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      Biker chains epitomize the biker lifestyle, allowing you to look cool and draw attention when you wear it in the streets. Our extensive collection of biker wallet chains are available in various styles and designs to suit your personal taste. Choose your favorite biker chain from our collection below!

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      Biker Wallet Chains

      Wallet chains play a necessary role in the lives of bikers. Our motorcycle wallet chain selection covers a full range of styles and preferences. From skull chains for wallets to those designed to look like chains for actual chain drives, we offer numerous choices.

      Why Do Bikers Wear Chains?

      Like all pieces of motorcycle gear, a biker chain runs much deeper than rounding out the biker look. It serves a crucial role. A wallet chain helps prevent a rider from losing his or her wallet while riding.

      Wallets are notorious for working their way out of people’s back pockets as they move around. Bumps in the road and the vibration of the motorcycle make them even more likely to slip out of your pocket while you ride. Chances are you’d never even notice until you stopped for gas or a snack, reached for your billfold, and realized it wasn’t there.

      If you did happen to feel your wallet fly out of your pocket during a ride, you wouldn’t be very likely to find it. In fact, someone else would probably pick it up. These days, the odds of them tracking you down to return it are lower than ever before.

      Then, you’d run the risk of identity theft among plenty of other problems. You’d have to contact your bank and credit card companies to cancel all your cards, and any cash that was in the wallet would be a total loss. If you had pictures in the wallet, they would be irreplaceable.

      A wallet chain for men can help prevent all that. If your wallet works its way out of your pocket, the chain will keep it with you. Biker chains also help prevent theft. If someone snatches your wallet out of your pocket, they won’t be able to get any farther with it than the end of the chain. Incidentally, this might also keep potential thieves close enough for you to grab them before they have a chance to run.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      No doubt, you probably have several questions about wallet chains for bikers. Most people do. We’re here to answer them.

      How Do You Attach Wallet Chains to Pants?

      Attaching wallet chains to pants is easy. A biker wallet chain will either have clips on both ends or a clip on one end and a ring on the other. For those with two clips, simply clip one end to a belt loop and the other to the ring in your wallet. If your motorcycle wallet chain has a ring on one end, slip the ring around the ring in the wallet as if you were adding a key to a keyring.

      Should I Use a Long or Short Biker Chain?

      For the most part, the length of the wallet chain is your choice. Short chains keep your wallet extremely close, but they may not reach from your pocket to your wallet easily. A long wallet chain gives you more reach and is more visible. That said, using an excessively long wallet chain isn’t recommended. Those that are too long could become tangled in the wheels of the bike if the wallet comes out of your pocket. You could also get your feet tangled in them among other problems.

      How Affordable Are Wallet Chains?

      Biker chains come in a broad price range. Cheap wallet chains are readily available. They’re attractive, sturdy, and sure to not only look great but serve you well. High-end skull wallet chains, traditional chains, and other options are also at your disposal.

      Can I Use a Motorcycle Chain with Any Wallet?

      No; not all wallets work with biker chains. Those that are designed to be used with wallet chains are equipped with a hole that’s reinforced with a metal ring for the chain to clip through. Some may also have rings or clips attached, so they’ll accommodate a chain. We offer a complete line of biker wallets. If you have a favorite wallet that won’t work with a biker chain, you may be able to have it modified at a local leather shop as well.

      Where Can I Buy a Wallet Chain?

      If you’re ready to buy a wallet chain, you’ve come to the right place. We have cool wallet chains in stock with several styles available. Browse our selection, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

      Keep Your Wallet Close with a High-Quality Biker Chain

      At American Legend Rider, we have everything you need to dress for the ride and ride in style. Whether you’re looking for a black, chrome, gunmetal, or skull wallet chain, you’ll find it here. Keep your wallet close at hand with one of our high-quality biker chains. Be sure to check out our full selection of biker safety gear, jewelry, guardian bells, and other accessories, too.