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      Nothing beats the convenience of sturdy fingerless gloves. These gloves are built for flexibility and maximum protection. Choose from a wide range of glove styles below!

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      When you’re getting to climb on the bike and take a trip, certain gear and accessories are essential. Leathers help shield your arms and legs. Boots safeguard your feet and ankles against heat, flying debris, and other hazards. Sunglasses and other types of protective eyewear keep dirt out of your eyes while reducing blinding glare. At the same time, helmets protect your head in the event of a crash. Gloves are equally crucial to the experience.

      Though most riders have their own distinct preferences when it comes to riding gloves, many insist that fingerless motorcycle gloves are the best options. Whether you’re among the many bikers who love them or just considering making the switch from traditional varieties, you’ll find an extensive selection of fingerless gloves here at American Legend Rider. Browse our options to see which ones appeal to you, and read on to learn more about these exceedingly vital riding accessories.

      Why Are the advantages of Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves?

      Motorcycle gloves are important for many reasons. For one, they look good and add to your overall style as a biker. Of course, many might say that’s the least significant element to think about when choosing your riding gear and accessories.

      Better Handling

      When you’re riding, you’re constantly gripping the handlebars. This ongoing contact coupled with heat from the sun, the road, other vehicles around you, and what your hands naturally generate cause your palms to sweat. In turn, the sweat makes holding onto the hand grips a bit more challenging. Gloves help prevent that problem and give you an even better grip than you’d have with dry hands.

      Increased Comfort

      Between the roughness of the road and the vibrations of the bike, even short rides can take a toll on your hands. Those factors along with ceaselessly holding onto the hand grips can cause blisters and rough, dry skin. At the same time, they often leave your hands feeling like they’re still vibrating even when you get off the bike. They also tend to lead to hand cramps, wrist pain, and tingling and numbness in the fingers.

      Motorcycle gloves generally come equipped with padding in the palms. This helps absorb the shock and vibrations from the bike. As such, it reduces the likelihood of hand cramps and gives your wrists a little extra protection and support. It also aids in keeping your fingers from going numb while riding.

      Enhanced Safety

      On top of all that, gloves help ramp up safety while you’re out on the road. They protect your knuckles and palms from impact if you happen to go down. Some riding gloves even come with extra reinforcement for the knuckles just in case. Gloves lessen the blow from insects and random debris, too. When a bumblebee collides with your knuckles on the interstate without the benefit of gloves, it feels a bit like a chunk of cement.

      Since they help prevent numbness in your hands, gloves help give you more control over the bike as well. You’ll be able to feel exactly how much pressure you’re putting on the brakes, the throttle, and other essential controls. For countless riders, that alone is reason enough to wear gloves while riding.

      It’s also fair to mention that gloves reduce the chances of getting sunburned on the backs of your hands. Our hands are exposed to UV rays more often than other parts of our bodies, so they build up a tolerance to them over time. That means they’re not overly prone to sunburn. Still, it’s certainly a possibility especially on long rides. This may seem like a minor issue, but few things can make you realize how much you use your hands like an inopportune sunburn.

      Why You Should Wear Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

      All this brings us back to fingerless gloves specifically. Quite a few people scoff at the idea of gloves without fingers. After all, what’s the point of having gloves if they don’t cover your fingers? In many cases, though, naysayers quickly change their minds after experiencing all the benefits of motorcycle fingerless gloves.

      Uncompromised Protection

      The best fingerless motorcycle gloves still cover your palms, the backs of your hands, and your knuckles while riding. They’ll absorb the vibrations of the bike and some of the force of those bumps in the road. They’ll also help thwart bugs, debris, and the sun’s UV rays while protecting your hands in the event of a crash. Additionally, they’ll go a long way toward keeping hand cramps and numbness at bay.

      Superior Ventilation

      Numerous riders point out how hot and uncomfortable regular gloves can be particularly during the summer. Fingerless gloves allow air to flow through much more freely, so they keep your hands cool and comfortable. Some of them are made with exceptionally breathable material for even more added ventilation without sacrificing those all-important safety features.

      Extra Freedom

      Many bikers veer away from traditional gloves because they’re hard to work with. It’s difficult to fully feel the throttle, brakes, and other controls through the bulky fingers in standard gloves. Trying to carry out simple tasks like securing a helmet, putting on sunglasses, and tying your boots is a hassle because you can’t exactly feel what you’re doing with regular gloves.

      You may have also found that other everyday activities, such as opening a drink, lighting a cigarette, and pulling a debit card out of a wallet, are significantly more challenging when you’re wearing traditional gloves. Taking off the gloves every time you need to use your fingers is just as frustrating. To put it simply, fingerless riding gloves give you all the advantages of standard gloves without all the hassles.

      What Are the Different Types of Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves?

      Several types of fingerless motorcycle gloves are on the market. Each one has its fair share of strong suits. That said, some of them aren’t right for certain situations, and not all of them suit everyone’s needs and preferences.

      Leather Fingerless Riding Gloves

      Fingerless leather motorcycle gloves are the most popular options by far. They come in numerous styles and designs. Keep in mind, leather is the material of choice among members of the biker community because of its natural protective qualities. These types of gloves are classics and help round out your gear in true biker fashion.

      Mesh Fingerless Gloves

      Mesh fingerless riding gloves are also common choices. Leather fingerless gloves allow a certain amount of air to flow through them, but many people prefer a more breathable alternative. That’s where mesh comes in to play. Most fingerless mesh gloves still offer ample protection though some are thicker and sturdier than others.

      Mesh/Leather Hybrid Gloves

      Some fingerless gloves are made of a combination of mesh and leather. With those, the leather provides protective accents while the mesh provides better breathability. Again, various styles and thicknesses are available.

      Fingerless Racing-Style Gloves

      Racing motorcycle gloves are designed with safety and possible crashes in mind. They feature enhanced grips on the palms and added reinforcements to protect your knuckles against all the possible hazards of the ride. We offer a range of fingerless biker gloves that combine the traditional look with the extra features of racing varieties.

      Summer Riding Gloves

      Summer gloves are thinner and lighter than other choices. That makes them cooler and more breathable than their thicker counterparts. On the other hand, it also means they may not provide quite as much protection against impacts. They usually don’t offer as much wrist support, either.

      Fingerless Touring Gloves

      Touring gloves are made for long rides and all types of weather. They’ll help keep your hands somewhat warmer in cold weather while allowing them to breathe during the summer. Fingerless versions give you extra flexibility and breathability as well as added protection. Some also have enhanced grips on the palms to provide a better grasp on the controls in rainy weather.

      Factors to Consider When Buying Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

      Several factors come into play when you’re choosing the right fingerless motorcycle gloves. Material is one of the most important. Leather is tough and looks great whereas mesh can allow for more airflow. Consider the types of gloves as well. If you’re primarily concerned with added protection, there’s no harm in choosing racing-style gloves with extra reinforcements even if you don’t plan to race.

      Also think about the types of weather you’ll be riding in. For those of you who mainly ride during the warmer months, summer gloves may suffice. Those who ride in all types of weather may want to go with touring gloves.

      Size is also a crucial factor. If the gloves are too small, they’ll be uncomfortable, and you won’t wear them. Of course, that’s assuming you can get them on your hands at all. On the other hand, gloves that are too large will be awkward, and they’ll actually intensify safety and comfort issues instead of preventing them.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      You may still have a few questions on your mind about fingerless motorcycle gloves. If so, you’re not alone. We’re here to help provide the answers.

      Are Leather, Mesh, or Hybrid Gloves Better?

      The best type of material is really a matter of preference. All these choices provide plenty of comfort, protection, and style.

      Should I Buy Fingerless Gloves with or without Finger Loops?

      Finger loops can be helpful with fingerless gloves because they prevent you from having to struggle so much just to get them off of your hands. Some people say the loops get in their way, though.

      Are Fingerless Gloves Good for Riding in Winter?

      When it comes to traditional gloves, most riders say that in order for them to keep your fingers warm, they have to be too thick and bulky to work with. In other words, practical gloves won’t keep your fingers warm even if they’re equipped with fingers. That said, if you plan to ride in colder weather, leather fingerless gloves will help keep the wind off your hands better than mesh.

      How Do I Choose the Right Size Gloves?

      Glove sizes are based on the measurements of your hands. We’ve provided a helpful sizing guide right here on our website, so you’ll be sure to get the right ones. Simply click on the gloves you’re interested in, and you’ll see the link to the size guide.

      Enjoy Style, Safety, and Comfort with Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

      At American Legend Rider, we offer a range of fingerless motorcycle gloves in various styles and materials. Check out our inventory to find the ones that meld with your preferences and expectations. Feel free to browse our other riding gear and accessories to round out your wardrobe as well.