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5 Types of Necklaces For Men

March 30, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

5 Types of Necklaces For Men

Okay, not everyone is a necklace savant. It is for this reason that American Legend Rider decided to list down some necklace styles and put them all in one neat list to make identifying them super easy on all our readers.

Gentlemen, here are 5 types of necklaces that every person needs to know about:

Dog Tag

No, this isn’t something a dog wears. This type of necklace has been worn by millions of military personnel since who knows when. Dog tags contain personal information and have vital basic medical information, such as blood type and inoculation history, because it’s made for the purpose of identifying soldiers. However, the fashion industry has injected the dog tag into mainstream life and is now used as an accessory for spice up a civilian’s outfit.

Skull Necklaces

We can thank Sons of Anarchy for popularizing skull necklaces. While they certainly project a tougher side of fashion, they are more than mere accessories. Skull necklaces symbolize darkness and death, which are very human conditions that don’t usually come to light.

 Religious Necklaces

Much like the rosary, these necklaces are Y-shaped, but they don’t always have a cross pendant.

 Twist Necklace

From the name itself, this necklace is made up of numerous twisted strands or chains, depending on the materials used. They can be worn with a variety of outfits, from super formal to super casual.

Statement Necklace

Do you know those necklaces that say a lot about the people wearing them? This is it. Statement necklaces, as the name suggests, declare something to the world without the wearer actually saying anything. Whether it’s a well-loved club’s name or a compelling lifestyle motto, statement necklaces are the best way for a person to express who he or she is without trying too hard.