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Skull Face Mask

American Legend Rider's collection of skull face masks and headgear is unmatched. Not only does this gear provide warmth, protection, and sweat-wicking technology to allow you to do the activities you love no matter the weather, it will also have you looking cool while doing it.

Available in a wide selection of styles and prints, this collection of cool skull masks and headgear is sure to have something for everyone. American Legend Rider has you covered. Literally!

What Are the Different Types of Skull Face Masks?

There are five main types of skull masks: balaclavas, bandanas, skull half face masks, full-face skull masks, and tube masks. Each one offers different benefits; the important part is deciding which one is right for you and your outdoor activity. Balaclavas protect not only your full face but also your neck and head. Balaclavas are highly versatile as well. Skull bandana face masks offer protection for only half of your face but are more versatile and easier to remove. Skull half-face masks also offer protection for the lower half of your face but are typically more secure than a skull bandana face mask. Full-face skull masks cover your entire face but leave the top of your head and neck uncovered. Lastly, tube masks are very breathable, easy to remove and protect your neck as well as the lower half of your face. All of these masks are a part of the American Legend Rider collection of skull masks. They are all highly effective, breathable, and durable.

What to Look for When Buying a Skull Face Mask

When looking for skull face masks, there are a few key characteristics to look out for. The first is material. You want a non-organic material, like neoprene or polyester, so that your sweat is wicked away rather than being absorbed by the material. Finding skull face masks made with a non-organic material will help prevent that "gym bag smell" from forming. Another important feature to look for is versatility. Especially if you engage in a number of different activities, you'll want a mask that can keep up. Balaclavas, skull bandana face masks, and tube masks are the most versatile options for face masks and can be used as masks, hats, or scarves.

The next thing to look in a skull mask for is durability. You want to be certain that your skull mask will last, so look for nylon trim, which gives the skull mask a longer lifespan. Another important factor is style. Skull masks, even skull half face masks and skull bandana face masks, cover most of your face, rendering you unrecognizable. Therefore, you want to choose cool skull masks that reflect your style. Thankfully, American Legend Rider has a variety of cool skull masks to choose from. Lastly, you never want to underestimate the importance of comfort. Make sure to look for a mask that has seams carefully placed to avoid irritating pressure points and is made of comfortable material like polyester.

Why You Should Have a Skull Face Mask for Outdoors

Face masks are vital for many outdoor activities. They offer coverage for your nose, neck, ears, and cheeks from the elements, namely cold and wind, which allows you to continue doing what you love even in the winter months. The cold can keep people cooped up inside, unable to take part in the outdoor activities they love. Being able to hike, fish, or ride a motorcycle year-round has a beneficial effect on physical and mental health. A good face mask allows you to get outside and do what you love no matter what the weather is like.

For any activity that requires a helmet, from motorcycling to paintball, a skull mask is a good idea year-round. A skull mask or skull bandana face mask that covers your head can prevent stains in your helmet and give your helmet pads a much longer lifespan by reducing the frequency with which they need to be washed. For motorcycling, in particular, a face mask can also prevent hair whiplash.

Activities Ideal for Skull Face Masks

Some activities are well known for the widespread use of face masks, like motorcycling and paintball. But what type of skull mask is ideal for each of these activities?

 For motorcycling and paintball, a skull face mask that covers your head may be best. Ideally, that would be a balaclava or skull bandana face mask, which can be worn either on your face or on your head. However, face masks aren't limited to these activities. A skull mask can make any outdoor activity more comfortable in the cold. 

Some activities you may not have thought to wear a mask for before, including jogging, fishing, hiking, and cycling. For highly aerobic activities like cycling and jogging, a more breathable face mask, like skull half face masks, a skull bandana face mask, or a tube mask may be the best choice. For less highly aerobic activities like hiking and fishing, a full-face skull mask or balaclava that offers a lot of thermal insulation may be the best choice. You don't even need to have a specific activity in mind to purchase a skull mask. They're perfect for almost any activity that might arise, from skiing to kayaking. No matter what outdoor activity you love, don't let a little cold weather stop you.

How to Choose a Skull Face Mask

This can be a tough choice, especially given the cool skull masks offered in this collection. However, when choosing a skull mask, you should prioritize what activities you plan on using it for and make your choice based on that. As mentioned above, different activities require a different level of protection from the elements and a different level of breathability. You should also keep the climate in which you live in mind. For example, the collection offers balaclavas with and without fleece lining. Depending on the time of year and how cold it is where you live, either one could be a great choice. Thankfully, one question you don't have to worry about is size. This collection of skull face masks is unisex and fits most sizes.


What material are skull masks made out of?

Most skull masks are made out of neoprene or polyester. Both of these materials promise durability and comfort. Polyester is water-wicking, and neoprene is water-resistant.

What is "All in One Headgear"?

Some products in the skull mask collection are labeled as "all in one headgear." That means that not only does this head work as a mask, it can also transform into a scarf, skull cap, skull cap, headwear, headband, tube scarf, helmet lining, or pirate hat.

What brand of skull masks does American Legend Rider provide?

This entire collection comes from Zanheadgear, a leader in the headgear industry that has been crafting quality products for 20 years.

What conditions are face masks resistant to?

Face masks will protect against wind, dirt, dust, rain, cold, and snow. The level of resistance may depend on the specific mask you've chosen. For example, the skull half face masks are particularly water-resistant because of the neoprene that they are made out of. Balaclavas are particularly resistant to the cold because of the full coverage they provide.

Does American Legend Rider provide other skull-printed products?

Yes! American Legend Rider carries skull boots, helmets, bracelets, high top shoes, bedding, earring, hoodies, and rings, all to match with your cool skull masks.

Are skull face masks adjustable?

Skull Full face and half face masks can be adjusted to fit snugly using a hook and loop closure. The skull balaclavas and skull tube masks are designed to not require any adjustments and will fit most people well.

What about out of stock items?

Some items, especially skull masks, sell out very quickly due to the great quality and low prices. American Legend Rider is in the process of transferring warehouses, at which point more inventory is likely to be available and shipping times will be shortened. It may take some patience, but items will be restocked.

Get Masked Up today with a high-quality skull face mask

American Legend Rider provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can be assured that your skull mask will be of the highest quality and will protect you from the elements, all at a low cost and with an awesome design. No matter what outdoor activity is your passion, now is the time to start getting outside no matter the weather and spend more time doing what you love. No longer will the rain, snow, cold, or wind deter you from what you want to do.