Motorcycle Leather Pants


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      Get one of these dapper womens leather pants and you will savor every moment you are cruising down the road on your motorcycle or when you are strutting down the street.

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      It is common for sightseeing bikers and motorcyclists to be geared up in fine leather pants, looking sharp and dapper while they take a ride. Over the years, leather pants have grown to be a symbol of the motorcyclist lifestyle with many motorcyclists preferring it over other forms of pants for riding. This popularity did not come by chance or accident, and a brief history to highlight the significance of leather is examined below.

      A Brief History Of The Rise Of Leather Pants

      Since the Old Stone Age, leather alongside other animal hides has been used to make clothing. In modern times about three million years after, leather has evolved to become the most reliable material for protective, comfortable, and durable clothing. Leather provides better protection over manmade materials such as textiles and mesh. This is because it is a single layer of solid material, while these manmade materials are woven fibers. As a result of the thickness of leather, it is known to protect bikers from abrasion and friction burns. Its thickness however also caused ventilation problems which led to the integration of materials like mesh, micro-perforated leather, and even textiles to prevent overheating while riding. This among other innovations has improved the quality of leather pants and made it without a doubt, the best pants for riding. In this article, American Legend Rider provides a detailed analysis of all you need to know about motorcycle leather pants.

      The different types of Women's Leather Pants

      The first thing to determine when choosing your motorcycle leather pants for women is the type of riding that you intend to embark upon. Generally, there are four types of motorcycle pants, with each style catering to different riding requirements. All four are discussed below.

      Types of Motorcycling Leather Pants

      • Racing/Street Motorcycle Pants: As the name suggests, racing motorcycle pants is the best choice for riders who travel at top speed on the track or road. Racing and street motorcycle pants provide the best protection and comfort for this type of fast and aggressive riding.
      • Cruiser Motorcycle Pants: This type of pants is made for cruising, as the name suggests. It is best for the laid-back style of riding which many riders enjoy. Cruiser motorcycle pants are very comfortable and free allowing you to enjoy your riding.
      • Dirt Riding Motorcycle Pants: Dirt-riding motorcycle pants are specifically for aggressive trail and dirt track riding. It gives you all the freedom of movement and protection to move along the dirt track. Dirt riding motorcycle pants are designed with pre-curved legs to enable riders freedom in their forward-leaning position.
      • Touring Motorcycle Pants: Touring motorcycle pants are designed for long-distance rides. It is for riders who love to spend long days riding in different weather conditions. Touring pants provide total comfort for riders all day long, ensuring you ride without a hitch or any form of disturbance.

      What to consider when choosing leather pants for women

      • Size: Size is everything when it comes to choosing the right leather pants for women. The pants should be well-fitting, without being too tight in order not to affect ventilation. Leather pants fitting snugly is most likely to stay on you, in the event of an accident giving you maximum protection from harm.
        Choosing pants with an adjustable waist is advisable as it fits into several sizes and also accommodate different layers. For example, high-waisted leather pants allow for better adjustment and fitment. Also, you might want to consider plus-size leather pants to suit your size. Look out for zip-in linings as they extend the utility of your pants. You can choose a pair of leather skinny pants to match with your style while guaranteeing protection while riding. 

      Immediately after choosing your pants, find a bike similar to yours and sit on it, to ensure that the pants are not too tight. Check to be sure that the gear is free and not restricting the movement of your hips, knees, and shoulders.

      • Length: Your leather pants are meant to protect you, before the aesthetic qualities. This is why you must make sure to pick the right length when choosing a pair of leather pants. Your pants should be long enough to cover your ankles when you are riding, as this will give you protection in the case of any casualties. Your leather pants should go well beyond your knee when standing, this way you can be sure it will be long enough to protect your ankle while sitting.
      • Armor: Leather pants should be designed to give you all the protection you require. Look out for pants with coverage in the right places. Some of the protection your leather boots should have include armor at the hips and knees. Try the pants on to ensure the pants fall in the right place, when in a riding position. Removable armor is best when choosing leather pants as it makes cleaning your pants much easier. Finding pants with ankle protection is a big plus.
      • Closures: Different manufacturers utilize different types and styles of closure when designing the leather gear. These closures include laces, zippers, snaps, and velcro. Go for pants with adjustable closures as it allows you better ventilation, as well as comfort while riding. Again, try out the closures to ensure they are in proper working conditions before choosing your pants.
      • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is one of the most important things every rider needs to enjoy a stress-free ride. Choose leather pants you feel comfortable in, which do not constrict your move or leave you with cramps. You should be able to move about freely and ride with enough room for your legs. A well-ventilated pair of leather pants will keep your temperature normal and prevent heart attack.
      • Construction: The construction of women's leather pants goes a long way in determining the comfort you feel while riding. Choose leather pants with double or triple stitched seams, and a smooth finish. Leather pants constructed like this are very durable and are less likely to open up in the case of a slide down the road. If you feel the seams when trying on the pants, it is most likely to cause you discomfort when you are riding. The construction material also affects durability. Nowadays, there's the option of faux leather pants which are excellent for everyday riding. 
      • Water Resistance: Waterproof leather pants are the best choice for riders. It is not convenient to remove leather gear in the rain, or moist weather, so water-resistant pants are the best choice.
      • Pockets: Pockets are also very useful on leather pants, as they help you keep important possessions safe while you ride. Check while purchasing, and ensure that the pocket seals are waterproof just like the body of the pants.
      • Fit Them To Your Jacket: It helps when your jacket and pants fit as you ride better with less restriction. Choosing pants and a jacket of the same brand is great, as you can be sure they fit together. However, if you have a jacket already, you can take it along when you go to choose your pants, to be sure they fit perfectly.
      • Skills: Your skills should also be taken into consideration when choosing motorcycle leather pants. An amateur rider should not partake in street motorcycling and as such is best to stay off the leather pants for that kind of racing. Choose pants that allow you ease of riding and navigation, without any restrictions on your movement. All in all, choose your leather pants based on style, budget, and the number of times you ride regularly. The leather pants do not have to meet all the requirements listed above. Determine the features that are important to you and ensure the pants are suitable.

      The Benefits of Motorcycle Leather Pants

      Motorcycle leather pants are the standard protective clothing for riding a motorcycle. Aside from protection, leather pants have a number of important benefits that make riding more fun and wholesome. Below are some of the benefits of motorcycle leather pants.

      • Maximum Body Movement: Motorcycle leather pants provide free and maximum protection. This protects your body during an accident and abrasion. To enjoy maximum movement, avoid pants that confine your legs. Enough leg freedom is very important while riding, and perfectly fitting pants will ensure you have an enjoyable ride. This is one benefit leather pants have over other types of riding pants.
      • Comfort: Motorcycle leather pants are comfortable and durable. This will help you avoid squirming while you ride. You can sit comfortably without stress, and enjoy your ride without fear of falling off. To ensure you are comfortable in it, try out the pants before purchasing it.
      • Protection: Leather pants give you all the protection you need while riding. There is maximum protection for important parts of your legs, including your ankles, knees, and hips. It gives your legs and thighs all the coverage they need, reducing the damage if you are involved in an accident.
      • Durability: Durability is assured with leather pants, as it is made of one of the strongest materials around. Leather pants hardly wear and are sturdy ensuring you make use of them for a long time. Inspect the pants before purchasing one to be sure, it is made of authentic leather which will last long.
      • Perfect For Different Weather: Leather pants are perfect for diverse weather conditions, both warm and cold. Sometimes you might not be able to predict the kind of weather conditions you might enjoy on the day you wish to ride. With leather pants, you are sure to get reasonable comfort whatever the weather conditions. Waterproof leather pants protect you from the rain, while all leather pants are generally suited for warm weather.
      • Multi-Purpose: Leather pants can serve several purposes aside from riding. It is a fashionable piece of clothing that represents the rider's lifestyle and can be worn on a normal day. Some leather pants are also suitable for horse riding and other sports.
      • Riding Attire: Leather pants have grown to be a symbol of riding. It is therefore almost a necessity that every rider new or old should have a pair of leather riding pants.

      Riding is as much an art as it is a sport. This is why many riders leave no stone unturned in looking the part and gearing up properly, every time they are on the motorcycle. It is important that you have all the fun you can catch while riding, which is why your protection must first be secured. This is possible with the perfect pair of riding leather pants. Look out for the size to ensure it fits properly, and the length to be sure it is long enough to cover your ankles. The closures, ventilation, and construction must also be top-notch to give you all the freedom and protection you need.

      In the same way, you must make sure your motorcycle is in good shape before you go riding. Ensure to check your tires, fuel, and gear to ensure they are all in good shape. Also, be mindful of the track on which you ride, stick to familiar terrain, and avoid overspeeding in rough areas. Wearing the right type of leather pants for the style of riding you plan to embark on, to prevent discomfort and other possible hazards. In conclusion, seek to enjoy your ride always. Combine your leather pants with other important gear like helmets, jackets, and boots. Put everything in place, and you can be sure to have safe and amazing rides.

      Picking the right leather pants for women

      Different styles, types, and sizes of high-quality leather pants are available at American Legend Rider. We are a customer-friendly brand and are available around the clock to help you get the perfect leather riding pants. Gear up in your leather pants and keep riding!

      FAQ - Women's Motorcycle Leather Pants

      1. What makes American Legend Rider's women's leather pants special for motorcycle rides?

      Our specially designed motorcycle women's leather pants offer a unique blend of comfort and style, ensuring that you enjoy every moment of your ride. Whether you're cruising down the road or strutting down the street, our leather pants are designed to provide the perfect combination of fashion and functionality.

      2. What types of leather pants are available at American Legend Rider?

      At American Legend Rider, we offer a wide collection of leather pants tailored to your specific style and preferences. You can choose from various options, including cozy faux leather pants, lace-up leather pants, high-waisted leather pants, and classic black leather pants. We have something for everyone.

      3. How have leather pants become synonymous with the motorcyclist lifestyle?

      Over time, leather pants have become a symbol of the motorcyclist lifestyle due to their exceptional protective qualities and style. The thickness of leather offers superior protection against abrasion and friction burns compared to other materials. Innovations like mesh and textiles integrated into leather pants have further enhanced their quality, making them the preferred choice for riders.

      4. What are the key factors to consider when selecting leather pants for women?

      When choosing the right leather pants for women, there are several important factors to consider:

      • Size: The pants should fit snugly for maximum protection without compromising ventilation.

      • Length: Proper length ensures coverage and protection, both when riding and standing.

      • Armor: Look for pants with armor at crucial areas like hips and knees.

      • Ventilation: Proper ventilation prevents discomfort and overheating during rides.

      • Construction: Double or triple stitched seams and durable materials enhance comfort and safety.

      • Water Resistance: Water-resistant leather pants are ideal for various weather conditions.

      • Fit with Jacket: Choosing pants that fit well with your jacket enhances comfort and movement.

        5. What are the benefits of choosing motorcycle leather pants?

        Motorcycle leather pants offer a range of benefits, including:

        • Maximum Body Movement: Leather pants provide both protection and flexibility, allowing for better body movement.

        • Comfort: Leather pants are comfortable and durable, providing a smooth ride.

        • Protection: Leather pants offer extensive protection for key areas like ankles, knees, and hips.

        • Durability: Leather pants are built to last, thanks to their sturdy construction.

        • Weather Suitability: Leather pants are suitable for various weather conditions, including waterproof options.

        • Versatility: Leather pants can serve as both riding gear and fashionable attire.

        • Symbol of Riding: Leather pants have become a symbol of riding culture and lifestyle.