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10 Things to Consider Before Getting A Motorcycle Insurance Quote

October 18, 2020 5 min read

10 Things to Consider Before Getting A Motorcycle Insurance Quote

The process of buying motorcycle insurance can be quite confusing, and costly if not planned properly. This is why you must consider a lot of factors before deciding on which quote to get. We have carefully outlined ten things you must consider before buying motorcycle insurance. 

          1. A High Performance Motorcycle Should Not Be Priority

Purchasing a top end motorcycle is an interesting prospect as high performance is guaranteed. You must however know that it is very expensive to insure such motorcycles. This is due to two major reasons, one of which is cost of repair while the other is replacement value. High performance motorcycles usually have unique parts which make the cost of repairs very high, in the case of a breakdown. Top end motorcycles normally costs a small fortune. This thereby makes the insurance company pay out a lot of money to replace them in the case of theft or destruction. As a result you will be required to pay a lot monthly in order to cover this possibility. The cost involved makes a moderate motorcycle with great performance a better choice. 

                 2. Modifications

Modified motorcycles are very attractive, as their unique features make them stand out for all the right reasons. It is however best to avoid such motorcycles when considering an insurance. This is because they usually attract an increase in insurance premium, as a result high cost of repair and higher threat of theft. For these reasons, it is best to go with a normal design.

               3. Motorcycling Skills and Safety

Your motorcycling skills come into consideration when getting insurance. Although common as a hobby, there is a lot to learn when it comes to riding a motorcycle. This explains the availability of advanced riding courses and classes. These courses help you get better at riding, while you earn a certification after finishing a course. Not only that, insurers usually offer a decrease in insurance premium when insuring qualified and highly skilled riders. On top of that, taking necessary precaution when riding like wearing motorcycle protective gear will improve your score. Get that qualification, and you pay less for insurance

               4. Security

It is important to ensure that you motorcycle is very secure before getting insurance. You can follow simple precautions like removing the keys when the motorcycle is not in use. Alarms as well as locks also help to keep your motorcycle safe from theft. Covering your bike when in exposed places can also enhance the level of security. One thing you should know is that where you keep your bike has a big effect on your motorcycle quote. Parking your motorcycle on the street will see you pay significantly higher than when it is usually secured in a locked garage. Consider the safety of your motorcycle before getting a quote.

               5. Compare Offers

Checking out offers from different insurance companies goes a long in helping you make the right choice. It helps you to compare and contrast quotes, in order to know the one which suits you best. Never be in a hurry to choose, take your time until you are convinced you are making the right choice. You can start by making a shortlist of motorcycle insurance brands which are highly rated. Find out about insurance quotes, and narrow down till you get your most preferred choice. Factors like provider services and customer friendliness should be considered when making your choice

                  6. Ensure To Build Up Your Insurance No Claims

Many motorcycle riders do not know that building up their no claims discount, after passing CBT can improve their insurance quote. In fact, leaving your insurance unclaimed is rewarded with an extremely low premium. You can possibly get discounts of at least 20% when you go more than a year without a claim. There are other deals to enjoy, and you can get them by making research on your service provider. That being said, paying for damages in the case of minor incidents can improve your insurance experience. This is because you make such money back in savings, when the time comes to renew your insurance

                 7. Pay Your Motorcycle Insurance Annually

Paying your insurance monthly, look a less daunting task when compared to paying yearly. Despite this, it is not the better choice of the two as annual payment is cheaper in the long run. For riders that pay monthly, insurers usually inflate the price; this to cater for interest. Comparing the two prices, it becomes clear that monthly subscribers pay more than the annual buyers. 

                8. Riding Solo

The way you use your motorcycle also factors in, when getting the quote. Solo riding for basic transport to and from your home will greatly reduce the insurance premium. Also, agreeing to ride solo and not take passengers with your insurers, can see your quote cut by about 10%

               9. Pay For Only The Necessary Things

This is where the importance of research comes in when getting a quote. Make sure to check all the conditions and optional extras that are included in the quote before choosing one. Pay attention to all that is covered in the package and if you need cover for every item listed. For example, if you have a secure location to keep your motorcycle in, all you need to insure is the bike itself. 

               10.  Mileage

While we would not advise you to ride less; as we know its numerous benefits, you must know that the number of miles you travel has a direct effect on your insurance premium. Less miles means cheaper insurance, and vice versa. This is why you must cut down on unnecessary travels, such as taking a ride to a store around the corner. Achieving this reduction, will greatly affect your insurance premium and help you get a great quote.

Overall, it is important to ensure that you choose the best motorcycle insurance company available. This way, you will be in safe hands and enjoy all the importance benefits of your quote. Consider all the factors listed above, get a great quote and you can be sure to always have an amazing riding experience.