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21 Perfect Motorcycle Gifts You Should Get This Year

21 Perfect Motorcycle Gifts You Should Get This Year

Andrew Mwaniki
13 minute read

It’s that time of the year when you need to start thinking about what to get those motorcycle lovers in your life. With so much going on during the holiday season, it can be outright difficult and overwhelming to decide which the best holiday gift for a motorcycle enthusiast is. But worry not. At American Legend Rider, we’ve got you covered with our excellent catalog of motorcycle gifts for 2021.

From the stylish and cool motorcycle gear to nifty electronics and biker accessories we’ve got the ultimate holiday gift list sorted for you. If you are looking for unique gifts to surprise your loved one, you will love our unique package for motorcycle aficionados.

Let us light up your festive season with these motorcycle gifts. We’ve thoughtfully come up with these gift ideas to suit all budgets and all sizes so that your Christmas season is one to remember. Treat these gifts to avid bikers and see a wide smile emerge from their faces.

The best motorcycle gifts for 2021

1. Madbike High-QUALITY Gloves

madbike high quality gloves

Consider getting these highly popular motorcycle gloves for the holiday season and guarantee a comfortable and safe ride in 2021. Our Madbike High-Quality gloves are among the most beloved grips in the market today. They are made from the highest quality, premium PU leather to give your palms traction and a non-slip grip. If you love a little bit of style and pomp, then these gloves will definitely live up to your expectation. Its waterproof fabric is designed to take on the harshest winter season and wet weather, and the nubs made out of steel alloy protect your knuckles from abrasion in case of an accident. The high-quality inner cotton linings ensure your hands remain warm and protected and comfortable throughout the day.

Why you should buy these riding gloves:

  • Comfortable to wear in all weather conditions
  • Safe
  • Protect your hands against abrasion
  • Come with waterproof PU leather
  • Flexible to suit your individual riding style
  • Come in a wide range of colors including black, red and blue

2.  Motorcycle RETRO tail bag

motorcycle retro tail bag

This fantastic motorcycle gift will solve all your carriage problems. If you have things to carry on your bike but don’t have any more space, then the retro tail bag is your perfect solution. Its stylish design will have you feeling cool and appreciated wherever you go. Made from super fiber leather, it is designed to withstand the harshest elements outside while keeping the contents inside safe and secure. The good thing about this motorcycle tail bag is that it fits with all motorcycles. So you will not have to worry about fixing it on your bike. It comes with an impressive luggage capacity and 7.2" x 9.6" x 14.4" dimensions. It is a perfect gift you and your loved ones, especially for the upcoming holiday season.  

Why we like this particular bike tail bag

  • Designed for all types of motorcycles
  • Premium leather material for added durability
  • Tons of space for storage
  • Cool to look at


3.  High-QUALITY biker leg bag

High quality biker leg bag

This holiday season would not be complete without this magnificent high-quality biker leg bag that is both stylish and versatile. The avid biker knows how useful a leg bag is for carrying around essentials while you are on the go. Our high-quality leg bag is a complete package with its vintage style feel and design coupled with its waterproof nylon construction. You can wear this particular leg bag with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings without looking out of shape and tune. If you are an outdoor freak, get this quality leg bag and you will have a breeze for all your camping, hiking and extreme riding. We highly recommend this leg bag as a gift for your loved one this holiday season. They will live to thank you for it.

Why this leg bag

  • Stylish and cool
  • Made from very high-quality canvas material
  • Can be worn in a variety of outdoor engagements
  • Enough space for carrying your vital stuff
  • Suitable for holding your phone, car keys, wallet and other important tools.

4. Steampunk Sunglasses

steampunk sunglasses american legend rider

Unleash the rebel within with these stylish biker sunglasses that will have everyone wanting to know where you got them from. The steampunk sunglasses are designed in one of the most recognizable sunglass styles in history. At American Legend Rider, we bring them to you at half the price with double the quality. If you want to keep the stylish vibe this holiday, get this eyewear masterpiece. They are very well made and feature high quality polycarbonate lenses and alloy frames. In addition, you can pick from your favorite colors including gold-red, gold-pink, gold blue, matte black and silver-blue. We are confident you will love these new babies and treasure them for the rest of your life.

Why we love the steampunk motorcycle sunglasses

  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Helps you to stand out
  • Can match with any gear
  • Make a bold fashion statement.

5. Johnson Distressed Lambskin Brown Biker Leather Jacket

This leather jacket is both stylish and comfortable to wear when cruising with your cafe racer. It can be worn with almost anything such as a shirt, and your favorite pair of denim jeans. Get yourself this brown leather biker jacket without breaking the bank and still look cool wherever you go. 

6. High Quality Chest Bag

american legend rider high quality chest bag

The high quality chest bag is all you will need for any adventure. It’s got plenty of room to hold your essentials as you traverse through the toughest terrains on your motorbike. If you love to experience the world alone, and are looking for something to carry just the essentials, then this chest bag is your best companion. It is sturdy and comes with high quality waterproof material to ensure the rain doesn’t beat you down. And what’s more? You look cool wearing this chest bag across your shoulders and through to your back. We particularly like this bag for the level of convenience it provides on the long hauls, making your journey hassle-free and painless.

  • Made out of high quality material
  • Plenty of space to carry your map, keys, wallet and other tools
  • A wide range of colors to choose from including the cool army green and black options


7. Handmade Leather Skull boots

american legend rider handmade leather skull boots

These handmade leather skull boots by American Legend Rider will make your holiday a perfect one especially when you get them for yourself and your loved ones. The quality is simply unbeatable and the amount of work that has gone into building this quality boot is insane. These brute creations are made to last forever, taking all kinds of punishment on the road while providing comfort and style. If you are looking for something out of the wild card, then consider buying these boots for your riding exploits. The only thing you will have to deal with is the overflowing compliments and head turns as you strut down the streets.

What makes these boots tick?

  • They are handmade and quality is guaranteed
  • Combine a rugged look with meticulous styling
  • Have a rich brown and black color options
  • Made from full-grain leather for that premium look
  • You will look like a bad-ass

8. Skeleton Chain Buckle Bracelet

Sometimes you just need something different and unique like a skeleton chain bracelet. It is designed to make you look tough among your peers. Its’ eerily edgy design and skull heads pronounce toughness and boldness. It is also chunky and comes in a wide range of sizes to fit on anyone’s hands. This one of a kind bracelet can be a perfect gift for the holiday to anyone. One thing for sure is that you will get many people asking you where you got it from. It’s made of pure stainless steel metal that looks cool and weighs only 112g. When wearing this bracelet, it is easy to associate yourself with the biker community and further enhance the bond of brotherhood.

  • Adjustable buckle design
  • Sturdy stainless steel
  • Chunky yet weighs only 112g
  • Adjustable length


9. Vintage Motorcycle Aviator Goggles

vintage motorcycle aviator sunglasses american legend rider

These classic motorcycle goggles are the perfect fashion accessory for this holiday season. You can wear them with your open face helmet and look great while protecting your eyes. The vintage motorcycle goggles come with an adjustable nosepiece to ensure it fits well and snugly. You will not have to worry about them falling off your face when you are cruising at high speeds. Their close fit structure is both comfortable and secure enough. We highly recommend these particular goggles for the super cool classic style which rhymes with the upcoming holiday season. Here are some things that our experts loved about these pair of biker goggles.

  • Scratch-resistant lens
  • Comfortable to wear on any occasion
  • Ultra-violet proof lens
  • High-quality goggles.

10. Biker Sling Knapsack

The holiday season is the best time to spend time with your loved ones, but it is also a time to hit the road and discover new Easter eggs. Any biker knows how useful a knapsack can be to help find electronics and other belongings. This includes your phone, souvenirs, money and phone. This biker sling knapsack is for carrying your essential tools while on the go. It is secure and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying comfort. 

11. Steam Punk Skull Bag

Get ready to get showered with compliments when you get this vintage style skull bag. Its unique design and stunning looks set it apart from your regular bag. The skull ornaments and artificial leather complement each other to give you the perfect steampunk skull bag. Imagine wearing this on your Harley, you will be unstoppable and the envy of many this holiday season. And what’s more, you can take it wherever and whenever. It is made to withstand daily wear and tear. You can wear it with your favorite leggings and biker pants.

  • Has a beautiful vintage style
  • Secures your valuables with high-quality zippers
  • Can be worn in multiple ways
  • Made out of durable materials


12. Vintage Sunglasses

vintage sunglasses american legend rider

These sunglasses are the perfect lenses for holiday season. They are certainly a hit for anyone who wants to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. These American Legend Rider sunglasses will help you channel your inner rebel while looking stylish from any angle. They come in a variety of beautiful colors including black and blue.


13. Motorcycle T-shirt

 biker t shirt american legend rider

This cool motorcycle t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is suitable for all to wear. The coolest part about this biker t-shirt is its design and digital print with real biker messages. You can wear it on any occasion and still look stylish in front of your peers. As the holiday season approaches, this will be a perfect gift for your loved one including your grandpa, brother, sister or friend. It can be worn by anyone, as it is unisex.


14. DOT certified Skulls Gun Cap Helmet

Put your safety first this holiday season when you get this cap helmet. This particular helmet embodies the ideals of a true biker, featuring skull symbolism and skull designs that remind everyone that you are a biker. It not only comes with a sleek design but also eliminates the much-disliked mushroom look. This skull helmet meets DOT safety standards and is the smallest DOT approved half-helmet. You don’t have to worry about size because there are three different size options to choose from. When it comes to comfort and keeping your head cool, you can count on this lid. It features moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your head cool and snug.

skull gun cap helmet

15. Live to Ride Leather Bracelet

live to ride leather bracelet American legend rider

The ‘Live to Ride’ leather bracelet reminds all bikers of their promise to self. ‘live to ride’ is a biker motto and promise that they will commit their entire lives to the ideals of a true biker no matter what. Get this high quality leather bracelet and let your friends know where your heart lies. The bracelet is made from 100% genuine leather and alloy. It’s 25.5 cm long and has a width of 1.8 cm. it weighs only 41g, feels sturdy and looks cool on your hand. The loops are adjustable to ensure all wrist sizes fit properly.  

16. Motorcycle Chaps

motorcycle chaps

Part of being a motorcycle rider is to dress and look the part. Motorcycle chaps for men and women are ideal gifts for all riders to keep them safe from the elements and improve their safety on the road. If you want to look like a badass, consider getting these motorcycle pants and rock your way. At American Legend Rider, we have the best motorcycle chaps mens and motorcycle chaps women for you to choose from. In addition, these chaps come in a variety of styles to suit your particular taste and make you look good. You can go ahead and match your stylish chaps with a nice leather motorcycle jacket and other accessories.

17. ALR Premium Motorcycle Leather Jacket

American Legend Rider premium biker leather jacket

Nothing beats a high-quality motorcycle leather jacket when it comes to style and fashion. If you want to make a solid first impression, this motorcycle jacket is all you will need. The ALR premium leather jacket is a complete package of elegance and boldness. The jacket is made with the softest leather which makes it lighter to wear during the hot season but thick enough to wear in cooler days. It also fits to size. If you are looking for a perfect leather jacket gift, then this American Legend Rider exclusive is a top choice for anyone. 

18. The pirate skull wallet

the pirate skull wallet

Show how cool you are while walking down the street with this magnificent wallet. It is made out of high quality PU leather which ensures durability. The pirate skull wallet is a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones this holiday season. It represents a personality of elegance and care. Get it today at American Legend Rider store and gift it to someone you care about.

19. Skull Hoodies with 3D Skull Design

skull hoodie

Gear up for the cold season with a skull hoodie and wear it wherever you go. Whether you are riding your motorcycle or chilling on the couch, the skull hoodie is a perfect holiday gift in 2021. At American Legend Rider, we have a wide range of skull hoodie styles including the Limited edition WhatsUp hoodie. It is made out of high quality material like polyester spandex which gives a comfortable fit. Numerous other skull designs are available on the store, you simply have to choose your favorite style. Grab one of these limited edition skull hoodies before they are off the shelves and you will be ready to rock them wherever you go during the holiday season.  

20. Leather pants

 leather motorcycle pants

Do you love chic trends with classy leather pants? These Chic PU denim pants have everything you could be looking for in your pants. They feature a stylish design combined with unique features such as zipper fly and zipper pockets. They can be a perfect motorcycle gift to a female rider who would love to take fashion to the next level. These pants are only available on American Legend Rider store for a limited time.

21. Biker Car Seat Covers

biker seat covers

Give your truck or car an upgraded look with these biker seat covers. Constructed with high-quality polyester microfiber, these seat covers are meant to last forever. You will not need special tools to install them on your car seats including bucket style seats. They do a great job of protecting your seat from spills and stains and the usual fade.

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