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6 Ways Biker Gloves Can Help You Become a Better Rider

October 08, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

6 Ways Biker Gloves Can Help You Become a Better Rider

When in doubt, throttle it out.

A great glove is equal to a more comfortable ride on the long hauls. If you are a long-distance rider, getting a sturdy pair of motorcycle gloves is a crucial element. You may experience the occasional numbness and moist palms that come along. But with the right pair of biker gloves, you can enhance comfort and prevent slippery hands that hamper riding experience. One sure thing is that a pair of grips is necessary whenever you are cruising on the freeway, and even more essential for the long journeys. In this article, we will show you the most important thing you should consider when choosing the right motorcycle gloves to enhance your riding experience.

Provide flexibility

You should pay attention to the solidity and flexibility of the pair of gloves that you choose. Your gloves should be loose enough to allow for motor control and to aid you in operating your bike’s electronics. There are excellent leather motorcycle gloves that are loosened well enough and provide you with protection against abrasion. You can choose from perforated and non-perforated motorcycle gloves depending on your preference. However, the bottom line is that they should be comfortable to wear and flexible enough to allow you to quickly and easily operate your motorcycle.

Enhance breathability

Nowadays, motorcycle gloves come with a mesh construction that serves the purpose of breathability while protecting your knuckles from abrasion and impacts. When choosing your next pair of biker gloves, ensure that they are constructed with a mesh material. The gloves should be soft and comfortable to wear.  They should also be elastic to help prevent abrasion and tear, as this will prevent excessive impact.

Enhance your grip

As motorcyclists, we know how important the extra grip is to our safety and control of the motorcycle. Your ideal pair of riding gloves should boost your grip on the handlebar at all times. Losing even a small amount of grip could have a fatal effect when riding at high speeds. Check that the pair of gloves that you choose has enough padding. In most cases, a rubber material is added in between the layers for an enhanced grip. Also, the airy mesh allows for extra airflow to prevent sweaty hands on the hot days.

Keep your hands warm

The chilling winter can be a pain you don’t want to experience if you don’t have the right pair of gloves. It is not all uncommon to experience extreme numbness during the cold season when riding out. For this reason, getting yourself a good pair of winter motorcycle gloves will help keep you warm and prevent numbness. Motorcycle gloves for winter come with insulation technology that blocks the chilling breeze and helps to retain warmth. These gloves come with extended cuffs that cover your wrists. Some are gauntlet riding gloves with waterproof features.

Keeps you ventilated

Sweaty palms combined with wetness during winter can sometimes pose issues when riding. This can considerably impact your riding. For this reason, ventilation is a crucial element to consider whenever you are shopping for a motorcycle glove. Get gloves with dual compartments consisting of waterproof or plastic construction on the outside and soft fabric lining on the inside. Combined with an airy mesh and durable construction, you will be able to grip on the road no matter the weather conditions.

Offers better control

Everyone loves the adrenaline rush of a great ride; even more when you feel you are in control of your bike. With the right pair of motorcycle riding gloves, you will be able to hold back your bike effortlessly with the added grip. Modern gloves come with titanium resistance finishes, which enhance grip on the braking and clutching stage. This offers multiple advantages such as better stability and ability to speed through the turns. With this resistance power at your disposal, you will better adjust your speed and never be worried about losing grip on the handles. In some cases, carbon composites such as fiber are used which also help in providing resistance power for added grip and control.

Overall, choosing the right pair of motorcycle gloves is crucial to your safety and comfort on a motorcycle. Ensure that the pair of grips that you want is the right fit for your hands, and you will be literally in safe hands. If you are more inclined to style, you may find our highly popular madbike motorcycle gloves to be a good fit for you.