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      Find your style with our various solo seat, this line features fully covered highest quality cowhide leather with high-density foam.

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      The actual term “solo seat” is used to refer to a motorcycle seat designed for an individual rider, instead of a rider and passenger together, which is called a two-up seat. The motorcycle solo seat may be a rigid mount seat that will mount right to the motorcycle frame and the fender, or it could be a spring seat that provides some suspension.

      There are some rigid mount solo seats that will bolt-on directly to several stock motorcycles. The sprung solo seat uses the solo seat pivot at the front portion of the seat, which allows the seat to pivot slightly when the solo seat springs at the rear of the seat compress.

      Keep in mind, there are an array of things to consider when making this purchase. If your bike is your baby, as is the case for most riders, considering all the factors here is a must to minimize the possibility of purchasing the wrong seat, or a seat that doesn’t provide a comfortable riding experience.

      What to Consider When Buying Solo Seats

      There is an array of solo motorcycle seat types to choose from. Each one offers an array of benefits so getting to know what to consider can help you figure out what is needed for your riding comfort.

      Remember, motorcycle solo seats are designed for one rider. If you ever plan to have a passenger, these seats are not conducive to this.


      One of the first things to consider is the style of the motorcycle solo seat you want to purchase. For example, this is usually going to depend on the type of riding you do or a look that you are trying to achieve. To figure out what best suits your motorcycle consider the following:

      • Do you take longer trips or ride mostly around town?
      • Is it easy to put your feet on the ground when you sit on the bike’s stock seat?
      • How often do you carry a passenger (if often, a solo motorcycle seat will not work)?
      • Do you store your bike outside or under a cover?

      When it comes to motorcycle seats for solo riders, be sure to keep these factors in mind to find one that will suit your needs and riding style.


      When it is time to purchase a solo motorcycle seat, chances are you want to find something that not only suits your needs but that will also be made of a material that will withstand the test of time.

      Gel and foam are two popular options for motorcycle seats. Gel is a good option for longer trips and will provide more support. This is because gel will support your weight over longer distances. The gel also has a softer feel to ensure you are comfortable when traveling longer distances.

      For shorter trips, foam is often sufficient. These provide the layer of comfort needed but may not provide adequate support when traveling longer distances.

      Along with the interior material, it is important to consider the outer material. Usually, the external covering selected is guided by the environment where you will be riding. For example, will the bike and seat be exposed to prolonged rain and sunlight?

      Two of the most popular materials used today include vinyl and leather. For short distance riders, vinyl will be a great covering. That is because it is not extremely durable if left outdoors for longer periods of time but is still comfortable to ride on.

      Take some time to consider the elements your bike will be exposed to when choosing solo motorcycle seats. This is going to help you find a material that will be able to stand up to these adverse effects. Remember, there are other materials, beyond leather and vinyl to consider too. You can see an array of popular options and styles by browsing our motorcycle solo seat options.

      Bike Type

      Investing in a motorcycle seat is a large decision. After all, this is one of only three places where your body will touch the bike. Make sure you consider the type of bike you are riding along with how the seat must attach to the bike.

      The shape of the seat is a crucial factor too, as some shaped seats will not work with certain styles of motorcycles. Also, they will not be comfortable for your riding style. Be sure to consider this carefully when selecting the various types of seats available.


      While the design on the seat may not be the most important factor for some riders, it is one that must be considered. Do you want skulls, fire, certain patterns, or something else? We have an array of solo motorcycle seat designs, patterns, and styles that will help any find an option that suits their tastes and preferences.

      At American Legend Rider, we have a huge selection of solo motorcycle seats each designed with a stylish look, superior level of comfort and more. With these seats, you will find the perfect design and style for any bike, regardless of what you ride, where you ride, or if you travel short- or long-distances.

      Browse the selection of solo motorcycle seats we have available on our site to find one that will suit your needs, style, and riding preferences. Being informed and knowing what to look for is the best way to get the solo motorcycle seat you want and need.