Motorcycle Tank Bags


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      Find the Right Tank Bag for Your Motorcycle

      If you love to ride, your motorcycle is likely your most prized possession. You probably spend as much time as humanly possible cruising on the back of your bike. You lovingly care for it, spending lots of time and effort washing, waxing, and customizing your bike. And, you have all the latest accessories to make your ride safer and more comfortable. Every biker knows how important it is to have a high-quality helmet, a leather jacket or vest, and a tank bag on your bike. In fact, attaching a tank bag to your bike is crucial because it gives you easy-to-reach, convenient storage. They're perfect for daily riding or extended touring, whatever your pleasure.

      What is a Motorcycle Tank Bag, and Where Does it Go?

      Just like the name implies, a tank bag attaches to the top of your motorcycle's fuel tank.  They come with a few different mounting options, too, so you can find one to fit any style of motorcycle, whether it's a Harley, a chopper, or a street bike. When it comes time to fuel up, simply detach the bag to access your gas cap and reattach it when you're finished.

      Tank bags also come in various sizes, from small motorcycle tank bags that are perfect for a phone, keys, and wallet, all the way up to larger ones that almost rival the size and storage capacity of saddlebags. They're usually made out of leather, nylon, or other synthetic material, and can be waterproof, which is great for when you suddenly get stuck in a mid-summer rainstorm.

      Where to Buy the Best Bike Tank Bag?

      Since you're going to use your tank bag every time you ride, find a trusted online retailer offering durable bags that are high-quality and made to last. Look for a company like us here at American Legend Rider that understands and encourages the wild and free spirit of those born to ride! We have a huge variety of biker apparel and accessories perfect for any motorcycle enthusiast. Our selection of tank bags are affordable, have ample storage room, and are made from extremely durable material that can take some daily wear and tear.

      For the best motorcycle tank bags offered in lots of different styles and designs with convenient mounting options, check out our latest collection. We have leather tank bags, waterproof motorycle tank bags, strap-mounted tank bags, and magnetic motorcycle tank bags, too. All of our merchandise is high-quality, and the items in our collections are specially selected to offer the best value possible to our customers. We know how much you love your motorcycle, and we only provide the latest and greatest motorcycle accessories to make your ride look great and keep your inner biker spirit alive and well!

      How to Properly Attach Your Tank Bag: Magnets, Straps, and Clip-On Rings

      The different attachment methods for motorcycle tank bags are dependent on how your particular bag mounts to your fuel tank. There are three main mounting methods: magnets, straps, or a clip-on ring that attaches right to your tank or gas cap.

      Heavy-Duty Magnets

      Typically, magnetic motorcycle tank bags are popular because they're simple to take on or off, meaning it's a breeze for you to fuel up. The magnets used are heavy-duty, so you don't have to worry about your bag falling off around a sharp corner or during a long ride. Look for a bag with felt or a smooth material on the bottom, so it doesn't scratch the paint!

      Clip-On Ring

      The second method for attaching your motorcycle tank bag gas cap mount is with a clip-on tank ring. You mount the ring to the fuel tank by utilizing the gas cap bolts. Then, you just clip the tank bag onto the attached ring, and that's it! When looking for a bag that attaches with a clip-on ring, one thing to keep in mind is that they're model specific. You need to have the right specs for your particular bike before your order; otherwise, it might not fit properly. The clip-on ring method offers another benefit, too: it allows the bag to sit up and away from the tank for easy removal, which also keeps scratches off your paint job.


      Straps are an excellent choice for anyone who loves going off-road. This design usually consists of one strap in the front that loops down and under the triple clamp on top. Then, it goes around the neck of the frame and easily clips on the tank bag itself. You can also take the rear strap, run it underneath the seat and then attach it to the bag, which some people find a little easier. If you're worried about the bag staying on during a rough ride, thread a zip-tie through the buckles for a stronger hold and extra security.

      Factors to Consider During Installation

      When you have a motorcycle tank bag backpack with a strap-mount, there are two different kinds of straps. One attaches to the bike itself and then snaps onto the bag, and the second has straps that attach to a base, which stays on the tank. Then, the bag zips right onto the attached base. Tank bags that utilize straps are a great choice if your gas tank is plastic or aluminum. If you don't know what kind you have, take a small magnet and see if it sticks to your tank. If it does, your tank is steel.

      How to Attach Your Motorcycle Tank Bag Safely and Properly

      There are a couple of things to remember when installing your new bike tank bag the right way. If you have a strap-mounted bag, watch out for the straps potentially getting caught up in the frontend of the bike. This can happen if they're not adequately secured, so make sure they aren't getting caught in any cables and that the handlebar and front end has a full range of movement.

      With a motorcycle tank bag magnetic mounting method, ensure that the magnets are properly positioned and working correctly. If your tank is aluminum or another type of composite material instead of steel, magnets won't work. The best magnetic motorcycle tank bags are convenient and will stay on through the roughest ride. Whether you are a newbie or an expert rider, they are a great option to store your items safely on your bike.

      What Are Some Different Styles and Designs?

      Motorcycle gas tank bags come in several styles, each with different features and mounting methods. The best bike tank bags have a clear, see-through panel on the top for a map or GPS, so you don't lose your way on a long ride. If you prefer paper maps to a GPS, look for a motorcycle tank bag backpack with a larger panel so you can fit a folded-up map inside with room to spare.

      Leather tank bags for a motorcycle and waterproof motorcycle tank bags also make a great choice. If the bag you want isn't waterproof, it should come with a rain cover instead. Having a waterproof motorcycle tank bag to store your cell phone or map is invaluable for those times you get unexpectedly caught in a rain shower. Look for a soft, smooth leather or synthetic option with lots of pockets and zippers to hold all of your items.

      Small motorcycle tank bags also come in expandable versions perfect for a daily driver. If you can find a cheap motorcycle tank bag that expands, you can use fold it down to a smaller size on days you don't need to bring a lot of stuff. However, let's say you want to go on a picnic. You could use that same expandable bag to bring all the items you need for a great summer day with family or friends.

      Consider These Important Factors Before Buying a Motorcycle Tank Bag

      Another important consideration is the shape of your bike's gas tank. If you need a lot of storage space, your fuel tank's size and dimensions are critical information. Not all tank bags are created equal—the size and mounting method of one style may not work on two different bikes. Make sure you have the correct measurements so you get the right size the first time.  

      You should take a hard look at the details and features that each tank bag offers. Is the material durable and waterproof with a clear panel for your map or GPS? Does it have convenient carrying handles for when it's not attached to your bike? Are there are any cable ports for the power cord on your GPS or headset? You should also always have reflective stripes or material on your bike's tank bag for safety reasons.

      What Kind of Security Does a Tank Bag Offer?

      Every motorcycle rider worries about their items' security and safety when they have to leave their bike in a public place. Nobody wants to come outside to find their stuff missing! Look for a cheap motorcycle tank bag that features zipper pulls with rings on them. You can attach a padlock to your zippers with rings, similar to how suitcases or luggage locks. Look for a bag with a semi-rigid shape, which offers more damage protection for your items in case your bag ever hits the pavement.

      How to Choose the Right Bag For You

      Choosing the best motorcycle tank bag for your ride is an important decision. Many factors go into it—which size you need, what type of terrain you will be riding on, and how much stuff you will be bringing with you on average. You can get a very small bag that will only fit a credit card or two, which is excellent if you don't usually take a lot of stuff with you. However, for extended touring, look for a bag that's larger or expandable, so you have room for every critical item. Also, if you have a few different bikes in your garage, find a versatile motorcycle tank bag that attaches with straps so you can use it with all of your beloved rides.

      Shop Our Collection of High-Quality Motorcycle Tank Bags for Your Ride

      While it may not be as important as a helmet, a tank bag is one of the best accessories you can get for your bike. No matter what kind of motorcycle you ride, there's a tank bag to fit your particular bike. Motorcycle tank bags are the way to go if you want a convenient way to store your items and keep them safe during your ride. They come in all different materials styles and designs and easily attach to any bike with magnets, straps, or a clip-on tank ring. Here at American Legend Rider, we have a wide array of affordable, high-quality tank bags that will add storage and functionality to your treasured ride. Check out our collection today for your next motorcycle tank bag!