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      Whether you are a dual-sport rider, track racer, or a city commuter, American Legend Rider brings you an irresistible array of leather motorcycle gloves for every use; winter, summer, fingerless, and any need you can imagine. Choose from a wide range of styles from fingerless gloves, short gloves, full leather gauntlets each designed for superior comfort and style!

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      Your hands are valuable assets that you cannot afford to not protect. At American Legend Rider, we provide you with the opportunity to choose from tried-and-tested, high quality riding gloves made out of leather. These leather gloves are made to provide protection in some of the most extreme weather conditions. Some are made out of kangaroo leather, GORE-TEX, Carbon fiber sliders, and other exotic materials. We stock top moto brands like Daniel Smart, for all motorcycle enthusiasts, riding conditions and styles of riding. 

      Finding the perfect leather motorcycle gloves

      Motorcycle protective gear like biker gloves is essential for keeping your hands safe from injury. But finding the right leather gloves can be difficult or even sometimes overwhelming. The style of motorcycle riding gloves that you choose will ultimately depend on when you plan on riding and your style of riding. Whether you plan on riding off-road or in more extreme conditions, there’s always the right pair of motorcycle gloves for you to choose from. We’ve put together the best motorcycle gloves you can find on the market today.

      What to look out for when buying the best motorcycle gloves

      Your hands have the most delicate portions like knuckles and palms which when injured in a crash, can result in so much pain. Protective motorbike gloves are the only way you can avoid exposing your delicate hands to injury. Not all biker gloves are made equal and choosing the right pair will depend upon several factors that we are going to list below:

      Design of the glove

      Depending on your riding style, the design of the glove matters when it comes to offering maximum protection and safety. While all gloves are designed to offer protection to your hands, the effectiveness of each pair depends largely on the specific use you intend. The size, form, and build of the leather glove will determine its usefulness and effectiveness when it comes to protecting your hands. For example, if you are a long-distance motorcycle rider, you may want to go for tough, water-resistant, and a more durable glove. A dirt bike rider will prefer a leather motorcycle glove that is designed to maximize grip. Nowadays, gloves come with cutting edge design features and materials that keep your hands cool or warm depending on the riding conditions. These unique design features are crucial to the pair of gloves that you decide to buy.

      Weather protection

      Mother Nature isn’t always so kind and pleasant and it’s important to have gloves for when the weather turns out to be the worst. You will need the best-in-class waterproof gloves to keep out the moisture and rain. At the same time, the leather gloves have to be breathable to let your skin air out. An ideal pair of leather riding gloves should keep out water and keep the wind at bay. Waterproof gloves are a bit pricier than standard gloves but definitely worth the investment.


      Nothing feels more uncomfortable than when your fingers are sweaty and slippery. It makes for a miserable riding experience when you can’t get the grip that you need on the handlebars. The solution is to acquire a breathable pair of leather motorcycle gloves that will keep your hands dry. Air should circulate freely through the gloves to keep your palm and fingers dry.


      On the long rides, your hands are prone to calluses and skin irritation. This can be pretty uncomfortable and to some extent painful. With the right pair of gloves, you can keep your hands safe and feel more comfortable even after wearing a pair of gloves for a couple of hours. A comfortable pair of leather gloves come with ample padding and is gentle to your skin.


      It is crucial that you get the right size of motorcycle gloves as this will impact the effectiveness and protection of the gloves. If you go for a glove that is too tight, your hands could go numb and make long-distance motorcycle riding a painful experience. If they are loose, you may struggle with controls and your level of safety will be compromised. Take the time to check the size guide chart from the manufacturer and select the appropriate size accordingly. The best fit leather motorcycle gloves allows a wide range of finger movements while still keeping your hands protected.


      Besides having a good fit and all that, an ideal pair of motorcycle riding gloves should have the capability of allowing you to perform certain tasks like accessing your phone. The riding gloves should also make it easy to feel the controls of the motorcycle and perform necessary tasks while riding. Many motorcycle gloves have the capability

      What are the different styles of leather motorcycle gloves?

      The right pair of motorcycle gloves will add both protection and comfort to your riding experience. There are a wide variety of riding gloves for you to choose from and it’s more important to go for a pair that fits your hands, riding style and even environment. So what are the different styles available?

      Fingerless motorcycle gloves

      Fingerless motorcycle gloves are becoming very popular among riders. These gloves allow your hands to breathe and move freely without the traditional restrictions of a full glove. If you are in the market for the best summer gloves, you might want to consider going for fingerless motorcycle gloves. They enhance breathability and comfort during the hot days and are extremely lightweight. The extra padding around the palm area and wrist area will be enough protection from injuries. Fingerless motorbike gloves keep away excessive sweat by allowing free air flow as you ride. Besides being the top choice for summer gloves, the different types of fingerless leather gloves including racing gloves, off-road and touring. This means that they are perfect all-season gloves.

      Motorcycle gauntlet gloves

      Leather gauntlet motorcycle gloves provide full protection to your hand and wrists. They can be worn as part of a protective outfit like a motorcycle body armor suit. Ideally, this style of glove is more protective in case of an accident and can prevent severe injury. Leather motorcycle gauntlet gloves are made from durable leather along with a combination of materials such as Kevlar and metal parts that increase its combativeness and ability to withstand impact. If you wouldn’t mind the extra weight, then a leather gauntlet glove is the perfect protective motorcycle glove.

      Choosing leather motorcycle gloves

      Protecting your hands is a top priority for all motorcyclists. An ideal pair of leather gloves should provide maximum protection and comfort. Leather motorcycle gloves have been around for decades, and continue to be the gold standard of protective gloves. Whether you are a pro rider or a daily commuter, finding the right gloves is an absolute necessity.

      At American Legend Rider, we provide you with high quality, durable gloves that will ensure your safety in case of a crash. Choose from a wide variety of styles and options from some of the top brands in the market today.