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      Motorcycle sissy bar bags provide an excellent storage option when you have limited space for mounting luggage onto your bike. Most cruiser style motorcycles do not have many options when it comes to storage or mounts for luggage. That’s why you are going to need a sissy bar bag for extra storage on your next trip.

      At American Legend Rider, we understand how important it is to have the right motorcycle sissy bar bags for carrying essentials you will need during the trip. Our extensive collection includes the most reliable and high quality sissy bar bags that typically fit on all types of bikes.

      Choose from a wide range of options below and enjoy great convenience during your travels.

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      What is a sissy bar bag?

      A sissy bar bag is simply a motorcycle bag that is strapped to your bike’s resting pad/passenger backrest or better known as a sissy bar. A sissy bar is the metal bar found on the rear of a motorcycle that most often is used for reclining while riding. With better improvisation, it can serve as a support or anchor point from which you can install a sissy bar bag. A sissy bar bag allows you to store and carry items with added convenience especially for the long trips.

      Which one should you choose: Sissy bar bag or motorcycle saddle bag?

      There’s a raging debate among bikers about whether you should go for a motorcycle saddlebag or a sissy bar bag. The truth is, each type of storage has advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of luggage, size of your motorcycle and overall convenience. Other times, bikers may opt to go for both.

      The key difference between a motorcycle saddlebag and a motorcycle sissy bar bag is that; saddlebags stay on your bike at all times and can be securely locked while sissy bags come off quite easily and can also be mounted with ease. If you plan on carrying your stuff off the bike, then you might want to have a sissy bag for storage. For example, if you are traveling and have to go into a hotel, then carrying your sissy bag with you will be more convenient than leaving your stuff outside. A sissy bag comes in handy when you need to pick up something from your bag during your itinerary. There’s enough room to pack up items for at least two days.

      Most motorcycle owners decide to have both types of motorcycle bags because each have their unique purpose when it comes to storage needs. However, sissy bar bags seem to be the most convenient for short motorcycle trips. Here are a few reasons why you should have one:

      • Perfect for short motorcycle trips lasting 2-3 days
      • Helps you transport stuff on the go when you are off the bike
      • Can be used for daily driving
      • Perfect for carrying day-to-day items like laptop, shopping and gadgets
      • Can carry motorcycle gear

      That being said, it is important to determine what your carriage needs are. If you are looking for a permanent storage solution a motorcycle saddlebag would be the most fitting storage choice. But in most cases, having both a motorcycle sissy bar bag and a saddlebag solves all your problems.

      What to look out for when buying a motorcycle sissy bar bag

      There are many factors to keep in mind when looking for the best motorcycle sissy bar bag. Do you want a more flexible storage option? How often do you ride out and where? How much stuff do you need to carry? By answering these questions, you will have a clear idea of the type of sissy bag that suits your needs.

      Besides providing enough room to carry your stuff the sissy bag needs to meet stringent quality requirements. It needs to be weatherproof and have plenty of features that make carrying your luggage easier. Here, we highlight some key things you should consider before buying a motorcycle sissy bar bag.

      Material (leather or nylon)

      Nowadays, it is easy to find a wide range of materials used for sissy bags. But for the most part, leather and nylon are the two primary materials used in the construction of sissy bar bags. There are many unique advantages to each type of material used. For example, leather motorcycle sissy bar bags are a staple icon in the motorcycle luggage domain. Leather looks stylish and sleek on any motorcycle and will certainly turn heads when you are cruising around.

      It is no wonder that leather is so popular and the preferred choice by many riders. On the other hand, nylon/synthetic fiber will provide you a longer life since they are well suited to most weather conditions. However, the important thing to remember when deciding on which motorcycle bag to go for is how well the bag serves your needs. Don’t let price be the overall deciding factor.

      That being said, it is important to compare different price offerings and choose the sissy bag that falls within your budget. Luckily, our motorcycle sissy bar bags are low-priced with quality guaranteed. Simply choose your preferred style and get your groove on. 


      Depending on how many items you want to carry, you may want to go for a small motorcycle sissy bar bag or a large one. If you plan on taking a trip on your motorcycle, you might want a large sissy bar bag than if you are running your daily errands.

      Size is something you have to take into consideration. If the sissy bag is too small to fit in your stuff you may have to deal with the inconvenience of not carry essential items along. Conversely, if the bag is too large you may not make the best use of it or derive much value. For this reason, make sure you understand perfectly the amount of luggage that you carry and then choose the right size. 


      Securing your sissy bar bag to your motorcycle is essential. Ensure that the motorcycle bag can be easily secured and attached to your bike. You want to make sure that the sissy bar will stay on no matter what speed you are at. After all, you don’t want your stuff falling off when you hit a certain speed. For this reason, choose a sissy bar that you can easily attach your bag to.


      Extra pockets and storage compartments come in handy and make your sissy bag a convenient accessory to carry around. Whether you plan on going for a quick motorcycle trip or are out and about your daily errands, you should have no problem with storage for essential stuff. Besides having plenty of storage and space, the bag should have good quality zippers and clasps that make it easy to access your personal effects.

      A few things to remember:

      When buying a motorcycle sissy bar bag, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These could affect your safety and handling of the motorcycle. First and foremost, ensure that you get the right size. An overly sized bag will affect your balance and this could negatively impact your road safety. Handling becomes a problem and this could spell disaster. In addition, riding under certain extreme conditions will require extra caution. For example, windy weather will easily throw you off balance

      How to install a sissy bar bag on your motorcycle

      Motorcycle luggage comes with various mounting options depending on size, shape, and style. For Harley-Davidson owners and cruiser owners, their go-to style of motorcycle luggage is a motorcycle sissy bar bag. As the name suggests, a motorcycle sissy bar bag is secured to the motorcycle by mounting it on the sissy bar, otherwise known as a passenger backrest. There are two ways to install a sissy bag on your motorcycle by either using adjustable straps that slip around the backrest or Velcro. The most important thing is to ensure the bag is secure and well supported on the sissy bar.

      This type of motorcycle luggage is very popular among riders for its ease of installation and convenience. The luggage can be installed on the front sissy bar or at the back and easily removed when you don’t have luggage or when carrying a passenger. When mounted, it also serves as back support, especially when on solo rides. The good thing about Harleys and cruiser motorcycles is that they come installed with backrests that make it easy to use a sissy bar bag for extra storage. This becomes the obvious storage option for many Harley and cruiser owners.

      For those that have motorcycles with only a luggage rack, there is a still a practical way you can install most sissybar bags to the motorcycle luggage rack. However, the bag must not be too tall or the rack to narrow as this may affect the stability and support of the bags.

      If you don’t have a sissy bar or luggage rack, there are aftermarket options you can use and improvise to enable you to mount a sissy bag on the rear of your motorcycle. A Custom rectangular-shaped piece with hooks or D-shaped rings for attachment can be an excellent alternative to the aforementioned mounting options. The most important thing is to make sure the bag straps are securely attached to the hooks/rings for optimal support. The rectangular metal piece needs to be tightly secured to the rear fender and passenger seat in the first place before mounting the sissy bag.

      Another option would be to buy a motorcycle bag with its own adjustable harness that can be mounted on the passenger seat. The installation process would then begin by fastening the harness to the passenger seats and rear of your motorcycle. Then you will be ready to go!

      Buying the best sissy bar bags and other motorcycle bags

      It is vital to take the time to carefully consider your needs when purchasing a motorcycle sissy bag because making the wrong choice will make you dissatisfied with your purchase. Think about your bag as an investment that you expect to last for a long time. While you may be tempted to go for a budgeted option, it is wise to look at quality first. Remember you get what you pay for. So don’t hesitate to invest in a good quality motorcycle sissy bar bag.

      Luckily, we’ve got you covered with high quality sissy bar bags at American Legend Rider. As the leading online motorcycle gear website, we strive to bring you the best sissy bags that will last for a long time. Our experts recommend proven brands with top-rated motorcycle sissy bar bags like Daniel Smart, First Manufacturing and Diamond Plate.

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