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Guardian Bells Collection

An endless list of hazards awaits motorists out on the roadways these days. Of course, the ones most vulnerable to both visible and unseen dangers are bikers. Still, countless riders have managed to avoid hazards and walk away from seemingly unsurvivable accidents.

When asked how they were able to beat the odds or cheat death, their answers come in many forms. Still, most boil down to divine intervention in one way or another. According to legend, this otherworldly intercession is related to tiny bells. At American Legend Rider, we have a broad selection of unique motorcycle bells to protect you and your loved ones while on the road.

No one is sure exactly how old the legend of the guardian bell is, but plenty of riders and their loved ones hold it near and dear to their hearts. Whether you believe guardian bells for motorcycles keep away the road gremlins as the ageless story tells or you feel their protective powers simply come from the love they represent, they’re sure to remind the bikers in your life that you’re always thinking of them.

Browse our selection of guardian bells with keychains and motorcycle bell hangers to find the ones that are perfect for your loved ones:

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