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      Daniel Smart is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality motorcycle gear, accessories, and all types of fashion leather apparel. If you are looking for the perfect way to outfit and accessorize your biker style, consider some of the options here.

      Motorcycle Cup Holder

      Riding the road can result in the need for an ice-cold drink. However, if you are like most riders, you want to avoid having to stop every so often to get something out of your bag or from a nearby store. Unlike traditional passenger vehicles, motorcycles are not fitted with cup and drink holders – this is where the Iron Horse Quick Release Drink Holder makes perfect sense.

      This drink holder offers an adjustable mount fit that will work with most motorcycles, bicycle handlebars, and ATVs. It features a single arm and is made from durable ABS material. Also, thanks to the 360-degree rotating mount, you can achieve unparalleled flexibility. Now, you can quench your thirst anytime the need occurs and enjoy every moment of your well-hydrated riding experience.

      Motorcycle Phone Mount

      If you are like most people, your phone is your connection to the outside world. For years, you have heard about the dangers of distracted driving. What you may not realize is that this does not just mean passenger vehicles. Motorcycle riders are susceptible to distraction, as well. If your phone rings and you try to dig it out of your pocket or retrieve it from another location, you could cause an accident or an injury. With a motorcycle phone mount, you do not have to worry about this. Your phone will be in an easy to view and access location, which will give you the ability to remain distraction free while on the road.

      The phone mount we offer is designed with high-quality, durable materials that ensure it can withstand all the abuse it undergoes while you ride. Along with holding your phone, you can also use this holder for your MP3 player, PDA, GPS, or virtually any other mobile device you need or use. With the secure clamp, you do not have to worry about the phone slipping or falling either.

      Guardian Bell

      The motorcycle’s lifestyle is a rough one. If you truly adopt the biker lifestyle, then you already know that there could be danger around every corner. To help ensure your safety and provide you with a “guardian angel” like figure, the Daniel Smart collection offers access to guardian bells. Each of these has a special protective saying or quote and is the perfect good luck charm you take on every ride you go. It is also believed to provide protection against the evil road spirts.

      If you are searching for a quality gift idea for the biker in your life, then this is an option that you will love. Most of these guardian bells are made of durable and high-quality pewter and come attached to a key ring in a black velvet pouch.

      Motorcycle Flag Mount

      Are you ready to show off your patriotism or support of another cause? If so, an adjustable mounting bracket is a great option and it’s designed to fit most types of motorcycles. In some situations, you may have to make slight modifications depending on how and where you plan to use the flagpole. A low level of mechanical skills and abilities is also recommended when installing it.

      Remember, when mounting anything on your motorcycle, you need to ensure that you find an item that is extremely durable to stand up to the often daunting conditions you will be exposed to while riding and on the road.

      Biker Gloves

      Do you want to purchase leather biker gloves? If so, one of the first things you will find is that there are many options to consider. So, how do you choose the right biker gloves? This is a good question. There are a few things to consider.

      A favorite material for many is traditional cowhide because it is strong and can withstand wear and tear. This material will also get more comfortable the more you wear them. Other options include sheepskin and goatskin.

      You should also consider the armor that is on the gloves. Today, there are an array of materials used including titanium, which is one of the newest materials in this realm. The purpose of the armor is to help distribute the force of the impact over a larger area. It is usually located on the heels or palm of the gloves and on the knuckles.

      There are also several styles of motorcycle gloves to think about. You should consider your riding style to figure out the type of leather biker gloves that is going to work best for you.

      Women’s Motorcycle Vest

      A motorcycle vest is a classic piece of clothing that many riders find appealing to add to their biker style. If you are thinking about purchasing a women’s motorcycle vest, getting to know the options and which one will best suit your style and needs is essential.

      In the Daniel Smart collection, there are several options to choose from. For example, the washed denim vest provides a traditional look with a high level of durability. However, unlike leather motorcycle vests, the denim material is not waterproof. This means you will have to add something else to your clothing if you will be riding while it is raining.

      There are also tactile vests that are designed for function over style. If you want to go with a classic look that embodies the biker lifestyle, be sure to choose leather. There is not anything better than a leather motorcycle vest when you are cruising down the road on your bike.

      Motorcycle Chaps

      Did you know you can find stylish attire to wear while on your bike that will also protect you from road debris and the other conditions you may experience while riding. With the motorcycle chaps that we have available, you will never have to worry about getting uncomfortable while you are going on long rides again. The caps are designed from top-grade soft milled cowhide to ensure the best comfort and quality possible.

      The chaps we offer have two jean style pockets for all your necessities, a mesh underlining to ensure comfort in cold or hot weather, and a zipper buffer to help prevent the liner from catching in the zipper. We sell each pair with an unfinished hem so you can trim it to the proper size based on your needs and measurements.

      Sissy Bar Bag

      Have you been thinking about buying a motorcycle sissy bar bag? If so, you may wonder why it is needed or why you should purchase it. You will find these bags in an array of different sizes and combinations. This means you will be able to find one that meets your needs with ease. There are smaller bags that are intended to be used alone, along with multi-bag sissy bar luggage systems to carry anything you want to take along. Be sure to look at all the options to ensure that you get the desired storage capacity for your needs and your riding style.

      The Right Products at the Right Price

      There are more than a few motorcycle gear providers available today. However, we are dedicated to providing our customer with the highest quality items for competitive prices. Our goal is to help ensure you get the desired results and that you can enjoy the biker lifestyle – regardless of how or where you decide ride. Browse our selection of products to find the items that “speak” to you.