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      Protect yourself with CE-level 2 rated motorcycle body armor from American Legend Rider. Protection is the most important safety consideration of riding a motorcycle. Choose various pieces of motorcycle armor protection including protective vests, shoulder armor, hip armor, back pads, and knee sliders. We have the best motorcycle protective armor for your safe riding!

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      When it comes to safety there’s little room for error. That’s why you should always gear up prepared for anything to happen. You cannot afford to take chances when your life is on the line. But luckily, getting yourself armored with the best motorcycle armor greatly reduces the chances of you getting hurt or injured in a motorcycle crash. Whether you are looking to add a layer of protection to your existing leather jacket, or simply looking to upgrade your armor options, the options are endless for you at American Legend Rider. We provide you with the best motorcycle protective gear developed with cutting edge protective technology to ensure you keep safe when you are out riding.

      Why you need motorcycle armor

      It is often said that protection is the most important investment you can make as a rider. And that is absolutely true. Getting the right motorcycle protective gear will ensure you survive in case of an accident and escape unscathed.

      It is even more important to adhere to the ATGATT mantra all the time, as this guarantees your safety at any point in time. Sometimes you may want to wear the essential protection without the heaviness of a motorcycle jacket or any heavy gear. But this can expose you to higher risks of injury without the added layer of protection.

      To solve this problem, a motorcycle armor is the perfect solution as it is not bulky or heavy but still guarantees protection. A motorcycle body armor is designed to protect you in all the critical points of impact without affecting your level of comfort. Also, you don’t have to deal with the heat and heavy attire of normal protective gear.

      Before you decide to buy a motorcycle armor, it is useful to keep in mind the following tips.

      • Size- consider the size and fitment of the motorcycle body armor as this ensures it works properly for your safety. A motorcycle armor is as good as the correct size. The motorcycle armor jacket should fit snug against your body and sit in the right places. This works to ensure it is effective upon impact and that the shells cushion your body against the ground.
      • Quality certification-if you want to ride with peace of mind, ensure that the motorcycle armor vest has a CE certification which ascertains its quality. The CE certification mark is an indicator that the motorcycle jacket armor has passed through rigorous and independent testing to prove its ability to protect you in case of an accident.
      • A motorcycle armor jacket should be easy to maintain and clean. During summer and days when the temperature is high, you can sweat. This will leave the motorcycle jacket armor dirty. It should, therefore, have a removable liner that is easy to clean and put back on.

      Keep in mind that you cannot wear a motorcycle body armor as an all-year-round motorcycle protective gear. This is because the main purpose of a motorcycle armor is to protect you from impact rather than serve as a daily driver gear. It does not provide adequate protection nor keep you warm in cold weather.

      A motorcycle armor vest should fit the size and shape of your shoulders. This is the first thing you should think through when looking for the perfect size. Ensure that the elbow shell adequately covers and fits over the elbow point and that the spine shells are exactly in alignment with your spine and shape of your back.

      This will save you the hassle of trying to fit the body armor correctly. Also, the straps should ensure there’s no movement or sliding over that may move the correct position of the protective shells. 

      Can you wear a motorcycle armor vest with a jacket on? You should not wear your motorcycle armor under a jacket as this would even be very difficult to fit your jacket over. Doing this will also reduce the effectiveness of the body armor and put you in jeopardy. This can also make your riding to be very uncomfortable.

      What are the different types of motorcycle body armor?

      Just like other motorcycle riding gear, there are different types of armor that exist and that you should know about. Whether you are looking for chest armor, motorcycle armor vest, motorcycle pants armor, the different varieties of armor are important motorcycle safety gear. Here are cool armor types that will guarantee your safety on the road.

      Motorcycle armor pants

      Motorcycle pants armor is designed to offer maximum protection to the knees, hips, pelvis, and legs. They can be made out of leather or textile and come at different price points to suit your budget. Armored pants are an important investment that you should definitely consider. They protect your lower extremities like hip, leg, and knees which are most vulnerable in the event of a crash.

      A motorcycle body armor suit

      There are a lot of options to explore when it comes to a bodysuit. Usually, it is a one-piece-suit that oozes the racing feel. They are suitable for all-weather riding. You can also find a two-piece motorcycle protective armor suit that you can also wear with pants or a jacket separately. A motorcycle protective armor suit provides protection at strategic areas where you are most vulnerable in case of a crash. Some are also weatherproof against wind and other elements. Choosing a Kevlar and leather hybrid is also a great alternative that comes with all the qualities you are looking for.

      Motorcycle armor jackets

      Motorcycle armor jackets come with high impact shells on significant points such as back, shoulders, and elbows for maximum protection. They can be made out of a wide range of materials including Kevlar hybrid, leather, textile, or mesh, and suited for all kinds of weather. Motorcycle armor jackets feature straps or belts and other tightening mechanisms around the wrists and neck for maximum fit. External pockets give you additional storage room for your essentials. The good thing about armored jackets is that they are extremely durable and allow you to get many years of use before it’s time to replace it.

      Armored motorcycle boots

      Foot and ankle injuries are quite common when you are riding a motorcycle. In fact, you are 47% more likely to suffer a serious leg injury if you ride without proper riding boots. Wearing armored motorcycle boots reduces the risk of wounds and injuries by 90%. Whether or not you are bought into the idea of riding with motorcycle boots, it is clear to anyone that having the right pair of motorcycle boots can save you from serious leg injuries. You stand a very good chance of protecting your legs with armored boots which are specifically built for the sole purpose of riding a motorcycle. You can choose from different styles of protective boots including steel-toe boots, sport-track style, or high boots with full torsional bracing. Certainly, armored boots provide maximum impact protection, and most come with readily available replaceable parts.

      Elbow and knee guards

      If you still want the protection offered by body armor but aren’t looking for a suit or jacket, then you may want to consider elbow and knee guards. These are handy for when you want to ride with casual clothing like jeans or a shirt and don’t want to wear dedicated riding apparel. These guards can easily go underneath your riding jeans or shirt and give you enough protection.

      Spine protector

      A back/spine protector is absolutely necessary for any biker, and not only track racers. A spine protector works magically in reducing damage to your back, especially soft tissue damage in case you are involved in an accident. Even though these protectors limit your back flexibility, they are worthy investments that protect you from serious back pain. The advantages of spine protectors outweigh the temporary discomfort of having them on when riding.

      Hip protective armor

      Padded shorts are designed to fit to your legs and hips with the protective pads in place for cushioning against impact. These hip protections in the form of padded shorts can be worn underneath your riding pants for added protection.

      Buy CE-Approved Motorcycle armor  

      Investing in your safety has never been easier. American Legend Rider provides you with the best motorcycle body armors in the market today. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the safety and protection of our CE-approved motorcycle body armor. All available at incredibly affordable prices with quality guaranteed. Shop now!