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Guardian Bells On Motorcycles Keep Riders Safe

December 06, 2019 4 min read 0 Comments

Guardian Bells On Motorcycles Keep Riders Safe

It is said that the little bells, better known as Guardian bells or Gremlin bells are a kind of good luck charm that helps keep riders safe. It protects them during their travels in a similar fashion to what a pendant or an image of a saint is said to protect those who wear them. No matter how you choose to see it, legend has it that Guardian bells work like a charm to keep away the harmful spirits from causing havoc while you are on the road.

What are Guardian Bells?  

Guardian bells are the little bells made out of pewter (an alloy of tin with copper and antimony) usually hanged on motorcycles. The Guardian bell or Spirit bell is a common sight on motorcycles. They can be installed on almost any type of motorcycle and come in a variety of designs to give you a fun and personalized look. The truth is, the guardian bell isn’t just a decoration item but carries a weighty significance in biker tradition. Going back to many decades and continues up to date. In this article, we will explore what this unique symbol means to the biker community and help you understand the origins and significance of this mystique item.

You may be asking are Guardian bells only for Harleys? The answer is No. Guardian bells form a strong tradition among all bikers especially the Harley riding community. But the practice of hanging a guardian bell is not very common among sport bikers and ADV/Dual sports worlds. Riders of cruiser motorcycles and touring bikes install the guardian bells on their bikes to represent their unique beliefs.  

So how does a guardian bell work and why do people put bells on their bikes? Well, legend has it that the roads are prime with evil spirits and endless hazards waiting to cling onto motorcycles and cause harm. You’ve probably heard of unusual happenings and hard-to-explain events that cause sudden failures to motorcycles (especially on electrical systems) better referred to as gremlins. Supposedly, these bad omen occurrences are a result of the evil spirits that lurk on the road and cause misfortunes to the rider and problems to the bikes.

The guardian bell is a way to ward off the evil road spirits and protect you from any harm. It is purported that the way the bell works is by capturing the evil spirits and channeling them through the hollow of the bell, enraging the spirits with the constant ringing until they break away from you. Then they find the next victim to harass who doesn’t have the gremlin bell.

What is an angel bell?

Besides guardian bells, other motorcycle bells exist which protect riders from direct harm while on the road. An angel bell is a guardian bell with the symbol of an angel engraved on the bell itself to form an angel pattern that brings good luck during motorcycle rides. They are usually small with a key ring.

Where do you hang your guardian bell?

If you are wondering how to hang the guardian bell or the installation process, then you might want to know the rules for installing this bell. First, the most appropriate location to hang your motorcycle bell is close to the ground, the lower part of your motorcycle. This is because road gremlins are closer to the ground and the bell would do an effective job there. However, we’ve seen bikers put the bell in all sorts of places. When putting your guardian bell, it is recommended not to hang it directly behind the front tire because that’s where the evil spirits will be kicked out from. Also, make sure the motorcycle bell is high enough and well placed where you can see it so that it doesn’t come off.

Important rules to remember about Guardian Bells

The guardian bell is not only meant for protection, but also as a symbol of kindness in the biker community. You are not supposed to sell the bell or remove it from your bike. Doing so is considered bad luck and may attract unwanted consequences.

The bell can only be given to another rider, and not bought. In order for the charm to work, the bell must be given to a rider from a loved one. The bell’s power is manifested through this good gesture when some who cares about you gives it as a gift.

When selling your bike, you should remove the bell and keep it. The guardian bell is a symbol of kindness and love to a rider from someone who cares about them. So, the recipient of this gift is supposed to keep it or transfer it to another bike. In order to maintain the spirit-fighting magic of the bell, you should give it face to face to your intended recipient. Contrary to that means that the gremlin bell loses its power and will not protect the new rider.

The magic-working power of the bell is based on goodwill and karma. If someone steals the Guardian bell, it loses its protective charm and the gremlins follow it to the next person.

Who Sells Guardian Bells?   

Guardian bells have been around for quite some time from when the old legend of the bell began. Today, bikers from all across the world adore this legendary symbol and feel its protective power whenever they put it on their bikes.

Luckily, there are many places where you can buy guardian bells to protect yourself from gremlins. At American Legend Rider, you can browse through a wide variety of these timeless creations and take a step towards protecting yourself on the road. You can find the perfect guardian bells and angel bells to bring out the good charm for your loved one.

These guardian bells come with vital keychains and bell hangers that make it easy for you to install them on your bike. Just make sure that the motorcycle bells are correctly installed in the right place on your motorcycle and you will be good to go.