before they begin looking for the bag they need.

      When the rider has a price in mind, they can minimize the risk of overspending. While this may seem to limit, the fact is, modern motorcycle tail bags are offered at a wide array of price points so most riders should be able to find a bag that suits their needs and preferences.

      Buying the Best Motorcycle Tail Bag in 2019 and Beyond

      When it is time to make a purchase and finally select a motorcycle tail bag, it is a good idea to keep the tips and buying advice listed here in mind. Doing so can help a rider narrow down the options and find the bag that best suits their needs, preferences, and price.

      It’s a good idea to browse all the types of tail bags, too, to determine the style and size that’s needed. After all, these are two factors that are going to significantly impact the experience of the rider when they try to use the bag they have purchased.