Biker Gloves


      Riding a motorcycle is a fun and often exhilarating experience. However, before hopping on and taking that first ride, having the proper safety gear is a must.

      While most people know how vital quality helmets, jackets, and boots are, they often overlook another essential part of their body. This is the hands.

      Protecting the hands with high-quality, well-made motorcycle riding gloves is a must. At American Legend Rider, we have a huge selection of quality, affordable biker gloves to ensure everyone, regardless of their style or preferences, can find a pair that works for them.

      Take some time to browse the various motorcycle riding gloves we have available here. Below, buyers can also find helpful information to choose the right motorcycle gloves from our huge selection. This includes fingerless gloves, cruiser gloves, military gloves, and other variants that you can add to your browse wishlist.  We are here to provide a wide array of motorcycle gear, with gloves being an option no rider needs to overlook or forget about. Read on to learn more. 

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      Exploring the World of Biker Gloves by American Legend Rider

      When it comes to the world of motorcycling, few things are as iconic and essential as a trusty pair of biker gloves. From the classic leather biker gloves that have stood the test of time to modern innovations like heated and padded variations, these gloves are more than just accessories - they are a statement of style, protection, and functionality. In this article, we delve into the realm of biker gloves, focusing on the exceptional offerings from American Legend Rider.

      Specific Characteristics of Motorcycle Riding Gloves

      Most people understand that wearing gloves while riding a motorcycle is a smart move. However, what they may not realize is why gloves for a motorcycle specifically are needed. After all, the basic home goods store has leather motorcycle gloves available for around $20, right?

      This is a bad idea. Modern gloves for motorbikes have several unique features that are used to do two important things for those riding a motorcycle.

      1. To protect the hands from the environment while retaining comfort and fine motor control while operating/driving the motorcycle.
      2. To protect the hands from any injury if a crash were to occur.

      Keeping a rider comfortable and keeping their hands safe in the event of a crash are the only jobs that gloves have. This is what a quality pair of gloves (like ours) has to offer. The ones purchased at a typical hardware store aren’t going to offer this high level of protection.

      Styles and Brands

      While the above may sound simple, there are a wide array of styles and product brands to choose from, along with prices that range from affordable to expensive. Each type of glove accomplishes the job but may do so a bit differently. While this is true, there are a few essential things to look for when purchasing new gloves.

      • Weather protection or ventilation depends on the season when the glove is used.
      • Features to help provide protection against any type of motorcycle-specific impact, including double layers in the impact area, palm sliders, hardened knuckles, and more.
      • Durable closure systems ensure the glove stays on when a crash occurs.
      • Pre-curved construction allows riders to comfortably and easily grasp the handlebars.

      Manufacturers of cruiser gloves and other types of motorcycle riding gloves are now using many years of feedback from riders, along with information from extensive studies of injuries caused by motorcycle crashes to engineer the features like the ones mentioned above. While these features result in a higher cost than regular gloves, it’s well worth the extra investment.

      Getting to Know the Anatomy of Motorcycle Riding Gloves

      Now that several of the features of gloves are known compared to traditional leather gloves, it’s a good idea to get to know more about the design, or anatomy, of modern gloves. Each part of the glove is described in more detail here.

      The Upper

      This is the part of the glove designed to cover the top or back of the hand. It needs to be tough and thick to provide protection from crashes, as well as rocks or bugs that may impact the knuckles while riding. In many cases, the upper section of the glove is made from natural hides, such as cowhides.

      The Fourchettes

      This term refers to the strips of fabric that are used to connect the upper part of the glove to the palm. It’s found in between the fingers and is often ventilated to help keep the hands cool.

      The Lining

      A quality lining can help to improve inner comfort on a number of technical, multi-layered gloves. The particular lining used vary based on the glove’s purpose, with some of the most common options being waterproofing, warmth, comfort, moisture-wicking, etc. Some higher-quality gloves use materials such as Gore-Tex or Thinsulate.

      The Cuff

      The cuff, as the name implies, provides protection for the rider’s wrist. It protects this part of the hand/arm from moisture and cold. In many cases, this part of the glove includes more protective elements for the wrists, such as armor and padding.

      The Closure

      It’s important to find a glove with a closure that is strong enough to ensure the gloves remain secure while riding. This is even more important if a crash were to occur. Some of the closure options to look for include Velcro, D-ring straps, and buttons.

      The Armor

      The armor is present to help provide protection from scraping and impact. The padding portion of the armor is made typically from EVA foam and other materials commonly used include titanium, steel, carbon fiber, and thermoplastic urethane.

      The Stitching

      A part of the glove that is underrated by extremely important is the stitching. This is what is going to hold the entire thing together. In many cases, the stitching is done with Kevlar, due to the high level of durability it offers. It’s a good idea to look for external stitching on the palms and fingers for superior comfort.

      Additional Features

      There are some motorcycle gloves designed with additional features to make the lives of the riders easier. Some of these features include touchscreen capabilities, knuckle vents, finger bridges, and palm sliders.

      Leather Biker Gloves

      American Legend Rider takes pride in crafting biker gloves that are a true testament to precision engineering. Each pair is meticulously designed with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that they not only serve as protective gear but also as a symbol of your unique style. The leather biker gloves offered by American Legend Rider are a tribute to the heritage of motorcycling, embodying the rugged durability that the lifestyle demands.

      Embracing Diversity: Women's Biker Gloves

      Motorcycling is a passion that knows no gender, and American Legend Rider recognizes this wholeheartedly. Their collection of women's biker gloves is a celebration of empowerment and style, catering to the needs of female riders who seek both protection and flair. These gloves are designed to offer the same level of comfort, durability, and performance as their male counterparts, without compromising on femininity.

      Exploring Padded Bike Gloves

      Long rides can take a toll on your hands, which is where padded bike gloves come into play. American Legend Rider's padded gloves combine functionality with comfort, featuring strategically placed padding that helps absorb vibrations from the road. This not only minimizes fatigue but also enhances your grip on the handlebars, ensuring a stable and secure ride.

      Heated Bike Gloves

      Riding in cold weather can be a challenge, but American Legend Rider has a solution: heated bike gloves. These innovative gloves are equipped with heating elements that provide customizable warmth, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your liking. Whether you're cruising through chilly autumn mornings or conquering winter roads, heated bike gloves ensure that your hands stay warm and functional.

      Cold Weather Bike Gloves

      When the temperature drops and the winds pick up, having reliable cold-weather bike gloves is non-negotiable. American Legend Rider's cold weather gloves are designed to be your shield against the elements, featuring advanced insulation and windproof materials. These gloves not only keep your hands warm but also provide the dexterity needed to operate your bike effortlessly.

      The Importance of a Good Fit

      Whether you are looking for motorcycle riding gloves for men and women, it is absolutely essential for the gloves to fit properly. If a person is sent flying from their bike, the gear being worn won’t be able to do its job if it shifts or if it is loose and comes off entirely.

      Another reason that gloves especially cruiser gloves, should fit properly is to ensure a rider can feel the controls they are using. If the gloves are too tight, they may interfere with a driver’s ability to use the controls. However, if they are too loose, they may come off entirely.

      The glove needs to fit snugly around a person’s entire hand and have fingers that don’t have any excess material at the tips. If the gloves are leather, then they should be a little tight, to begin with, and then loosen as time passes. If textile gloves are chosen, they should fit properly right away.

      Getting the Right Biker Gloves

      Buying the right biker gloves from a dealer is a bit tactical and something that takes both time and plenty of consideration. Since there are so many options available for your quick view today, it can be harder to figure out than many people think. It’s a good idea to compare the options available and see which ones work better for the style of riding that a person plans to do.

      For your glove wishlist, use the tips and information here to help choose the right riding gloves. These gloves should provide the level of protection needed by each rider, regardless of their style or preferences.

      FAQs About Biker Gloves by American Legend Rider

      1. What sets American Legend Rider's biker gloves apart from others on the market?

      American Legend Rider takes pride in the precision engineering and attention to detail that goes into crafting each pair of biker gloves. These gloves offer a perfect balance between rugged durability and unparalleled comfort, providing riders with a second-skin fit for unrestricted movement and a firm grip on the handlebars.

      2. Are there biker gloves specifically designed for women?

      Absolutely! American Legend Rider offers a diverse collection of women's biker gloves that cater to both protection and style. These gloves are built to the same high standards as the men's collection, ensuring that female riders can enjoy the same level of comfort, durability, and performance without compromising on their unique sense of style.

      3. How do padded bike gloves improve the riding experience?

      Padded bike gloves from American Legend Rider are designed to enhance comfort during long rides. Strategically placed padding helps absorb vibrations from the road, reducing hand fatigue and providing a more stable grip on the handlebars. These gloves are a popular choice for riders who value both functionality and riding comfort.

      4. How do heated bike gloves work?

      American Legend Rider's heated bike gloves are equipped with heating elements that can be adjusted to provide customizable warmth. These elements are usually powered by batteries, allowing riders to control the temperature according to their preferences. Heated gloves are particularly useful for riding in cold weather, ensuring that your hands stay warm and functional throughout your journey.

      5. What makes cold weather bike gloves a crucial accessory for riders?

      Cold weather bike gloves from American Legend Rider are designed to protect your hands from the elements. Featuring advanced insulation and windproof materials, these gloves keep your hands warm while allowing you to maintain the dexterity needed to operate your bike. Whether you're navigating winter roads or riding in chilly conditions, these gloves are a must-have for maintaining comfort and control.