Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves


      Don’t let the rain and wet weather stop the fun. These splendid waterproof motorcycle gloves are designed to take on wet weather and provide a cocoon of warmth to your hands. You can rest assured your hands will stay cozy in the harshest of days, while you focus on the road ahead. These waterproof motorcycle gloves are the best you can find for their price, quality and function.

      Steel Alloy, leather, pro-biker, lined, and heated are just a few of the glove options available for serious and hobby motorcyclists. A new pair of leather biker gloves also make a great holiday, birthday, or anniversary gift for any biker. In the past, gloves were pretty basic and not much thought went into them.

      Today’s motorcycle gloves have the newest tech features to fit the needs of the serious biker. To improve comfort, there are new sizes and fits available. Glove manufacturers have also upped their game when it comes to style, making high fashion gloves that stand out in a crowd.

      Why Every Rider Needs a Pair of Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

      Experienced riders know that when it comes to gloves, they need to be waterproof. If it starts to rain, it can be hard to grip and operate the bike. Waterproof gloves make gripping easy and will keep the rider’s hands dry.

      Waterproof motorcycle gloves also help in the summer heat. Sweat, like rain, can make it hard to grip. This type of glove can prevent sweat from affecting driving ability as well. While leather biker gloves are a popular choice, waterproof gloves also come in fabrics like spun velvet, nylon, and polyester.

      Waterproof biker gloves are perfect Gifts for Bikers

      Even if they already own a pair of biker gloves, upgrading to a new waterproof pair will surely excite and delight both new and experienced riders. In the past, motorcycle gloves were pretty basic. The newest gloves on the motorcycle market now offer features that some riders have never experienced before as the technology is brand new.

      Today’s gloves also offer features like touch screen compatibility. This allows the person to operate their phone with their gloves on. In the past, a ride would have to pull their gloves off, use their phone, and then put their gloves back on. Touch screen compatibility is a great feature for bikers who are addicted to their technology.

      One Glove Size Won’t Fit All Hands

      Waterproof motorcycle gloves come in one standard size for men and one standard size for women. If the gloves didn’t fit right, the biker would have to make due. Leather is hard enough to get into when the item is the right size! Thankfully, today’s gloves come in many sizes so that everyone gets a great fit.

      To find the size needed, all it takes is a tape measure and the hands. Measure around the width of the palm and write this number down. Many manufacturers are making leather biker gloves in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large.

      Check out the manufacturer’s size chart and see which hand measurement coincides with each glove size. Fits can vary greatly between brands. It’s also important to note that some manufacturers list glove size in palm inches, while others list their sizes in centimeters.

      Lastly, read the description of the waterproof motorcycle gloves and see if there is any special note on sizing. Some gloves descriptions may suggest to order up a size for comfort. This can be because manufacturers received feedback from customers who said the gloves ran small. If the site suggests going up a size, listen to the suggestion.

      What to Look for When Buying Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

      Quality and comfort are the most important factors when it comes to motorcycle gloves. There’s no point in buying a pair of low quality, as they will have to soon be replaced. Buying a pair that isn’t comfortable is also a bad idea because no one wants to wear motorcycle gloves that are too tight, made of itchy material, or that just don’t feel good.

      Check out the material that the glove is made out of. If a person knows that they don’t like the feel of cotton gloves, look for a pair in polyester or leather. It’s also important to read glove specifications, as some are made for cold temperatures only. For example, warming gloves may not be comfortable on hot summer days.

      When shopping online, see if other customers have reviewed the biker gloves. Look for a pair with positive reviews and happy customers. Pay attention to what buyers say about fit and quality. If there is a pair with a slew of bad reviews, it’s smart to pick and purchase a different pair.

      Flashy Waterproof motorcycle Gloves Make a Statement

      Riders with a sweet bike need a sweet pair of waterproof motorcycle gloves. While some people think that all that matters is the bike, flashy gloves can also draw some attention. To really turn heads, consider gloves with metal accents.

      Look for a pair of leather biker gloves that feature metal numbs. There are some on the market that use high-quality steel alloy combined with premium PU leather. They’re flashy and the leather keeps them non-slip.

      Another option to turn heads is to choose a pair of biker gloves with color accents that match the bike. A rider doesn’t have to just go with plain black. Today’s gloves come in blue, red, silver, yellow, and pretty much any other color a rider could want.

      Consider Buying Heated Gloves for Cold Weather

      While some people may be blessed to live and ride in areas that never get cold, most people have to deal with colder temps at some point in the year. Waterproof biker gloves that are electronically heated can make those cold rides more comfortable. In the past, people would double up on motorcycle gloves, but these hot gloves leave fingers hot and toasty without requiring a second pair of gloves.

      Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves are Also Important for Hand Protection

      On top of keeping hands warm and helping with grip, leather biker gloves also have the important job of protecting the hands. In the summer, hands can be sunburned. In the winter, a person has to deal with frostbite and windburn. Gloves are a great idea all year long because they keep the hands protected.

      In the event of an accident or a fall, gloves can help protect the hands. It’s common for hands to get cut and torn up in a fall or an accident, and motorcycle gloves can take most of the abuse. The gloves get very torn up, which in turn means the skin on the hand doesn’t take the brunt of the abuse.

      It’s also common for waterproof motorcycle gloves to have side shells and molded plastic finger joints for added hand protection. Some may be double lined for warmth and others may offer a Velcro wrist for added fit. Read the glove descriptions to see the exact features of the pair being considered.

      In conclusion, the best waterproof motorcycle gloves and biker gloves, in general, have come a long way in recent years. Manufacturers have listened to feedback from bikers and now offer gloves with better features and better fit sizes. Motorcycle gloves make great gifts for bikers and are available in styles that really stand out.

      They protect the hands of the rider and are a must for anyone who plans to ride a motorcycle. Best of all, waterproof gloves are affordable. They’re also an item that only has to be purchased once, as a high-quality pair can last for many years to come.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How can one tell if the gloves are really waterproof motorcycle gloves?

      Waterproof motorcycle gloves are usually labeled as so in the item title. If the title doesn’t list the gloves as waterproof, be sure to read the description. If the description lists waterproof as being a feature of the gloves, then that’s how a buyer can tell that they are waterproof.

      What if the palm measurements are between two sizes?

      When measuring the palms to determine glove fit, measure all the way around the palm. If the palm measurement is between two sizes, go with the larger size. It’s always best to have just a bit of extra room than to have gloves that are too tight.

      How do heated gloves work?

      Heated biker gloves are electronic. This type of glove runs on batteries. Each pair will be different, but some heated gloves can run on three AAA batteries for eight hours or more. Also don’t worry about going through batteries, as most of the gloves come with charging cables to recharge the glove batteries.

      It’s also important to note that most heated gloves fit people in a certain glove size range, instead of having pairs in every individual size. This is because heated gloves need a little more room in them, as if the gloves are tight they can get too hot on the skin.