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Motorcycle Face Masks

If you want a face mask that is bold and oozes confidence wherever you go and offers unrivaled protection, coverage, and comfort while you ride, then you are in the right place. At American Legend Rider, we are not only concerned about your safety and protection, but also how good you look. These face masks come in a variety of designs and patterns that you will fall in love with. Check out your favorite face mask below.  

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These motorcycle face masks are highly sought-after for their advanced features including water and wind resistance, UV protection, breathability, superior material such as neoprene for maximum durability, and a great fit for just about anyone.

Riders face all kinds of debris and dust on the road which can negatively impact their riding experience. Wearing a motorcycle face mask provides the protection and comfort that you need on those long rides in the deepest allies.

At American Legend Rider, we are not only concerned about your safety and protection, but also how good you look. These face masks come in a variety of designs and patterns that you will fall in love with. Check out your favorite face mask below.   


What to consider when buying a motorcycle face mask

It’s no secret that face masks have become a part of our everyday life. Even though riders have worn motorcycle face masks since time immemorial, there has never been a greater need to have a protective face mask on than today.

Not all face masks are the same or designed to achieve the same goal. Other forms of coverings have been in use for a long time, but these specific motorcycle face masks are designed with the rider’s needs in mind. So you will not have to give up on maximum protection or your motorcycle style.

Some are better optimized for casual use while others have special features for added safety and protection. When buying a motorcycle face mask, consider whether it meets the following crucial requirements. 


Style & Design

Motorcycle face masks come in a variety of styles and designs including a motorcycle full face mask, half face mask, balaclava face mask, and skull face mask. If you are looking for full coverage, you might want to consider a full face mask that covers your head, nose, cheeks, and chin. A full-face mask provides full protection to vital parts of your head, leaving only the eyes exposed. It can be worn under a helmet and does not require closures to fit properly. A half helmet is also a popular choice among riders as it provides greater flexibility and more openness than a full face mask.

Half face masks provide protection to your nose, cheeks, and chin, leaving your head exposed. They usually come with closures for proper fitment. They can be worn under a helmet and paired with your favorite pair of goggles.

A full-face motorcycle mask offers protection against the elements as well as warmth on the chilly days. If you live in a cold environment, a full face mask will come in handy for beating frosty weather. They are also ideal for cold-weather activities and conditions so you can keep your active lifestyle on no matter what weather conditions you live in.

Both half masks and full-face masks are available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your mood or style so you never miss your biker style.


Protection (UV, wind, waterproof, weather elements)

As a motorcycle rider, there are many risks that you will face, some of them include pollutants, dust, debris, and UV rays. Breathing dirt and smog can cause respiratory problems after just a few hours of exposure. A motorcycle face mask protects you from harmful pollutants ensuring you have a safe and comfortable ride.

Face masks are made from different materials with different thicknesses, so there are varying degrees of protection. A biker face mask will be your first line of defense from airborne pollution, as well as prevent facial injuries by projectiles, bugs, and other objects.

A critical role of any motorcycle face mask is to protect you from harsh weather elements such as rain, fog, and cold. You obviously want a face mask that provides comfort and warmth in dire weather conditions.

Material (neoprene, microfiber)

Motorcycle face masks can be made from a variety of materials including microfiber, neoprene, cotton, fleece, polyester, and other blends. Each type of material has different qualities for better protection, warmth, and comfort.

Cotton and fleece face masks are ideal for warmth and protection without much in terms of waterproofing. They are also thicker than other materials and bulky sometimes. Neoprene face masks are good for weather protection and waterproofing. You can find motorcycle face masks with different layers of materials that complement each other.


Fitment is an important factor to consider as it affects the general effectiveness of your mask. Usually, you should not go for a mask that fits too tightly and makes it difficult to breathe. Choose a face mask that is slightly larger than your face with enough coverage of your nose, cheeks, and chin. Consider whether the face mask allows you to wear it under a helmet without bulking up. If you live in cold weather, a thicker motorcycle face mask is ideal for added warmth.

Versatility (activities)

You can wear your face mask for different outdoor activities such as skiing, trekking, snowboarding, hunting, cycling, airsoft paintball, and fishing.


Is it machine-washable/reusable?

Keeping your motorcycle face mask clean is important for proper hygiene. You want a motorcycle face mask that is easy to clean. A machine-washable face mask can be cleaned and reused many times.