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How to Come Out of a Biker Bar Alive

December 29, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

How to Come Out of a Biker Bar Alive

Motorcycle clubs get a really bad rap for being volatile beings and this is for good reason. Of course, it’s a bad move to assume they’re bad people. However, you’d be doing yourself a favor if you take the time to read about what to avoid and what to welcome with open arms.

Know who’s in charge

This one is easy to figure out. There is an unspoken rule amongst riders that the most revered members are the ones who will get served by the bartender first. Pay attention.

Take note of their patches

There is more to a biker’s jacket than just looking cool. Bikers’ jackets tell a story, including the club they’re a part of, the city they’re from, the territories their club claims, and their current status. This is a great way to find out if there is more than one motorcycle club in the bar. Again, safety is in the details.

Relax and lay low

Never overcompensate by trying to look tough because doing so will earn you a place on their bad side. They will mess with you usually in jest, but you will be made fun big time. You have to make sure to extend your patience in times like this because you can seriously get hurt if you become aggressive. If you look scared, they’re going to have a field day with that, too. So just be as calm as you possibly can and remember that these are all decent people who only react to the vibe you give off.

Make friends with the bartender

Bikers pick their bars carefully, which means that bikers hold their bartenders in high regard. If it’s pretty obvious that the person manning the bar likes you, they’ll get a good sense of that. Another good thing about being chums with the bartender is that they will be able to warn you if danger is on the horizon. So follow the bartender’s cues. If he or she doesn’t freeze up when a biker group arrives, then you can relax. If the bartender suggests otherwise, then it’s best that you pick up your tab and get going.

Never try to show off

Bikers always know a “waxer” when they see one. Waxers are people who only buy things just to show them off. If they sense that vibe from you, it won’t even matter what your bike is you won’t get the adoration or respect that you so desperately need.

Also, never overdress. Here’s a little tip: the biker life is not some trend you just hop on, nor is the open road your runway. If your chaps still squeak and your black jacket isn’t showing signs of wear and tear, you can forget making friends with these guys.

Don’t use the jukebox without permission

This goes without saying. If they’re cool with it, ask them if they have any requests. That earns you some brownie points.

Steer clear of politics.

A good number of bikers are veterans and not all veterans have the same political views, so avoid this at all costs.

Avoid flirting

Always and we mean ALWAYS assume that every girl in the bar is someone’s girl. Even if she makes the first move, walk away.

Dropping names is a NO-NO

If you casually know a biker, never mention it. You don’t know enough about this person to discern what his allegiances are, so it’s best that you stay mum. Otherwise, you might end up insulting someone’s friend or complimenting someone’s enemy.

Always speak the truth and admit to your mistakes

These bars are going to be crowded. So if you end up sharing a table, don’t just keep to yourself and don’t hate on things just to sound tough. Also, if you end up saying the wrong things, just apologize… sincerely.

Support their cause

Whether they’re playing a game of poker run or fundraising for someone in need, support or contribute in any way you can. This takes balls and they’ll respect that.

 And there you have it! Just take these tips to heart and you’ll be fine. Get our TOP 4 Bestselling items and be Biker Ready for 2020!