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Motorcycle Helmets Collection

Riding a motorcycle provides quite a bit of joy and excitement for riders; however, before hopping on board, it’s crucial to ensure the proper protection is worn. This is why you need to invest in cool motorcycle helmets to guarantee safety and protection when you hit the road on your two-wheeler. 

A protective and well-made helmet is an essential accessory for any rider, regardless of their riding style or preferences.

Just because a motorcycle is an essential piece of safety gear, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and cool. American Legend Rider offers a huge selection of stylish and cool helmets. Get to know some of the most popular options offered here. By getting to know the options, a person can make an educated decision.

Doing so is going to help ensure a rider gets the protection they need for a price they can afford.

With the right, properly rated helmet, a person can feel confident they are choosing a protective helmet that can provide the protection needed in an accident or collision situation. Get to know some of the options and features of these coolest motorcycle helmets offered by American Legend Rider here.


Types of Cool Motorcycle Helmets

The different types of motorcycle helmets a rider can choose from include full, dual-sport, off-road, modular, half-shell, and open face. Each of these options has pros and cons. Getting to know more about what is needed is the best way to ensure the highest level of protection is purchased.

Purpose of the Helmet

To purchase the best quality cool helmet designs, it’s important to understand how the helmet is going to be used. What is the helmet going to be used for, and what will the rider do with the motorcycle? Regardless of the reasoning, safety never needs to be compromised by other factors that may entice a person to choose one helmet over another.

Daily Commute. If riding is a person’s day to day transportation method, or if they are taking road trips each week, then choosing a good quality, a high-end helmet is going to provide the most comfortable helmet and offer better dynamics with reduced wind noise.

It’s crucial to ensure a rider can enjoy their trip and remain comfortable while riding, in addition to versatility. All this is crucial for traveling a long distance each day or riding for a longer period of time.

Group Riding. While riding alone is fun, it’s always better to be in a group. A motorcycle helmet needs to be optimized in a way that ensures communication with others who are riding in the group. There are several helmet options that make communication a breeze.

A key to an organization when driving in a group is the verbal exchange, and a helmet with Bluetooth or other verbal exchange provisions should be purchased.

Racing or Riding Tracks. A high, overall performance helmet is needed for riding tracks and helmets. These helmets provide several additional functions, such as tear-off posts, along with competitive venting for riders who are in the “tucked position.” Racing and ride tracks require extremely high-end helmets because of the higher risk of an injury. In most cases, it’s a good idea to purchase a racing-specific helmet for this activity.

General Compliance. The majority of states or jurisdictions require a rider to wear a motorcycle helmet. It’s a good idea to check with the local area to make sure the new helmet meets the requirements that are set by the law.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

The motorcycle helmet selected is just as personal as the clothes a person wears. They need to fit perfectly while looking great. Cool motorcycle helmets are going to have several safety ratings, along with protection features that help a rider achieve the advanced head protection they need. Some of the most popular features include sunshades, windbreak options, and provisions for seamless communication. All these help to enhance the overall riding experience.

Some of the considerations and guidelines help to make the helmet of what motorcycle helmet to buy a bit easier.

Shell Construction and Material. The shell material of the helmet is going to affect many things in the helmet, beyond the weight. It can also impact the protection rating and comfort level. The majority of helmets are made of one of the following materials.

  • Polycarbonate: Will flex as it absorbs any type of energy and is a more affordable option.
  • EPS: This is a foam fabric that is densely compressed to provide superior absorption if an accident or impact occurs.
  • Carbon Fiber: Effectively distributes any power when impacted a light and more expensive option.
  • Fiberglass composite: This material crushes and then splits because it is able to absorb energy this material is also expensive.

Comfort. For the best comfort, the right helmet size has to be purchased. It should properly fit the rider’s head, not too loose and not too tight. If either of these issues is present, it is going to create a safety hazard for the rider.

If the riding helmet is uncomfortable, it is going to take a rider’s focus off of the road and may even contribute to an accident. The ventilation needs to be proper and the helmet needs to have a quality field of vision. There are some motorcycle helmets that also have customization options where a rider can remove or add specific parts to ensure it provides a custom fit for the rider.

The Fit. This is the consideration that many new riders get wrong. They spend a lot of money on a cool motorcycle helmet with all the proper safety regulations but select one that’s either too big or too small. If the helmet is too small, it’s going to be extremely uncomfortable and cause headaches. A larger helmet is going to move around and not provide adequate protection for the head.

Manufacturers of quality helmets are going to provide a rider with clear instructions on the best way to choose a helmet that’s the right size for their specific needs. It’s important to follow these instructions precisely.

New helmets should fit slightly tight and if that’s the case, don’t panic and choose a larger size. This is because the inner liners are going to compress, and the helmet will eventually be snug. If the rider opts for a bigger helmet, then it may fit more comfortably, to begin with, but then become looser over time. Another important consideration is a person’s head shape, and this is something that most manufacturers consider and highlight.

The Weight. Most riders put a high amount of emphasis on their helmet. The lighter the helmet is, the less power it will transfer when impacted. Also, a helmet that’s lighter weight is more comfortable and enjoyable to wear for a longer period of time.

Most helmets range in weight from three to four pounds. The key to find the right weight is a helmet that fits properly. This reduces the burden around the rider’s shoulders and head. It’s also a good idea to pick a helmet that suits the ability and body type of rider. The wrong helmet may begin to cause neck pain and even a neck injury when riding for extended periods of time.

Innovative Technologies. When it comes to innovation and technology, it is easy to consider using helmets that are equipped with Bluetooth or some other type of wireless speaker option. An important innovation to keep in mind when looking for this is MIPS.

MIPS is a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. It’s a unique system designed to offer superior brain protection against an impact that results in rotational motion. Put simply, the MIPS helps to reduce the potential of minor or even severe brain injuries by absorbing and then redirecting the impact forces that may be lethal to a rider’s brain when an accident occurs.

Aesthetics and Styles. While this isn’t quite as important as the other factors and criteria found here, it is something most riders are going to consider. No one wants to wear something that’s ugly or unappealing. The design, art, and colors of the helmet should match a person’s other riding gear like jackets, pants, and boots. For example, you could choose a skull-themed helmet and feel good among your peers.

Value for the Price. There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a biker helmet unless a person races motorcycles competitively. Any helmet should be replaced after it is involved in a crash and it’s a good idea to choose a helmet that is a good value for the price.

Safety Adherence. This is a huge concern. Be sure the helmet purchased is DOT certified. This can help ensure the helmet is able to withstand the forces experienced in an accident.

Selecting the Best Cool Motorcycle Helmet

It’s a good idea to ensure that the best motorcycle helmet is selected that is both safe and stylish. Be sure to put safety above any other factor, as this is the most important job that a motorcycle helmet has. Don’t rush into this decision and instead consider all the factors found here.

By choosing cool motorcycle helmets, a person can feel confident they will be protected if an accident occurs. Make sure this important factor is not neglected as it can result in a serious injury and long-lasting, often-devastating effects for the rider who is impacted in the accident.