15 Best Motorcycle Rides in the USA

15 Best Motorcycle Rides in the USA

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If you're anything like me, the desire to pack up your bike and go on a road trip is getting stronger every day. This feeling is especially intense with the current pandemic restrictions and lockdowns. Taking a break and hitting the road once in a while can bring some much-needed sanity back into our lives. It's not just important, but absolutely necessary during these tough times. You can't miss out on these incredible motorcycle rides in the USA. We guarantee that exploring these amazing roads will give you a whole new perspective and a lot of fun along the way.

The best motorcycle rides in the USA

Do you have your favorite ride? Is there a place you wish you could go? These are some of the most amazing motorcycle rides in the country that you don’t want to miss.

Tail Of The Dragon US 129 – North Carolina

Characterized by 318 sweeping curves sandwiched between Great Smoky Mountains, the Tail of the Dragon is a short but sweet stretch that brings all the adrenaline to use. The route is located in North Carolina and runs between Deals Gap and Tabcat Bridge in Tennessee.

It is an 11 mile section that takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete on average. If you are planning to ride the whole day, there are many other motorcycle rides in the area that you can enjoy as well. This motorcycle route has an elevation of 606 m cutting through the mountains in Deals Gap.

The twists, turns and thick wood may not offer the most breathtaking scenery, but the pavement and your motorcycle will more than make up for it. The Tail of the Dragon is regarded as one of the most exciting rides in America and perfect for hardcore riders. Check out the official Tail of the Dragon website for motorcycle road trip maps and info.


The Devils Highway Route 666 /ARIZONA HIGHWAY 31

The Devil’s highway, like the name suggests, is eerily dangerous. But that’s just where the fun begins. This 100-mile pass in Arizona runs from Alpine to Clifton. It has a lot of curves, so many we couldn’t keep count. Most are marked 10mph and riding above the marked speed could prove fatal. Along the route, you’ll find Morenci, a popular spot for fueling your bike and recharging your body after intense riding. Route 666 is a lonely deserted stretch with miles of rugged, sweeping desert wilderness. This road has a long history of crashes and apparitions that adds to its mystic nature.    

Beartooth All-American Road Highway 212 Montana

Often described as one of the most beautiful drives in America, BEARTOOTH ALL-AMERICAN ROAD HIGHWAY 212 Montana is a scenic highway starting in Red Lodge, Montana and ending at Cooke city. This 68 mile scenic road was opened in 1937 to motorists from all over the world. It skirts through a diverse range of breathtaking ecosystems and you can expect some grand views of Yellowstone and Gallatin national forests. This drive has an elevation ranging from 7300 feet to 11000 feet above sea level affording you some of the most breathtaking views. Along the ride, you can stop at various eateries and shops if you need to recharge. Definitely one of the best motorcycle rides in the country.

The Three Sisters, Rm 335,336 And 337 – Texas

This 100-mile loop road offers the best views Texas has to offer in the heart of Texas Hill Country. This challenging motorcycle route consists of a trio of connected Texas county roads, Ranch-to-market roads, 335, 336 and 337. When most people think of Texas roads, they think of flat, wide open roads. The three sisters are anything but your typical Texas roads. If you are looking for something different in Texas, this twisty road should be top of your list.

Pacific Coast Highway, Route 1 – California

Designated an All-American road, the Pacific coast Highway is a 123 mile route of pure adrenaline. This twisting and cliff-hugging road starts in historic Monterey, and threads through Big Sur. The road can be dangerous, especially for RVs or other oversize vehicles due to its narrow shoulders and sharp drop-offs. You have to stay alert at all times. While riding your motorcycle on this road, you will be sure to enjoy the incredible ocean views, wine country, rugged cliffs and oak-studded hills that the road passes through. If you are looking for a challenging, yet breathtakingly beautiful motorcycle ride, then the Pacific coast highway in California is one you should never miss.

Arches National Park Utah

The Arches national park route in Utah is one of the more breathtaking routes in that part of the country. If you have a few hours to spare, you could spend the better part of the day through this 36-mile route. If you are simply enjoying your motorcycle ride, driving through the park will allow you to enjoy panoramic views. Making occasional stops at designated view points and points of interest offers the best way to get the most out of your experience. If you are looking for naturally beautiful motorcycle routes, then Arches national park is certainly one of the best motorcycle cross-country routes.  

Ozello Trail Ride

The endless miles of wide open road offer the best views for exploring on your motorcycle. One of the most popular motorcycle rides in Florida, The Ozello trail begins from Crystal River and Homosassa Springs and turns east from highway 98. The road threads through Crystal River Preserve state park and terminates at Ozello Community Park on the Gulf coast. Beware of crossing bears, marshes harboring gators and other perils that add to the uniqueness of this trail.

Coastal Highway US. 1 (Maine)

The coastal route 1 highway is one of the best motorcycle rides on the east coast. This breathtaking highway stretches 230 miles showcasing the beautiful Maine coast, lighthouses and vistas. Along the route, there are many restaurants rich with fresh sea food. You can stop to enjoy lunch at one of the many classy restaurants. This trip takes several days so you should plan your sleepovers accordingly.

Cascade Loop (Washington)

Also referred to as Washington’s Ultimate road trip, Cascade Loop is a 440-mile loop of the most breathtaking sceneries Washington has to offer. Hitting the open road on your motorcycle will feel like a dream come true. You will feel the wind in your hair and the whistling sounds of flowering trees. The loop threads through the forest and streams of the Steven’s Pass Greenway. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the North Cascades Scenic Byway glaciers, the sandy beaches and sea air.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Often referred to as America’s favorite drive, Blue Ridge Parkway gives you a once in a lifetime experience with beautiful scenery all the way. This 106-mile motorcycle ride begins in Cherokee, NC and threads its way through the Smoky mountains and Appalachian and ends in Afton, VA. With a speed limit of only 45 mph, you will have plenty of time to appreciate the breathtaking vistas and scenic overviews along the road. There are plenty of stops for fuel, food, art and culture to make your trip a wholesome one. 

The Ozarks – Arkansas and Missouri

The Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas are home to some of the most breathtaking motorcycle route. If you’ve never taken a ride here before, you are missing out on all the fun. The endless amount of twisty roads, and breathtaking scenic views make the Ozarks one of the best motorcycle roads in the country.

Tunnel Of Trees – Michigan

Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees is one of the state’s most iconic motorcycle routes, boasting of spectacular drives along the shores of Lake Michigan. It is ranked among the most scenic roads in the country, more so during spring when the trilliums blanket the forest floor, and in autumn when the hardwoods are fired with brilliant leaves. The M-119 begins at the north end of Petoskey before becoming The Tunnel of Trees when it reaches north of Harbor springs. From this point, the M-119 becomes narrow along a mighty bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. If you are taking a motorcycle ride here, you need to watch out for sharp twists especially at Devil’s Elbow and Horseshoe curve. Two of the most notorious turns on the road.

The Badlands – South Dakota

This motorcycle route offers plenty of scenic views including unique forests and rock formations found only on this location. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will enjoy taking on this route for the love of massive herds of buffalos, dog colonies and scattered herds of donkeys. Plenty of things to tell your friends about. The route begins out of Rapid City, from Highway 44. There are plenty of recreation spots along the route and famous stops including Wall Drug, where you can enjoy a cool drink or a scoop of ice cream.

Northwest Passage Scenic Byway

This 202-mile ride is the longest byway in Idaho and follows the route Lewis and Clark took through north-central Idaho. The route passes through Clearwater River Canyon, Camas Prairie, Lochsa Wild, Scenic River and ends at Lolo pass. This scenic byway allows you to learn the rich heritage of the region with numerous historical spots.

Independence Pass – Colorado

This two-lane, 12,095-foot pass is closed during winter for maintenance and safety reasons. It is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The Independence pass takes you through Aspen and Snowmass, which usually, are covered with snow and look much different without the snow. The route overlooks the valleys below offering breathtaking views.


Things to keep in mind when planning a long motorcycle trip

Taking a motorcycle trip requires careful preparation for both safety and convenience. Before you hop on your bike and hit the road, it is important to keep several things in mind. When planning your next motorcycle trip, it is important to keep your safety in mind. What is the weather condition? What challenges are you likely to encounter? 

First, ensure that your motorcycle is adequately serviced. To avoid mechanical mishaps, ensure that all repairs are done well in advance.

Check if your motorcycle needs and oil change. Often long motorcycle trips may need you to change your oil mid-trip and for this you will need to get your bike to a shop. You should be able to locate a shop when you need to get an oil change while on the road.

Don’t forget to carry all-weather motorcycle protective gear. When going for a longer motorcycle ride, you should pack extra gear just in case you might have to use it. Always consider all the worst that could happen and prepare adequately for it. If you are riding in a desert environment, the weather could change in a moment’s notice from a bright sunny day to a ferocious rainstorm.

Carry enough water and foodstuff. Always keep yourself hydrated with water and high energy foods to beat exhaustion. Keeping yourself fueled up for the ride is absolutely vital for your concentration on the road.

Remember to always top off your gas at gas stations along the route. Keeping your eye on the gas gauge will ensure you don’t get marooned in the middle of nowhere. Always know where the next gas station is and keep your tank fueled up.

Start planning your motorcycle road trip early to make a successful road trip full of memorable experiences. Take a trip down the best motorcycle rides in USA today for an unforgettable motorcycle trip. 

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