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      A full-face motorcycle helmet is regarded as the safest type of helmet on the market. This helmet can protect with its shielding features like a chin bar and visor in case of an accident. If you are out looking for the safest motorcycle helmet you can buy, then there is no doubt that a full-face helmet must be top on your list.

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      Part of being a rider is that you are exposed on the road. Getting the right amount of protection is critical for your safety. A full-face helmet is, therefore, one of the most vital pieces of riding gear you can get.

      At American Legend Rider, we provide you with a galaxy of helmet options to choose from. Whether you want a cool motorcycle helmet with tons of technological features, or you like the vintage-styled helmets, we’ve got you covered. But it is worth noting that the type of helmet that you choose will depend on your riding style and preference.

      We find it common that older riders prefer open face helmets to full-face helmets. Part of this behavior is that, an open face helmet is a testimony to the good old days when riders would savor the feeling of wind passing through their hair. The thrill and feel is simply unmatched. But with advanced technology and more stringent safety regulations, full-face motorcycle helmets have become the preferred choice by modern riders.

      So what is it that makes a full-face motorcycle helmet the preferred choice for many and much safer? First, a full-face helmet provides ample coverage to your head and neck which can significantly reduce impact in case of a crash. Its distinguishing feature from other helmet types is the chin bar. The chin bar is an extension that covers your jaw and chin area. Considering that the chin takes 50% of impact during a crash, it was necessary for helmets to have a key safety feature to counter this effect. As a result, a full-face helmet was developed. The main aim of this lid is to protect your jaw, chin and skull should you get into an accident.

      Advantages of full face motorcycle helmets

      When it comes to safety, a full face biker helmet is certainly the safest type of helmet that you can get. Aside from that, it provides protection from harsh weather, debris and the occasional bugs that cross your path. With the safety aspect sorted out, you may want a helmet that is both stylish and versatile. This helmet conquers this area as well. Regardless of the type of bike, you can rock a full-face helmet and still look cool. However, the stylishness of this helmet is subjective and some people think the old school types are the more stylish ones. For instance, an open face helmet is quite rare but cool to wear and brings back memories of the old. Nevertheless, a full face motorcycle helmet is arguably the complete package.

      Road noise can be a distraction to many riders. At times you just want to enjoy your ride while listening to your favorite music via Bluetooth. But that may not be possible with any other type of helmet. A full face helmet provides excellent sound insulation against environmental noise and wind noise.

      Another advantage of full face motorcycle helmets is the anonymity they provide. Many stars and celebrities who enjoy riding motorcycles often cite the anonymity of a full face moto helmet as one of their favorite features. With a tinted visor, there is the added advantage that hides their identity and keeps them anonymous. If you like to remain unidentified, then a full face motorcycle helmet is one for you. In addition, older riders like the fact that a full helmet helps disguise their age and it’s probably the reason why female motorists wave at them all the time!

      Also, with a full-face helmet, there’s no need to wear riding sunglasses. You already have a tinted visor that absorbs the sun’s rays and protects you from direct ultra violet rays. In addition, you are protected from projectiles, stones and bugs that are quite often found on the road.

      A full-face motorcycle helmet keeps you warm and well-insulated from the harsh weather conditions. The insulation from the surrounding environment ensures you are less fatigued on the long hauls. You will end up feeling fresh and energized even after taking on the most treacherous terrain.

      Compared to other types of helmets, the detachment rate of a full-face helmet is considerably lower especially when it is correctly-sized. You don’t want your helmet getting off when cruising at high speeds. This can not only be an embarrassing episode, but also puts you in jeopardy and risk. But luckily, with a full-face helmet that is well strapped on, there is no chance that such can happen.

      But despite the numerous advantages that full-face motorcycles have, there are certain disadvantages too. They can become very on hot weather causing you to sweat buckets. But motorcyclists have come up with an ingenious way of coping up with this situation-the use of a handkerchief to soak up the sweat. It works pretty well when you have no other option left. However, there are helmets that come with ventilation areas that allow cool air to pass through and get rid of the excess heat. When buying a helmet, make sure that it is well-ventilated for maximum comfort and airflow.

      Cold weather can cause fogging on your full face helmet visor which in turn affects visibility. An effective way to combat fogging is to wipe the inside of the visor with shaving foam or shampoo. This makes sure that fog does not stick on the visor surface. Nowadays, helmets come with tons of technological features for added convenience. You will find full-face helmets with transition visor coating that adjusts the tint according to the amount of light from the sun. Visor tints improve visibility and reduce strain on your eyes to allow you to focus solely on the road. Some cool motorcycle helmets come equipped with Bluetooth speakers for easier intercommunications especially when on group rides. This can be super-efficient when taking on a trail with your friends.    

      If you are looking for a customizable helmet, then a full-face motorcycle helmet can be easily modified to suit your style. There are literally hundreds of color options that you can choose, and proceed to add on custom graphics and print. The end product is a cool masterpiece helmet.

      How to Size and Buy Full-face Motorcycle Helmets

      Sizing your helmet could make a whole difference between riding safe or putting yourself in danger. Fitment of your biker helmet is the most important factor to consider when buying a new helmet. Since not all motorcycle helmets are made equal, it is important to look at the distinctive features of each. In this case, a full face helmet is designed to offer the highest level of protection and enclosure. Therefore, you want a helmet that fits snugly and is comfortable to wear without pressing too much against your cheeks or skull. You also don’t want a detached helmet that leaves extra room around your head. The purpose of such a helmet would be diminished. So how do you size your full face helmet? We will look at how you should size your biker helmet and choose the right size for you.

      First, determine the size and shape of your head. Once you’ve got the type of helmet that you want, the next step is to determine the general shape of your head. Generally speaking, there are three shapes: round oval, long oval and intermediate oval shapes. The best way to accurately determine the shape of your head is to take a photo of your head from directly above. Ask a friend to assist you in this task for the most accurate photo. Looking at the picture, you will see the correct shape of your head and hence choose a helmet that is designed for that particular head shape. You can find plenty of full face helmets at American Legend Rider that fit your head perfectly.

      The next step is to figure out the size of your head and therefore the helmet size. Sizing your head is a little odd since there are no standard measurements to go by. But it’s not at all hard to figure out the size of your head. You simply have to take your head’s circumference using a soft tape measure and compare the reading to helmet size charts available online.

      Once you are confident that you have selected the right size, it’s time to make an order. When the helmet arrives, try it on and see how well it fits. Ideally, you want a helmet that fits perfectly from the first day. But you may find difficulty when slipping the helmet on for the first time as your head passes through the padding. This is totally normal. Nonetheless, you should be able to feel comfortable and maybe adjust your ears as you get the helmet on.

      Fitment is very important when it comes to helmets. If the helmet fits right, you should be able to feel the padding cushion against your cheeks. You will notice that your cheeks will be pushed up a bit by the cheek pads. Try moving the chin bar as well. The helmet should not move, but instead your cheeks and head. If you find that the chin bar is able to move independently when you push it, then it means the helmet is a size up than is needed. You may have to go one size down to get the right size. But also, keep in mind that helmet liners will break in by about 15% to 20% after some time. At this time, the helmet may not be as snug as new.

      Make sure that the helmet does not have pressure points. The pressure points should disappear after 15 minutes of wearing the helmet, otherwise, it will be incredibly painful to cope with it after a 3-hour ride.  

      What are some common problems with full face motorcycle helmets?

      There’s no doubt that a full face motorcycle helmet is the helmet of choice for almost any type of biker. Whether you are a sports rider, love touring or hitting the track, a full face helmet is versatile enough for all applications. When you get a full face helmet, there are certain issues you have to get used to or cope up with. One major issue is visibility. Unlike open face helmets and ¾ helmets, you do not have the luxury to see all around you because of the helmet’s enclosed structure. For this reason, visibility is significantly affected at the expense of protection encasing.

      You may have to do away riding sunglasses if you go for certain full face helmet models. Fortunately, most helmets come equipped with some sort of accommodation for riding sunglasses and goggles. Better still you may have decided to use the drop-down visor that comes with the helmet as a sun-blocking solution.  

      Another common problem for full face helmets is the inability to hear environment sounds like traffic sounds, horns and sirens. Since full face helmets have very good noise insulation, it can be difficult to judge what’s happening outside without hearing other motorist’s sounds.

      Finding the perfect full-face helmet

      Finding a high-quality lid for your riding exploits can be a daunting task. But it does not have to be a nightmare experience. We make it easy for you by helping you choose the cheapest motorcycle helmets that guarantee protection and safety on the road. Choose from a wide range of helmets, including custom helmets and skull helmets with unique designs.  

      At American Legend Rider, we have the most complete collection of the best full face motorcycle helmets. These helmets are cheap, and have the latest safety and technological features that you need for added convenience. If you are looking for the most protective biker helmets, then our full face helmet collection is the best place to begin your shopping.