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9 Reasons Why Royal Enfield Motorcycles Are Not For Everyone

April 17, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

9 Reasons Why Royal Enfield Motorcycles Are Not For Everyone

Royal Enfield is huge in India because of its uniquely classic look. However, some would say these motorcycles are not for everyone. It takes a special person with a particular combination of patience and know-how to keep up with these bikes. If a Royal Enfield motorcycle is the bike of your dreams, here are 9 things to note before buying one.

They are very expensive

Royal Enfield motorcycles are popular because of their character and the bragging rights that come with owning one. Unfortunately, these motorcycles can be really pricey. The Bullet 350, their cheapest model, sells for $4,999 and features a mere 19.8 BHP-28 Nm and a basic bike speedometer, amp meter, and odometer. That is a lot of money for something that’s not as fully loaded as other bikes, in our opinion.

They require constant upkeep

Despite Royal Enfield's efforts to make their motorcycles more reliable, a lot of bike enthusiasts applaud Royal Enfield motorcycles for their big low-end torque, making riding on difficult terrains a breeze. However, you need to have a substantial amount of patience to put up with constantly maintaining them.

With these motorcycles, you have to have a portable repair kit with you at all times. This is because a lot of nuts and bolts come off of the bike because of the constant vibrations. If you're not willing to get your hands dirty each time you go for long rides.

 They shy away from modern features

While Royal Enfield motorcycles have been upgraded to Unit Construction Engines (UCE) and Overhead Cam (OHC) engines, they still sport an old school analog console. There is also a clear lack of trip meters and a fuel gauge, requiring you to be very vigilant when it comes to maintenance.

 They are not known for their refinement

Royal Enfield motorcycles do not offer a butter-smooth riding experience. They vibrate so much that they rattle your bones and joints if you go too fast. While there are models that have been optimized to vibrate less, they still vibrate enough to make your hands tingle after an hour of non-stop driving. It’s safe to say that Royal Enfield motorcycles are not for the faint of heart.

They stay true to their vintage aesthetics

Royal Enfield enthusiasts are willing to pay good money for the brand's unique vintage characteristics. So, if you're not a fan of the classic look that Royal Enfield motorcycles sport, you're better off buying another brand.

They are heavy

Because Royal Enfield motorcycles are heavy, they would require a strong, quick-thinking rider. Driving one takes up so much effort with changing directions alone.

They are only meant for relaxed leisurely rides

Because of their weight, Royal Enfield motorcycles do not provide a lot of speed. These motorcycles are only meant for people who have a penchant for slow rides along the countryside.

They are steadfast in staying old school

Royal Enfield motorcycles provide so much vibration, you won't be able to see what's in your rearview mirror properly. They have a fuel injection system that does not feature an oxygen sensor that can properly alter its fuelling. They also have an amp meter that shows the battery's voltage, but this feature is practically obsolete in the modern world. You need to be an expert rider to successfully ride one.

They are very rugged

Royal Enfield motorcycles create very unique bikes every single time as it is one of the oldest motorcycles still in production. If you want to have a more "put together" look, this may not be the bike for you.

And there you have it! 9 reasons why a Royal Enfield motorcycle may not be the bike for everybody. Indeed, these bikes are the untamed stallions of the wild and it takes a very skilled individual to pacify them.