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When it comes to riding, a boot isn’t just a boot. Some believe that any type of boot or footwear is sufficient while riding. They have this misconception because the rider believes work boots are tough enough, or because they feel as though they are never going to go down and need the additional protection motorcycle boots to offer.

Having a quality made, durable motorcycle boot that’s designed specifically for a woman’s style of riding can help make this entire experience more comfortable and more enjoyable. What’s even more important is that these boots help to keep the ankles and feet protected while riding.

What Makes Women’s Leather Motorcycle Boots Different?

Motorcycle boots are designed with a few unique features that most traditional work boots and other styles of boots don’t offer. When searching for ladies’ motorcycle boots, be sure to find ones that offer:

  • An oil-resistant sole to prevent slips when the foot is on the road
  • Torsional stiffness, which prevents any flexing of the foot or ankle
  • Molded ankle protection to ensure the most sensitive bone isn’t injured if a fall or accident occurs

The good news is, the majority of women’s motorcycle boots offer all of the features mentioned above. It’s when a person begins to look at boots that are more nontraditional and they believe they will work for motorcycle riding that issues arise. If a boot has not been specifically designed for riding on a motorcycle, they probably don’t have very good protection. It’s important to be careful and take some time to find the right/best pair.

Selecting the Right Motorcycle Boot for Women

Modern women’s motorcycle boots are designed with a woman in mind. While there is a wide array of options to choose from, there are some considerations that should be weighted more than others.

Boot Style

The majority of women are going to want to consider price first when it comes to choosing the right leather motorcycle boot. As a result, it’s important to get to know some of the most common styles seen for women’s leather motorcycle boots today.

Motorcycle Riding Shoes AKA Shorty Motorcycle Boots

This type of short boot, just as the name implies, are often used by firefighters and police offers who ride. They are considered to be extremely comfortable, especially when a person is going to be riding for the majority of the day.

The boot offers riders a highly flexible design, along with solid ankle armor; however, they don’t provide as much protection as the higher boot options can. This is a nice balance for any lady who needs to wear their boots all day long and ride for several hours.

Harness Boots

This type of boot is available for women, as well as men. They can be purchased at different heights. A harness boot features a strap that wraps all the way around a rider’s foot. There are several options available, but when it comes to closure reliability, these boots often come out on top.

Tall Biker Boots

The tall biker boots are preferable options for several reasons. They help to protect a person’s foot from being injured by the bike’s hot exhaust pipe that’s usually near the legs. They can also provide more warmth to the rider, especially when it is colder outside. Also, tall biker boots for women look stylish – especially when wearing jeans.

This is a good boot to wear when going at a higher speed because the leather design helps to provide protection against the cold.

Ride Type

To find the right lady’s motorcycle boot, it’s important to determine the type of motorcycle being ridden. Failure to do this results in the wrong type of boot being considered and potentially wasted money.

The options include street motorcycle, touring motorcycle, sports bike, or cruiser. After figuring out the type of bike, it’s easier to find the right women’s leather motorcycle boot.

Size Considerations

Some disagree with this consideration. After all, many women are going to look at the design and material used for the boot before choosing a size.

However, riders have to consider how they are going to wear a boot with all the desired qualities and features if it isn’t available in the right size? Shoes – especially boots – that don’t fit properly can result in pain, blisters, and all-around discomfort.

As a result, one of the first considerations to make is what size boot is needed. To figure this out easily, take a peek at the size chart included with the boot being considered. Only a properly sized boot is going to make a rider feel comfortable both on and off their bike.

Select the Proper Material

It’s the material the boot is made of that determines how comfortable and protective the rider’s feet are while they are on their bike. There are several material options to choose from. While leather is obviously the most common material used, there are other materials that are used, too.


Leather is the most common material used for women’s motorcycle boots. In fact, leather isn’t just used for boots, but other riding gear, as well including leather gloves and jackets. A pair of classic leather boots is considered to be what the more iconic boots are made up.

With leather boots, riders receive benefits from having plenty of breathing room and natural abrasion protection. Unlike some of the modern materials and fabrics, leather is going to last and provide protection in any type of accident or crash situation.

Also, leather shoes and leather boots are extremely popular for women riders. A high-quality leather motorcycle boot provides superior protection for the legs and feet. Also, leather boots that have been designed of top-quality, full-grain leather are also going to provide protection from the rain and wind.


Another popular material for women’s motorcycle boots is Kevlar. This has been used for several years to provide a superior level of protection during an accident. There are some leather boots that are reinforced with Kevlar, while other boots are made entirely out of this lightweight material.

Kevlar boots are most popular for more extreme sports such as Moto GP and off-road riding. However, for general, leisurely rides, leather is still going to come out on top in regard to style, price, and protection.


A newer addition to materials used for motorcycle boots is Gore-Tex. This is a long-lasting and lightweight material that’s extremely popular to use for motorcycle boots for both women and men. This material features a light membrane, which offers superior ventilation, along with moisture wicking capabilities. It’s a great option for warmer weather.

Any boot that has Gore-Tex membranes present are waterproof, keeping a rider’s feet dry and comfortable – even on long, wet rides.

Thermal Plastic Polyurethane

This material is one of the more innovative options and has been designed to be extremely lightweight. Boots featuring this material are much lighter than Kevlar boots, and some consider them a good alternative to leather, especially in colder weather.

Boot Budget

While women’s motorcycle boots have to be comfortable, safe, and stylish, the majority of people also have to consider price when making this important decision. While this is true when a final decision is being made regarding what women’s leather motorcycle boots to purchase, protection of the lower body is much more important than saving a few dollars.

Purchasing a boot that’s made with high-quality materials and a superior protection level is a must. Failure to get a quality boot may result in serious injuries during an accident.

Keep in mind, the price of motorcycle boots is all over the place. A person can spend just $50 or they can go over the $500 mark. Much like anything else, it’s a consideration of a person’s going to get what they are willing to pay for the boot. Keep in mind, while costly, boots with a higher price take often use higher quality materials, provide more safety, and are typically more comfortable.

Boot Fit

A rider can purchase the best and most expensive women’s leather motorcycle boot they can find; however, if they aren’t fit properly to the foot, they aren’t going to provide many benefits. Boots that are ill-fitting are not only uncomfortable, but they are less likely to be worn. This means if an accident does occur, the likelihood of the rider even having the boots on is low.

If boots are too big, they don’t provide the necessary support during an accident. They may even come off of the foot. When the right fit is found the boots will keep the foot comfortable, and protected, for any ride.

The Shaft Height on the Motorcycle

There are some motorcycles that have a taller shaft. These types of bikes require operations that may result in an impact to the upper shin, and in some cases, the knees. In these cases, it’s a good idea to look into a taller boot to help protect these areas.

Sole Design of the Women’s Leather Motorcycle Boot

The main purpose behind wearing a motorcycle boot is to maintain a grip both on and off of the bike and to provide protection for the feet and ankles if an accident were to occur. A quality motorcycle boot’s sole is one that should be oil resistant and that provides a superior grip.

Water Resistance and Ventilation

A ventilated motorcycle boot is going to prevent cases of sweaty feet, which is important for foot health. Motorcycle boots are usually designed with ventilation, especially for women who use racing bikes that go at very high speeds. The ventilation present on these boots also helps to aerate the legs, while reducing sweat.

Any boot selected needs to also be water resistant. This is especially the case if a rider plans to go out during rainy weather.

Selecting the Best Ladies Motorcycle Boot in 2019 and Beyond

Choosing the right ladies’ leather motorcycle boot takes time and consideration. There are quite a few options out there, each one offering a unique design and look. By considering the factors here, a person can choose the boot that best suits their needs and style.

Remember, when selecting this boot, a top priority should always be safety. The potential injuries from a motorcycle accident are vast, which is why having a high-quality boot, designed to provide a superior level of protection is so important.