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Neck Warmers

Cold weather can create a challenge to a healthy active lifestyle and prevent you from fully enjoying what you love. But it doesn’t have to be that way when there are so many options to keep you warm and toasty. Neck warmers are solid winter-proof pieces of clothing you should never miss in your wardrobe. They are great for moisture-wicking, warmth, insulation, and enhancing your comfort any time outdoors.

Find the perfect winter-chilies from our collection below. Choose from stylish neck warmers and neck gaiters. We are confident you will find the perfect neck warmer for winter.  

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What to consider when choosing the best neck warmer

Neck warmers are one of the things you can’t live without during the winters. They help keep the chill and wind at bay while providing comfort and protection. Whether you want a stylish neck warmer or simply an effective neck gaiter, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. But first, you must know exactly what to look out for as neck warmers come in different materials, fit, versatility and stretchiness. This can greatly influence your purchasing decision. So read on to know what you should consider when choosing the best neck warmer for winter.

Fit and size

Neck warmers should be able to adjust to the correct size; not too long or too short. The length of the neck warmer should be right, depending on the length of your neck. It is important to measure the length of your neck to ensure the neck warmer fits correctly without leaving the extra room, being too tight, or too loose. When getting the right size, should consider how well it fits with other gear that you wear during the cold season. You want a neck warmer that will complement other types of gear without having to make compromises. Ensure that you have the right size when making a purchase. Quite often a size chart will guide you in finding the best neck warmer.


The materials used to make neck warmers and neck gaiters need to be of the highest quality and have the best insulation properties. After all, the purpose of a neck warmer is to regulate your body temperature by keeping you warm when it is cold outside, and keeping you cool on the hot days.

Besides keeping you warm and protected from the cold, a neck warmer should allow you to breathe without difficulty. Luckily, most neck warmers are breathable while at the same time thick enough to offer insulation against wind and cold.

Achieving this balance is directly tied to the thickness and type of material used to make the neck warmer. A blend of materials, mainly cotton, are used to make neck warmers.


When selecting the best neck warmers quality is the undisputed factor that brings about durability. Quality not only makes the neck warmer durable, but it also enhances your style and boosts your confidence. The durability of your neck warmer means you will wear it longer and get a return on your investment. The best return on your dime is when you can enjoy and use the neck chilies for as long as possible without it deteriorating in quality. At American Legend Rider, we ensure all our neck warmers are durable and sourced from the best brands.  


You need to be able to wear your neck gaiter at any time of the year for protection and weather-proofing. While most people wear neck warmers during the cold season to keep them warm, they are also useful in hot summer days. They help in keeping your body cool by wicking away moisture and leaving a cooling effect on your body. The neck warmer should be able to absorb sweat fast and dry it without causing any discomfort. Whether you are out in the winter months or like to take a good day out in hot summer days, with the right neck warmer, you will be well insulated from the cold and keep cool whenever you have to.


Comfort should be a top consideration when looking for the best neck warmers. The level of comfort provided by your neck warmer can heavily influence your performance in the coldest of weather and hottest summers. While most people view comfort as the quality of feeling good in a particular gear, it also boils down to health consideration.

Warmers are not only meant to protect you from the wind and cold but also prevent skin infections. Softer materials like velvet used to make neck gaiters prevent skin irritation while also soothing and feeling nice against the skin. Going for the most comfortable neck warmers means you have a good chance of also striking the most durable and protective neck warmer all at once.  

How to wear your neck warmer

There are many styles of neck warmers that exist which influence how you should wear them. From wrap style to single loop to layered styles, these styles are available for your choosing. How to wear a neck warmer depends on what is most comfortable for you. There are many neck warmer designs that can be worn over the mouth and nose. However, this style has both advantages and disadvantages that you need to keep in mind. For example, you may have some level of difficulty in breathing especially if the fabric of the warmer is thick and less breathable. Most importantly, consider your overall needs when choosing the style of neck warmer and how you prefer to wear it; over your mouth or nose or simply covering your neck.

How to clean your neck warmers

Washing your neck warmer heavily relies on the type of material used in its construction. Most materials used can be put through a machine wash with varying degrees of roughness or at certain temperatures. However, not all materials can be machine dried as this would destroy the fabric. This is why you should check out the washing instructions before cleaning the neck warmer to avoid destroying the fabric, which will inevitably degrade the quality over time.