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2018 BMW R Nine T Pure: Oozing Heritage and Style

May 14, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

2018 BMW R Nine T Pure: Oozing Heritage and Style

Most definitely the most sought-out bikes in the BMW line — the R Nine T lineup of retro-styled roadsters is just soaked to the bone with style and sophistication. However, the rub lies in the price. These gorgeous and smooth-riding models are super expensive. Luckily for you, BMW has released a lower-priced bike that will save you a few thousand bucks and still get most of the sweet stuff.


For $11,995, the BMW R Nine T Pure is a match made in heaven for anyone who yearns for the unadulterated motorcycle experience and adores the classic roadster design. Despite being reminiscent of the 1970s and 80s era, its roots go beyond those years. Back in 1923, the very first BMW motorcycle had an unassuming and dynamic air to it, packed nicely into a reduced body. At the time, the BMW opposed-twin engine was just as vital for the entire concept as it is today. At the same time, the newest R Nine T Pure provides its rider with a plethora of options to customize it — no matter what your taste or lifestyle may be. The R Nine T Pure’s history has permeated so deep into the heart of its conception that you can feel it for as long as you’re around it.

The R Nine T Pure is reduced to the essentials. Its design is evocative of a typical roadster. For the front, the new circular tachometer, circular headlamp with a chrome ring, and varnished housing provide a commanding influence. As for the proportions, they are determined by the new classic-looking telefork and the three-part bridge frame. Of course, you can’t forget the opposed-twin engine, silently biding its time to wake and roar. To complete an elegant silhouette, you have the tank and the classical narrow rear for a lithe and self-confident look — all supported by its remarkably attractive 5-spoke cast wheels. This very minimalist look the R Nine T Pure sports isn’t merely to spark nostalgia. This allows its rider to equip, modify and design it according to his or her needs and style. The model is a proven and tested concept and is based on the customary BMW Motorrad quality.

The R Nine T Pure’s engine and electrical system has already caused excitement for motorcycle fans near and far. The air-/oil-cooled two-cylinder, opposed-twin engine promises a decadent riding experience with its 110 hp (81 kW) power. Its 2-in-1 exhaust system puts emphasis on its characteristic roadster style with an authoritative sound. And thanks to its standard ABS and optional ASC, riders can take this beauty safely to the streets.


Because of its highly customizable nature, the R Nine T Pure will become a mirror to its rider’s creativity. If you want to draw all the attention to you, you can remove the pillion frame on the machine’s rear, just as with the R Nine T. With all the original BMW Motorrad accessories available, you are able to push its customizability to its limit. If you will it, you can even swap the steel tank with an aluminum one and choose to keep or forgo a milled welding seam. With the R Nine T Pure, the only real limitation is your imagination.