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      Sometimes, a full-face helmet can be stifling or confined making you feel uncomfortable. Even though it is the safest type of helmet in the market today, it does not give you the freedom that an open face motorcycle helmet provides. However, your face is exposed to the elements. But that’s the price you pay for less restriction and more freedom on the road.

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      Nevertheless, open face motorcycle helmets still give you crucial protection in case of an accident. The helmet shell covers ¾ of your head while leaving your face open. In many ways, an open face helmet is reminiscent of the 70’s feel and is popular among riders who love a vintage touch.

      Nowadays, the helmet features several modifications like removable cheek pads and integrated sun shields that make riding more comfortable. If you are looking for a throwback look, coupled with style and impressive graphics, then open face motorcycle helmets would be a great choice for you.

      Why Choose an Open Face Motorcycle Helmet?

      If you are the type of rider who loves freedom on the road and doesn’t mind exposure to the elements, then an open face motorcycle helmet is one for you. But there are other reasons why you might want to have an open face helmet. This includes the unique style that this helmet provides and the retro look that is valued by bikers all around the world. So why should you choose an open face helmet?

      • The helmet allows you to feel the wind on your face- there’s no better feeling when you are on the road than to enjoy the sensation of the sun and wind on your face. This allows you to feel your surroundings when riding your motorcycle keeping you connected when riding. Unlike a full-face helmet that provides full closure, an open face helmet does not restrict you from feeling the sensations of your surroundings. Also, these helmets weigh much less compared to full-face helmets making them less bulky to wear and carry when off the bike. If you are the type of rider who enjoys the thrill and freedom of riding while exposed to the elements, then the open face helmet is the lid for you.
      • Well ventilated- since the top-rated open face motorcycle helmets do not have a chin bar or full shell, air flows quite easily to all parts of your face and head. This level of ventilation makes you feel cooler even on hot days, making for a comfortable ride.
      • It provides better visibility on the road- a critical factor of safe riding is visibility. Luckily, an open face motorcycle helmet allows you to see better because of its wider range of vision. In addition, some open face motorcycle helmets come with visors that enhance visibility and reduce the sun’s glare.
      • They weigh less- you can imagine how difficult it is to carry a heavy helmet wherever you go, on or off the bike. Usually, modular helmets and full-face helmets weigh more compared to ¾ helmets. The lightweight nature of open face motorcycle helmets makes them ideal for riders who prefer to carry their gear off the bike. Despite carrying less weight, open face helmets still have the protective qualities of their heavier counterparts, yet do not cause you to feel tired on the long hauls.
      • The helmet allows you to hear other motorists- unlike full face motorcycle helmets, an open face motorcycle helmet does not have soundproof encasing. This means you can hear noise and sound from other users.


      How to size and fit your helmet

      Choosing the right fit helmet isn’t about getting the most appealing color. But a motorcycle helmet that fits properly on your head and guarantees protection in case of impact. The current development of a motorbike helmet is the result of years of development, crash testing, computer modeling and everything that enhances safety. If your helmet does not have the right fit, all this will be undone. That’s why fitment is the most important factor to consider when choosing the right motorcycle helmet.

      • Measure your head

      We all have different head shapes, ranging from round to oval shapes. Selecting the helmet closest to your head size requires you to measure the circumference of your head. Begin by wrapping a tape measure around your head just above your eyebrows. Take the measurement several times and choose a helmet that is closest to your head size. Most branded helmets have a size chart to guide you in choosing the right fit.

      • Try on the helmet

      Once you are confident that you’ve got the right size, it’s time to try on the helmet. Usually, new helmets will feel quite tight when you try them on. But that’s totally okay. With time, the padding will start to break in and accommodate you better. Most modern helmets have smaller opening and thick padding in a bid to offer more cushion, noise insulation, and better protection. So you might find it a bit hard to pull the helmet and you may require more force at first.  

      • Wear the helmet correctly

      It’s quite easy to try on an open face helmet. Pull the helmet on from the back of your head and fit it in. You want a helmet that fits snugly around the back of your head and on top. But with time, the helmet will begin to feel loose from regular use.

      When choosing the helmet, ensure that the inner lining fits perfectly around your head. This is to ensure that the helmets still feel comfortable after a period of use from which it will become loose.

      The helmet should also provide ample padding on top of your head. The top pad should press closely on your crown. The cheek pads should be touching your cheeks and brow lining fits perfectly against your brow.

      Types of open face motorcycle helmets

      Generally speaking, there are two main types of open face motorcycle helmets. These are open face helmets with visors and without. Open face moto helmets with visors or shields are useful for protecting you against the elements and extreme weather conditions. They are also perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare and debris on the road. Open face helmets are built lightweight and good for both motorcycle riders and scooter enthusiasts.

      Some open face helmets, also known as three-quarter helmets, come with built-in half visors that you can flip down to cover your eyes. Others have shields that can cover your entire face. The good thing about this feature is that the visors are removable if you like to ride with the wind blowing freely to your face. Some riders prefer a helmet without a visor or shield, in which case an open face helmet comes in handy with the convenience it provides. Perhaps you like to wear your riding sunglasses and motorcycle goggles, then an open face helmet is the best choice for you.

      Key features you should look out for when buying an open face helmet

      There are many things that are absolutely vital to your safety and comfort when choosing an open face helmet. The key features you should consider include:


      The level of comfort that you get from wearing your helmet is one of the most important things to consider. If you don’t feel comfortable in your helmet, you are unlikely to wear it even when it is absolutely necessary. For this reason, make sure that the helmet is the right size and fits according to the shape of your head. Check if the inner lining of the helmet is removable and flexible enough and that it is possible to customize it for comfort. When you try on the helmet, ensure that there are no pressure points. The occasional tight feel around the back of your head and top of your head is normal. With continuous use, the helmet will start to get loose and feel more comfortable.

      Noise insulation

      You might think that an open face helmet does not help in noise reduction. But the truth is that it does. When cruising down the road on your two-wheeler, you will need some form of insulation from the wind noise. Typically, an open face helmet will not do as good a job as a full-face helmet, but there are certain dynamics that make them better for wind noise reduction. This includes design and aerodynamics. Excess wind noise can impede your hearing ability and in some cases lead to hearing problems. For this reason, a helmet with proper wind noise insulation is needed. Get a helmet that limits noise as much as possible.


      Part of the reason why you would want to get yourself an open face helmet is because of the style options available. An open face motorcycle helmet can be customized to suit your personal taste and preference. You can choose from a wide range of styling options including skull helmets and other cool motorcycle helmet designs. Some helmets are built to stand out from the crowd while others are sleeker and low profile in their construction. The helmet that you choose will depend on your personal style as the options are endless.

      Safety rating

      The safety rating of an open face helmet shows you how protected you will be in case of a crash. There are many available helmets in the market today from different brands and manufacturers. Each company or brand will claim to have the safest motorcycle helmet that provides optimal protection to riders. But as we all well know, this might not be the case all the time. You need to check for the safety rating and certification mark of the helmet before you decide to purchase. A DOT rating ensures that the helmet complies with the safety standards of the Department of Transport. Despite the safety mark on a helmet, you need to know that, safety is first and foremost dependent on you. This includes observing all the other factors mentioned above.


      One advantage of an open face helmet is that it provides better visibility compared to a full-face motorcycle helmet. Due in part to the lack of a visor or shield at the front-facing side. However, visors are useful for reducing the sun’s glare and protecting your eyes from debris, bugs and other projectiles. Some open face helmets come with visors and shields which are retractable. The retractable visors provide much-need convenience when you just want to ride with the visor up and enjoy the breeze. Contrary to what most people believe, the visors do not seem to reduce visibility.


      Nowadays, helmets are not just buckets or lids that you wear on your head. They are vital technological gadgets with sophisticated technologies like Bluetooth communication. When choosing an open face helmet, check that there is enough room for a Bluetooth headset or it comes built-in. There should be enough room around your ears that allow you to mount your Bluetooth device while preventing your ears from folding. Fortunately, there are a good number of brands that allow you to integrate Bluetooth speakers with speaker pockets. These come in handy and make for an excellent Bluetooth helmet.

      Final Thoughts

      When looking for the best open face motorcycle helmets, you are not only going for the cheapest lid available. You want a helmet that is comfortable to wear and fits snugly around your head. At American Legend Rider, we are dedicated to providing you with a wide range of open face motorcycle helmets including skull helmets, women’s open face motorcycle helmets, men’s helmets, and other cool designs.

      When choosing the right biker helmet, consider the fitment and safety of the helmet before style. This ensures that the helmet you eventually go for meets your actual needs. Luckily, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to helmets.

      If you are on a budget, consider getting a helmet that comes with the right safety features before thinking about style. We have budget-friendly helmets that will give you a good start while guaranteeing your safety on the road.