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7 Types of Biker Rings Every Biker Should Wear

7 Types of Biker Rings Every Biker Should Wear

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Bikers love to dress in styles that are on the edgier side. What's trendy for most of them are customizable biker rings. Depending on your choice, biker rings designs can come with your initials, a cross, a skull, or the official symbol of your motorcycle club.

Some makers add more details to the rings, such as the color, to make them even more attractive. The most common colors are bronze, silver, and gold. Other details are the materials used, including stainless steel, silver, and more.

There are many reasons bikers wear rings, including flashing their personality and style, repping a club, and so on. The best part of using a bikers ring is that your fingers are visible when you ride, and people can quickly catch a scent of your persona and loyalty.

You will find this article useful the next time you want to add to your biking accessories. You can quickly make a selection from the following jewelry items listed.

What Are the Top 8 Biker Rings to Shop?

1. All-Metal Biker Rings

Stainless steel biker rings

Although stainless steel is widely used for metal biker rings, some makers also use titanium, iron, silver, and aluminium to craft the rings. There are also vintage biker rings made from metals such as silver and copper.

Because metal jewelry is shiny, attractive, and durable, many bikers prefer to use them. That way, they can enjoy the thrill of biking knowing their fingers are telling the audience a story. On top of that, wearing metal rings offers extra protection for the hands and knuckles if there is an accident. 

2. Skulls

Skull rings

The skull motif features prominently in the biker community. It's one of the most traditional styles you can use to spice up your vibes. To overkill and become the talk of the town, you can match your jewelry with a skull tattoo. 

3. Gothic-Inspired Style Rings

Gothic inspired biker rings

Gothic-inspired vintage biker rings have been the popular and iconic style for many years, and for a good reason. Incorporating gothic elements in your jewelry is a great way gadget to showcase your personality and character, with featured medieval symbols, ornate designs, and mythical animals.

3. Letters, Numbers, and Club Designs/Symbols

motorcycle club rings

You will also find bikers shopping or wearing rings with letters, numbers, or their club symbol. Many times, the ring collection matches what they wear. Hell’s Angels ring meanings can vary, but most bikers wear them to show their affiliation with this notorious motorcycle club.

Heard About the Rings on the Sons of Anarchy Show?

Another popular biker ring style that many people emulate is styled similar to what Jax and other characters wear on the FX show Sons of Anarchy. This show is insanely popular, and many people love the rings the characters wear. The rings featured on the show are mostly skull rings, crosses and metal gears, representing the friendship and fraternity of the Sons of Anarchy brotherhood. 

4. Celtic Stainless Steel Rings

Celtic biker rings

Celtic-inspired biker rings also feature heavily in modern designs. Most people think of a cross when they think of standard Celtic designs. However, these rings can also have knots, spirals, Celtic symbols, and ornamental-style designs with lots of curving, flowing elements. Celtic biker rings can be intricately detailed, but many people prefer them to be minimalistic. 

5. Harley-Davidson Rings

Harley davidson rings

Since Harley-Davidson is perhaps the most well-known motorcycle brand of all time, it should come as no surprise that many bike enthusiasts like them. The rings are made of materials, such as leather, metal, cloth, or resin. You can shop for attractive jewelry on its website and proceed to checkout. 

6. Animals

owl biker rings

Animal-themed rings are also common among many bikers. Interestingly, you can easily decipher the meanings from the animal icon on the rings. For instance, a cheetah depicts speed, a lion depicts strength and bravery, a hawk depicts fierceness, and a bull depicts willpower.

However, the wearer may have a more personal meaning they attach to the animals on their rings. So, there's really no hard and fast rule for finding the meaning of animal rings. 

A popular interpretation of animal-themed biker rings is those rooted in fantasy. Many bikers choose rings featuring mythical animals like a gargoyle, phoenix, or dragon. These give the wearer a smart tough, mysterious persona. 

Biker Rings Showcase Your Personal Style

Whether you are a hardcore biker or just love to ride on the weekends, wearing vintage biker rings is a great way to showcase your personal style. Many bikers choose to wear rings because they want to show the world their personality, add some edge to their look, show off their tough persona, or pay homage to their affiliations or interests. No matter what style you choose, whether it’s a Maltese cross, a skull, or even just the Harley-Davidson emblem, wearing biker rings is the perfect way to show off your style and edge while you ride.

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