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How to Choose the best Motorcycle jacket for Beginners

August 17, 2020 4 min read 0 Comments

How to Choose the best Motorcycle jacket for Beginners

A motorcycle jacket is more than just a trendy piece of clothing. It is a crucial part of your safety gear when hitting the open road and gobbling up miles. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie who loves to explore the unknown, or a more reserved daily commuter, a motorcycle jacket is an essential part of your safety system. It keeps you safe by protecting you from the elements while helping you stay comfortable. Buying the best motorcycle jacket can be a shot in the dark especially if it’s your first time getting a proper riding jacket, or you simply don’t know what to look for.

With the best motorcycle jacket, you are not only aiming to dazzle but also ensure you are staying safe on top of your motorized two-wheeler.

By determining which the best motorcycle jackets are, we analyzed the performance, quality of construction, safety features and overall costs.

What to look for in the best motorcycle jacket

The type of biker jacket that you decide to go for will be largely influenced by your type of riding and your riding needs. Most often, riders have a choice between leather or synthetic biker jackets.

There is a wide array of leather biker jackets for every style of riding tailored to meet your specific needs. But even this can be very challenging because there are so many options to choose from. But the bottom line of every choice should be safety and comfort while staying within your budget.

Leather or textile ?

We’ve all at some point imagined a rider with the classic leather motorcycle jacket. Think of the iconic Marlon Brando in a classic leather bomber or James Dean’s second skin-his leather jacket. Besides being the ultimate symbol of masculinity, leather jackets have helped shaped the perception of real biker. When you first think of a biker, you see him wearing a leather jacket. Today, leather is still the viable material for making tough and reliable leather motorcycle jackets. But there’s also alternatives like textile which are equal to the task and can be obtained at a fairly cheaper cost.

The quality of material of a motorcycle jacket boils down to its thickness, toughness and durability. Leather is without doubt the most popular material for durability and protection. In fact, in determining the quality of leather, we look at the thickness of the leather in ounces. The different grades of leather are derived from the quality of hides from which it is made. Of course, no two hides are the same, and each has different qualities from the other. In this regard, a thicker and heavier leather offers superior personal protection due to its ability to withstand abrasion.

Textile motorcycle jackets are more versatile than leather jackets as the textile fabrics are easier to mold and work with. Textile jackets usually have more features which can be comparable to leather jackets. For example, they are breathable owing to the mesh construction. Unlike most leather, textile can be made waterproof. If you live in an environment where the weather conditions can turn adverse, then a textile option would be great for waterproofing and keeping you warm during the chilly ordeals.

Recent advancements in technology have served to strengthen textile as a viable material that is far more durable and reliable. However, leather still remains the best in class when it comes to comfort and personal protection. In case you fall or get into an accident, I’m sure you’d bet your money on a leather jacket for safety. Leather provides better abrasion resistance compared to textile, and this gives it an edge over textile options.


A summer motorcycle jacket helps with airflow during the hot season. This is vitally important for preventing excess sweating and heat exhaustion. Not all motorcycle jackets are created equal when it comes to ventilation and airflow. If you live in a hot environment, you may want to go for a summer motorcycle jacket with plenty of ventilation. Some summer motorcycle jackets are designed with straight-through venting to allow airflow while others come in perforated or mesh construction. These materials are designed to allow air flow and keep off moisture when it is raining. The purpose of perforation is to help draw out the excess heat from your body, as well as excess moisture.


Removable liners not only improve the comfort level of a motorcycle jacket, but also make it versatile for use in different weather conditions. An insulated liner makes your jacket warm when it is cold outside and can be removed when it gets warmer. This level of versatility makes a motorcycle jacket suitable for all-year-round use. You can get a long sleeve liner if you want more warmth, or go for a vest-type liner which can be worn with your moto jacket. This depends on your needs and the level of warmth or coolness you want. Today, you can buy moto jackets with liners. However, you need to pay attention to the type of liner that comes with your motorcycle jacket.

There are motorcycle jackets with waterproof liners which add to the versatility of your jacket. A waterproof liner prevents any water from getting to your skin by seeping through the jacket. These types of liners also have some degree of warmth, though not to the level of insulated liners. Check the jacket that you want to buy and if they come with removable liners for added versatility.


Fitment and sizing are one of the most important factors to consider when buying a motorcycle jacket. The size of the jacket has a direct effect on safety and comfort. A jacket that is too large will leave your skin exposed in case of an accident, rather than cover your skin from the asphalt. A motorcycle jacket that is too small will make you strain in movement and induce fatigue and could also restrict blood flow. Looking for a perfect fit jacket will ensure you are comfortable and safe at all times and improve aerodynamics when riding.

Where to buy the best motorcycle jacket

Once you are satisfied that the motorcycle jacket meets the safety and protection requirements, it's time to buy the best motorcycle jacket fitting your riding needs.