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      With one of these dark, gothic-inspired purses or bags, there’s just no reason that anyone should have to compromise.  Instead, check out our selection of purses, wallets, handbags, backpacks, and more to find a high-quality black or skull bag that will look perfect with any punk or goth-inspired outfit.

      Whether you’re looking for leather leg bags, vintage skull wallets, or a unique take on a traditional purse or make-up bag, you can find exactly what you’re looking for online at American Legend Rider.  There are plenty of ladies’ and men’s bags available in different sizes, too, so why not buy a few?  There’s no better way to show true commitment to the gothic style than to buy bags and apparel for all occasions.

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      Balancing Fashion and Function

      With these great ladies and unisex gothic messenger bags, there’s no need to sacrifice fashion for function.  Just keep in mind that each of them will be best suited for a different purpose.  While carrying a sleek and classy wallet is the perfect solution for adding a little attitude to a formal or semi-formal outfit, it won’t be a great fit for motorcycle riding or a full night out on the town.

      Thankfully, there’s no reason that women can’t buy multiple fashionable bags.  Just purchase a large bag that will accommodate everything required for even a busy night in addition to a smaller purse, shoulder bag, or wallet.  Come up with a wishlist today and add backpacks, apparel, and other goods as desired.

      Choosing a Bag Style

      As noted above, the most important thing to consider when selecting a style is its intended purpose.  Leg bags and backpacks are great for shows or trips out of town, while purses may be a better fit for more formal occasions.  For those looking to create a truly unique and versatile look that will leave them well-prepared for just about any casual occasion, a three-way bag might be the perfect fit.

      Ultimately, choosing the right style is a matter of personal preference.  As long as everything necessary will fit in the bag, there’s no reason for buyers to follow anyone’s fashion rules but their own.  After all, nobody decides to adopt a punk or goth wardrobe out of a desire to conform to society’s standards.

      Finding Quality Materials

      Black is always in style, so it’s a good idea to plan for plenty of future use.  Choose a bag that features high-quality materials and careful construction.  Studs, metal skulls, straps, and chains are all the rage, as well, and they always will be.  Make sure that if a bag or wallet has these kinds of unique, eye-catching features, they will be able to hold up to some wear and tear.

      Of course, the bag itself should be made of high-quality materials, as well.  Black leather is the perfect medium for constructing high-quality, durable handbags in a distinctive gothic style, but it’s not for everyone.  Those who prefer not to buy leather can still find plenty of heavy-duty fabric and fake leather alternatives.

      The best way to tell if a bag or another accessory item will be durable enough to stand up to even substantial wear and tear is to buy from a company that specializes in motorcycle clothing, gear, and accessories.  After all, bikers expect the best when they buy from American Legend Rider and so can any goth or punk fashion aficionado.

      Buying the Right Size

      The right size bag has to fit everything required without being unnecessarily large.  A wallet is the right option for carrying cash and cards without much else.  A make-up bag is designed specifically for carrying what women might need for touching up their make-up.  Choosing the right bag for larger items can be more of a challenge, though.

      Vintage hobo-style bags are great for longer trips out that require books, phones, wallets, and even small accessories or other clothing items.  Leg bags are much smaller and offer a perfect solution for both men and women.  They’re better for shows and club nights where extreme fashion choices will help their wearers stand out from the crowd and there’s little chance of needing tons of room to store extra clothes.

      Shoulder bags offer around the same amount of space as leg bags or large wallets.  They’re less gender-neutral, though, and are typically associated with a more feminine style.  Of course, as always, there’s no reason that any woman has to define her style based on what mainstream society says that she should wear, so why not buy a classy yet visually unique shoulder bag instead of a more traditional one?

      Formal Vs. Casual Bags

      Purses, shoulder bags, and stand-alone wallets are all generally considered better options for occasions requiring fancier dress.  These small bags are able to hold basic necessities like money, credit cards, phones, and small make-up items, but not much else.  They’re best reserved for formal and semi-formal occasions when the minor inconvenience of not being able to carry as much stuff will be outweighed by how well they compliment women’s formal dresses.

      For more casual nights out on the town, it’s often better to go with a backpack or a vintage purse.  These options allow women to bring far more things along, which is convenient when heading out for dinner, drinks, or more casual occasions. 

      Those heading out to shows might want to stick with backpacks, leg bags, or multi-purpose bags since it’s easier to keep track of them and there’s less chance of anything getting lost in the fray.  After all, few people want to miss their favorite bands’ most amazing riffs because they’re busy searching the entire venue for their lost wallets or purses.

      Great Options for Men

      The best options for men looking for unique, gothic style bags are backpacks and leg bags.  Just like women, though, today’s fashionable men can and often do complement their wardrobes in whatever way they want.  Black bags and skull motifs are perfectly unisex.

      The Total Look

      One of the many advantages of deciding to buy online is that shoppers can view a wide selection of not just bags but also other clothes and accessories.  This makes it easy for consumers to select the perfect outfit for a special night, choose tees and other basic clothes for men and women that will be great for daily wear, or mix and match potential purchases.

      The Question of Cost

      It’s always better to purchase fewer items of higher quality than to settle for cheap knock-off bags made of low-quality materials.  All prices on the American Legend Rider website are offered in usd and sales are extremely common.

      While it may be tempting to buy used goods or to opt for cheaper materials or off-brand items, consumers wind up paying for their decisions in the end when they have to buy new clothes and accessories much more frequently.  Instead, consumers should save up some money by purchasing one item at a time or create a wishlist so that loved ones can buy fashionable new bags for them on special occasions. 

      The best part about this latter solution is that it offers loved ones the perfect opportunity to find a thoughtful gift without having to wrack their brains or spend days at a time out shopping at boring, generic stores.  Plus, when buying a bag as a gift, there’s no need to worry about clothing size and whether or not it will fit.

      The Bottom Line

      Goths and punks don’t take their fashion cues from the media.  They go out of their way to select clothes, bags, and other accessories that reflect their own unique stylistic choices, and that’s a good thing.  It certainly shouldn’t mean they have to settle for less when it comes to quality or cost.

      American Legend Rider offers a wide variety of items designed specifically with gothic and punk fashions in mind.  Since the company’s main focus is on bikers, all consumers who opt to shop here can rest assured that they’ll be receiving the highest-quality clothes and goods.  Browse around, view new items, and add a few bags of different styles or sizes to that cart today to get started today.