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How to Pick the Right Biker Bag for Winter

February 05, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

How to Pick the Right Biker Bag for Winter

Winter riding can be a lot of fun when you have the right biker bag to carry your stuff.

Biking is one of the sports which you can engage in, at any time and in any season. Winter riding has been earmarked by some as being difficult and dangerous, however when done in the right manner and condition, you are in for a great time. 

Winter riding is fun when you have the gears and proper outfit that is required. One of the most important pieces to have while going winter riding is your biker bag, as it allows you to carry the important gears without stress. 

There are a number of biker bags which you can choose, ranging from a backpack to a thigh bag. A thigh bag however stands out as one of the best options for the following reasons.

Benefits Of A Motorcycle Thigh Bag

  • Size: The size of a thigh holster bag is just perfect. It is big enough to carry all your essential, while being portable enough to allow you to ride with ease. You can fit in all the necessary things for a ride in the winter weather. Your gloves, socks, scarf or balaclava and even eyewear will fit in conveniently.
  • Convenience: Motorcycle thigh bag, also known as drop leg bag is as convenient as they get. As the name implies, this bag is worn around your thigh. This way, your riding posture is not hindered or affected. Your bag simply stays on your thigh while you navigate the road without any stress. You need all the comfort you can get while riding in winter and you are sure to get it with a drop leg bag.
  • You Sit Easily:A thigh bag allows you to sit easily on your motorcycle, as it puts less weight on your waist and keeps your equipment in one position. With your waist free from weight, you can take all the sharp turns and corners with ease allowing you to enjoy your ride more while staying safe.  
  • Diversity: Motorcycle thigh bags come in different sizes, styles and shapes. You have a number of options to choose from, even with the perfect color to suit your taste. You can always try out the bag before purchasing to be sure it is what you require, and is big enough to carry all that you need.  
  • Comfort: Between having the perfect size, reducing the weight on your waist and coming in the perfect style, a motorcycle thigh bag provides you all the comfort you need during winter riding.

Types of Thigh Bag For Bikers

There are different types of thigh bags for bikers from which you can make a choice. All thigh bags are generally comfortable and give you all the freedom you need while riding. 

You therefore need to look out for color and size while shopping for one. This list includes the three common materials which thigh bags are made from.

It is important that you try out whichever bag you choose to buy. You must also be sure to ensure that it is of the best material before purchasing.

  • Genuine Leather Thigh Bag: Leather thigh bag is one of the most excellent thigh bags around. Made with genuine leather, these bags are usually very durable and can last you decades. They also collect a lot of items, relieving you of stress.
  • Nylon Thigh Bag: There are also thigh bags made of nylon and polyester fabric. These bags are also quite durable while being big enough to contain all your gears. They are sometimes referred to as jansport bags.  
  • PU Leather Thigh Bag: Although not as durable as genuine leather, PU leather thigh bags are also quite strong. They usually come with adjustable belt buckles and are spacious enough for your stuff.

Picking the right thigh bag

Once you have decided to delve into winter riding, it is time to pick the right motorcycle bag to carry your essential stuff. We've got you covered with excellent thigh bags and motorcycle bags that will make your riding easier and a lot of fun.