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5 Biker Accessories You Must Have

April 06, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

5 Biker Accessories You Must Have

Even a fully-loaded motorcycle cannot be complete if its rider doesn’t wear the right gear. Accessories can do plenty in elevating the whole experience for every rider, making sure that he or she looks sleek and stays safe.

Here are 5 biker accessories that you absolutely cannot do without.

Riding Gear

This may be a no-brainer, but nonetheless very important when it comes to protecting the rider. Unfortunately, proper riding gear has been disregarded by a few riders. Investing in high-quality helmets, jackets, gloves, pants, and boots to protect you each time to go on your rides is probably the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself. Make a point to dish out good bucks for the right gear and you’ll never have to worry about your personal safety ever again.

Motorcycle Saddlebags

High-end, high-quality luggage can be very expensive. When going for long-distance rides, your precious cargo may become subjected to harsh handling and the elements. It’s important to devote a high-quality cover with a snug fit to carry all of your biker necessities.

Signal Lights

There’s a reason why traffic enforcers write you a ticket if you don’t have signal lights on your motorcycle. Keep in mind that riding at night can become very dangerous. Bright signal lights are vital to your safety as well as the safety of others since they warn the people behind you if you’re going to make a left turn or if you’re even on the right side of the road. While quite small, signal lights may just be what’s going to keep you safe during late-night rides.

Reflective Accessories

This goes hand in hand with your signal lights. On a poorly lit road, visibility is your saving grace. So, make sure that you wear anything that has reflective panels on them, whether it’s a strategically placed sticker, vest, or helmet. Sure, you might think it makes you look a bit silly. But sometimes, your safety trumps your aesthetic inhibitions. Invest in highly visible reflective accessories and stay safe on the long, dark road ahead.

 Alarm Locks

There are a variety of motorcycle locks in the market today. However, only a handful of bikers are aware that there is such a thing as an alarm lock that can keep their precious motorcycles safe. It lets out a very loud, very annoying sound when it’s been tampered with so as to alarm everyone within a considerable range. If the owner doesn’t hear it, someone else is bound to. There have been thousands of motorcycles reported missing last year. Don’t let yours become just another statistic.