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Punk Boots

You’ll instantly fall in love with this collection of punk boots from American Legend Rider. These are not only just punk footwear but also an enduring symbol of style and sophistication. These particular punk leather boots are made to last longer than you might expect while allowing you to wear them on a daily basis. No amount of wearing or use can break down the sturdy construction of these punk and goth boots and you will be pleased to feel comfortable wherever you go. When you wear these punk rocker boots, be prepared to receive a litany of compliments from peers and those who consider you a rival. 

Where can I get male boots?

These days, you can easily order your favorite pair of steampunk boots and goth boots online and get them the next day. At American Legend Rider, your options are endless when it comes to all manner of boots including vegan punk boots, punk combat boots, ranger boots, punk boots for men, and punk boots women’s. Shop the biggest selection of this magnificent footwear and rock all the way when you hit the asphalt road. No matter what size of budget you have, there is a shoe for everyone at any time. Make sure that the ones you choose to match your individual style. For some people, old school boots are the ultimate style that makes them feel satisfied and accomplished. These retro-style boots are a reminder of culture and sophistication that comes with black old-style touch.

How to tie punk footwear style

A popular way to lace up your punk leather boots is through the punk-style technique. This style of tying your boots can be challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. If you want to achieve the punk-style appearance of your laces, then follow these four steps. But first, it is recommended that your boots fit better and make you feel comfortable at all points. Generally speaking, there are many ways to tie your boots punk-style, including the ladder lacing method which we are going to show you here. Whether you are wearing steampunk boots, goth boots, punk leather boots, grunge boots, and platform boots, this lacing method will look cool on you. You can spice things up by trying out laces with different colors and see how it matches with the color of your shoes. So, these are the steps for tying your boots punk style.

  1. First, put one end of the lace through the bottom eye holes on one side from the underside of the hole. This is the crucial first step as it allows you to follow through with the rest of the required steps. Make sure you put the lace from the underside as opposed to the top side of the eye hole.
  2. The next step is to drag the lace-up from the top of the opposite side. This should allow you to exit the eye holes through the top of each hole. The laces should feel tighter and stronger towards the lower portion compared to the top.
  3. Now return to the bottom portion of the laces and thread the lace beginning from the opposite side of the top eye hole. Put the lace on the underside of the next eye hole and pull to tighten.
  4. Repeat the above steps until the boots are laced up to the top.


What are some popular goth boots (brands)?

As a biker, one of the most important accessories is a reliable pair of boots to take you wherever you want. And not only that but also to look cool in the process. This is why some bikers prefer certain brands to others. The market is filled with options of different brands that have come up with different boot styles including punk rocker boots for men, goth boots, and cowboy punk boots.

So what are some popular brands of punk leather boots? Dr. Martens, Polar Fox Patrick, and Top Moda are good options. If you are looking for quality, comfort, and style, then mid-calf punk boots like the one above will go above and beyond your expectations. The silver chain detailing alone is a popular design element that many buyers like. The sturdy rubber sole and reinforced steel toe make this a proper punk boot for all adventures.

Vegan boots

Vegan boots are made out of a variety of synthetic fibers including polyurethane PU. These boots are billed as animal-friendly since they are not made using any animal products like fur, silk, wool, or leather. To some, these shoes are better for the planet and a great way to look unique. Vegan boots are absolutely a great option for anyone who wants a stylish boot that is also environmentally friendly. Luckily, we have a great selection of vegan punk boots made 100% from synthetic material both from the inside and outside.

Demonia boots-punk

Perhaps you want something a bit unique like Demonia boots which utilize strong foam soles usually in a wedge platform. Even though these shoes look huge and heavy, they are in fact light as air. There are a variety of Demonia shoes that are so popular among Goth people because of their out-of-the-world styling. If you are searching for platform boots that are also comfortable for riding out on your bike, then you might want to consider shopping for some good old Demonia boots. To add more of the quintessential style, consider going for skull design goth boots. These skull boots will definitely turn heads when you pass by. Choose from a variety of styles and materials including punk leather boots. 

Grunge boots punk

Grunge boots will take you back to the 90s when grunge fashion was a thing. Often associated with the mid-1980s and 90s, grunge music genre and subculture this style is making a glorious return to the catwalk and in footwear. The best thing about grunge boots is that they can be worn on a daily basis and also be used for riding your two-wheeler. Their extensive ankle support and sturdy sole make them ideal footwear for riding a motorcycle.

Best platform boots for riding a motorcycle?

Platform boots have a thick sole, with raised heels higher than the ball of the foot. Even though platform boots and style have been around for centuries, they did not become very popular until the 70s. Nowadays, there are all kinds of platform shoes for different practical uses such as riding a bike. In recent years, the trend for platform shoes has been through the roof and is expected to get bigger in 2020 and beyond.  

How to Size and Fit?

When it comes to finding the right size of punk boots, fit and comfort should be your primary considerations. A lot of customers complain about stiffness which can cause a lot of strain and pain during regular rides. It is therefore important to ensure the boots that you choose fit well and are comfortable to wear even on long rides. The boot should provide ample foot support. For example, punk boots for women like platform boots have better feet cushioning and the level support eliminates pressure points.

Ensure that the shin extension is up to the right boot height for flexibility purposes. Ideally, it should be just below your knee cap.

When you are finally confident about the right size, it is time to try them on and wear them for a while. As the shoe breaks in and takes the natural shape of your foot, it will begin to feel more comfortable.  

Shop with us and add your favorite punk footwear into your wishlist for your next shoe. Compare the different styles and choose options the one that suits your style.