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      Do you hate to get scuff marks on your shoes caused by your motorcycle shifter? Do you want to keep your shoes polished and squeaky clean? You can now protect your shoes from shifter damage using any of our effective shift sock today. Don’t let the dirt spoil the ride by messing up your shoes and boots. While protecting your shoes, ensure that you get a stylish shift sock available in different colors to match your motorbike.

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      Why you need motorcycle shoe protector shift sock

      There are tons of accessories you can get for your motorcycle to enhance your riding experience. One of them is a shift sock. If you are tired of damaging your precious riding boots with the motorcycle shifter, then it is time to reverse the trend. Luckily, you can enjoy riding without sacrificing much or even worrying about destroying your nice pair of shoes. A shifter shoe protector accessory like a shift sock comes in handy at all times. Whether you plan on riding to a special event or dinner with non-motorcycle shoes, you can easily prevent damage by installing a shifter sock to the shifter. It is easy and gentle on the shoes preventing any form of damage or scuff marks that can make your shoes look ugly. Here are the reasons why you should get a shifter sock for your motorcycle.

      • Better feel on the shifter

      We love to feel connected to our motorcycle with every mechanical part and this includes the shifter lever. When you install a shift sock, the connection is instant and you have a better feel on the shifter than before. This is because the sock enhances grip and makes the lever thicker than before. A slight up or downshift produces a magnificent response on the motorcycle.

      • Avoid damaging your shoes

      Perhaps the most important reason why you need a shift sock is to protect your shoes from getting damaged as a result of constant shifting. Usually, the shifter lever creates a grove or scuff that remains permanent on the front part of your shoe. Since most non-motorcycle shoes do not have a pad, they can easily get damaged. For this reason a shift knob sock is necessary to keep your shoes intact from constant shifting.

      • Easy to slide on the shifter

      Shift sock shifter covers are easy to install on your motorcycle shifter. Shifter covers come in a variety of materials including rubber, and neoprene. Ensure that the motorcycle shifter sock can easily fit/slide into the lever. Most shifter covers are easy to install without requiring special equipment or tools. To install, simply slide the sock gently on the lever after cleaning the lever with soap and water. This also helps to slide the shifter sock correctly.

      Rubber shifter shoe protector

      Rubber shift socks not only protect your shoes from damage caused by the gear lever but also enhance grip. Once you install a rubber shifter sock on your motorcycle, you will feel more comfortable changing gears. The enhanced grip means that your shoes will not slide unexpectedly and gives you more control of the bike. Also, these shift socks act as perfect substitutes for motorcycle shoe protector covers that are designed to be fitted on the shoe itself.


      Fitment is very important to ensure the effectiveness of the shift sock. Ideally, you want a motorcycle shifter cover that does not slide at any given time. The harder it is for it to slide, the more effective it is and will last longer on the lever. In most cases the shift knob sock is standard for all types of motorcycles so you should have no trouble with fitment.


      Choose from a wide variety of amazing colors to match with your motorcycle. You can also go for contrasting colors that will instantly be noticeable from afar. Pick from green, red, blue, yellow, and many other colors to suit your particular taste.

      Look Stylish with shift socks

      Besides providing you with the convenience that you need for protecting your shoes, shift socks are stylish accessories that enhance the overall look of your motorcycle. For one, they can hide an ugly lever and turn it into a masterpiece. It’s almost like a cool customization feature that will make you admire every single part of your motorcycle. A shifter boot protector is an essential accessory that you cannot afford to miss out on.


      Choose the perfect shifter boot protector from our wide range of products and never have to worry about damaging your pair of shoes.